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The owner of Campbell's Bakery is at it again.

Mitchell Moore's "If You're Buying We're Selling" anti-discrimination campaign has become a rallying cry for those who disapprove of the state's so-called "turn away the gays" bill, a "Religious Freedom Bill" also known as Mississippi's SB2681 passed earlier this year.

Not everyone is amused at his latest effort, a tongue-in-cheek sin survey.

"Campbell's Bakery Potential Customer" questionnaire was posted to the company's Facebook page this week and is making the rounds on social media.

Survey questions include:
Have you ever gossiped? (Proverbs 6:19)
Do you work on Sunday? (Exodus 20:8)
Do you trim your beard or the hair on your temples? (Leviticus 19:27)

Following the prompt for potential customers to, "Please answer honestly. God will know," is a list of yes-or-no, Bible-backed questions:

Moore later took to the bakery's Facebook Page to let the humorless know the survey was a spoof:
The "Potential Customer Questionnaire" is just a spoof folks. There are some people saying that my bakery shouldn't serve certain people. I think that is RIDICULOUS. We are a business open to the public. The Public includes a TON of people I disagree with. If I only limited selling to people who aren't sinners I couldn't even eat my own food. We will sell our product to the public, to sinners, to people we disagree with, to anyone who loves Made From Scratch goods and wants to buy them. That is what we are in business to do.
If you can - go buy cupcakes!

If you can't - go "like" the Campbell Bakery Facebook page and leave a few words of encouragement to show your support.

7:54 PM PT: Sadly, Campbell's Bakery has confirmed they do not mail pastries.

However, they are providing free window decals to all Mississippi businesses who want to display the "We Do Not Discriminate" decal to protest the passage of SB2681.

Donations are welcome at:

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