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I admit, I haven't had this much schadenfreude pleasure since watching the insulated GOPers cry on election night 2012.  There is something just awesome when they are forced to confront reality outside the protective bubble of propaganda, skewed polls, conspiracy theories, and misinformation they are constantly fed (so they can be scammed off of later).

It was a little too much for red shirt guy on this video. For those of you who can't watch youtube,  he literally screams in the camera: “WHERE ARE YOU AT? Where are you at? We put the call out last week, two months ago, five months ago. You talk about being here–Where you at? Cause we’re HERE!”

It is followed by someone even better...she said the revolution is "unstoppable" except for that drizzling rain.  She explains on camera that millions are coming but they are currently "trapped in the camps" due to the rain and flooding. (Should have stayed in the FEMA camps.  They are built better.)

Please Enjoy!

The trending hashtag on the Twitters has been #AmericanSpringExcuses

It is utterly hilarious.  Some of the good ones:

1. They couldn’t figure out a way to get there without using a government-built road.
2. They were there, but you couldn't see them because of the cammo
4. It’s meth-cooking season, so couldn’t leave their meth labs.
5. It was national discount day at Golden Corral.
6. There were too many puddles to navigate around.
7. COPS was being filmed in their trailer park that day and didn’t want to miss an opportunity to be on television.
8. There was a Duck Dynasty marathon on A & E all day.
9.  Saw a rainbow over Washington, and turned around, thinking that getting near it might make them gay.
10. They were given ultimatums by their cousins that they’d break up with them if they left for a day or two.
11. Roadway sign said "Washington Left", so they did
12. Illegal to ride lawn mowers on the streets of Washington.
13. They couldn’t find their teeth, and they don’t go out without them.
14. If you count the voices in the heads of the people who showed up, there were 30 million people there.
15.  Just finishing up the signs.  How many "K"s in Amerikka?
16.  Wanted to march against tyrannical min.wage but can't afford it. Thanks Obama!
17.  Had doctor's appt.  I have health care now for some reason.
18.  Told Librl troll I'd show up after the first nonwhite person did.
19.  Our grassroots funding from the Kochs were late to arrive.
20.  Everybody stayed home for fear the internet comments would be left untended.
21. Truck is on concrete blocks in front of our house.

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3:58 PM PT: HT Fordmandalay

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Originally posted to SemDem on Sat May 17, 2014 at 08:00 AM PDT.

Also republished by Subversive Agitation Team Action Network, Protest Music, and Team DFH.

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