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So, I thought I would share, what I consider to be, a pretty scathing public comment I left for Tom Wheeler and the FCC. You can do the same by going to:

As much as it seems people in Washington don't listen to the American people, they do listen when their own office is being inundated by angry callers and emailers. In fact, there's almost no better way to get things done in Washington, which is kind of a sad commentary. Anyway, keep in mind that it's the volume of comments that is more important than how meticulously crafted each one is. As such, I wrote this pretty quickly and didn't do any further research, so it's not my best work. Be kind.

Hello FCC,

I am writing as part of the "public comment" period regarding the "Net Neutrality" rules proposed by Chairman Tom Wheeler. As you all know, FCC has continued to propose new rules for ISP's that would allow them to charge certain customers higher rates for a "fast lane" on the internet, effectively making those who cannot afford to pay second class citizens on the net. All of this in spite of the fact that Chairman Wheeler himself said that there would be no more ardent defender of Net Neutrality in Washington than himself.

In a word, I would call Tom Wheeler and the FCC hypocrites, or, barring that, liars.

This is not surprising, since Mr. Wheeler is a former lobbyist for not one but TWO of the Telecom industry's biggest players. But hey, there's nobody that knows how to look out for the consumer better than somebody who spent most of their career working to screw the American people over even more!

Time after time after time, this douche Wheeler has released rules which STILL gut Net Neutrality, and time after time after time America FLIPS THE FUCK OUT, and then its back to the drawing board or more time for "public comment".

Then, douche Wheeler comes back with a new set of rules, using different words to tell the same story: "If big companies like Comcast keep hiring lobbyists to take me out to dinner and write my speeches for me, I will keep gutting Net Neutrality with each new rule."

Hey, Douche! I have news for you! The American people will NEVER let a rule like this stand.

If a rule like this does happen to pass, it will be the worst thing ever to happen to FCC, as Americans on both sides of the aisle realize another of their watchdogs has been bought and sold by the industry it purports to regulate. Wheeler will be forced to resign by a suddenly indignant Congress, and the new commissioner will promptly commit an about-face.

It's too late, Mr. Wheeler. The American people know too much about this attempt already. You and your cronies in the Telecom industry blew it! Find another way for Comcast to rip off consumers so you can continue on the D.C. circuit of expensive dinners, coke and hookers, this rent-seeking scheme IS NEVER GOING TO WORK!

PS- For the Obama appointees: most of you are radioactive with Republicans simply for being associated with Obama, which you will now be for the mid to long term. If you gut Net Neutrality, you will be pariah's among Democrats as well. I know early retirement is a fun goal and all, but are you all really willing to lose any and all support within the only party that will have you just for a few extra bucks for your industry pals? Americans will not forget the people that oversaw the destruction of the internet, and if you let this come to pass, it will be the end of all of your careers.

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  •  SO, I guess you DON'T want to change things (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    I suppose it must feel good to vent, and it might be fun to share your venting with those here, but if you seriously want to influence the FCC to change its mind, you need to treat the process seriously as well.

    First, be aware that Mr. Wheeler won't be reading your choice insults; FCC staff people, likely Civil Service professionals will.  You had a chance to outline your policy concerns and offer recommendations to change them.  Instead, you focused on the perceived political decisions, make threats and generally rant.  Your letter got probably 1 minute's attention (I work for the Government, and that's how much time I would have given any letter in that tone), and got marked down as "Sdresser32-opposed" in the hearing record.  Well done!

    Personally I DO take this issue seriously, and I take the fact that both Democratic and Republican politicians have stated their objections to the FCC policy proposals as a sign that the outcome can be influenced.  So I will right a sober letter outlining the the points that the internet today plays a critical role in support of the First Amendment, and given the absence of a competitive market for consumer internet access, it is inappropriate to allow the provider to make subjective decisions on how to deliver information.  I will also write to my elected officials outlining the same points.

    I'm guessing your reply will be that making a serious comment is pointless because the fix is in.  In that case, why did you waste your time (and ours) with your diatribe?

  •  Cbastian- More interested in Liberal Infighting (0+ / 0-)


    Thanks for the reply.

    I think, since you take this issue seriously, as I do, you should spend more of your fire on the enemy, rather than your liberal allies. But, unfortunately, it's kind of a tradition of liberals like yourself to go after your ideological allies on the form of their arguments rather than their enemies for the substance of theirs.

    With that said, no, my reply is that making a serious comment is pointless because, as you say, they are going to put me in a column: sdresser32-oppose.

    This is true whether I had spent four or more hours crafting and researching a fine policy primer with proposals for reform and compromise, or if I had sent a bunch of gibberish, with my opposition only in the subject line. The important thing is that lots of people get themselves put into the "nay" column, not that each individual message to FCC exactly fits your requirements for sobriety.

    Oh and since you decided we're arguing stupid semantics with people that agree with us on policy, cbastian, this is a website where they "write" about what is "right". You are not about to "right" a letter about what is "wright".

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