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Six states are holding primaries tonight. Our guide to tonight's races can be found here. The poll closing times are below:
Kentucky: 6:00 PM ET (Areas within Eastern time zone), 7:00 PM ET (Areas within Central time zone)
Georgia: 7:00 PM ET
Pennsylvania: 8:00 PM ET
Arkansas: 8:30 PM ET
Idaho: 10:00 PM ET (Areas within Mountain time zone), 11:00 PM ET (Areas within Pacific time zone)
Oregon: 11:00 PM ET
Note that Arkansas and Georgia will both hold runoffs in primaries where no one wins more than 50 percent of the vote. We'll be bringing you the results as they come in.

Results: Arkansas | Georgia | Idaho | Kentucky | Oregon | Pennsylvania

3:13 PM PT: KY-Sen: The first votes have started to come in. Note that in Kentucky polls are still open in the half of the state in the Central time zone. News organizations won't call the race until polls have closed statewide.

3:34 PM PT: KY-Sen: Only a few thousand votes are in, but doesn't look like we're in for any surprises in Kentucky. McConnell is crushing Bevin just as the polls predicted.

3:55 PM PT: KY-Sen: About 2 percent of precincts are in and McConnell leads Bevin 63-32. Not much to see here, but luckily Georgia polls are about to close.

4:00 PM PT: Polls have closed in the rest of Kentucky and in Georgia.

4:05 PM PT: KY-Sen: Well that didn't take long. The AP has called the primary for McConnell. With 7 percent reporting he leads 62-33.

4:28 PM PT: GA-Sen: We're getting some votes out of Georgia from the SoS site. Kingston has a monster 71 percent, with most of the ballots seem to be from his old GA-01.

4:29 PM PT: GA-01: Initial results from this open GOP primary give Buddy Carter a 43-20 lead over physician Bob Johnson, with everyone else below 10 percent.

4:44 PM PT: GA-Sen: About 13,500 votes counted according to the SoS and Kingston leads with 53 percent. South Georgia is still most of what's reporting so expect his numbers to fall. However, if Kingston continues to post good numbers in the region he has a good shot to make it to the runoff.

4:47 PM PT: GA-01: Some more ballots are counted here. Carter continues to lead with 42 percent. Johnson has 19, with McCallum not far behind at 14.  

4:50 PM PT: GA-Sen: A little less than 19,000 votes counted and Kingston is at 47, with Perdue far ahead of Handel 25-13. Pretty much none of Metro Atlanta has reported, and Handel should do well there.

4:54 PM PT: GA-10: In Paul Broun's open and safely red seat, trucking executive Mike Collins leads with 45 percent. Pastor Jody Hice at 25, far ahead of everyone else. Still very early.

4:59 PM PT: GA-12: Early votes in the GOP primary to challenge Dem Rep. John Barrow are coming in. Businessman Rick Allen leads with 59 percent. Would be a big and unwelcome surprise if he averted a runoff.

5:01 PM PT: GA-10: About 2,500 in, and Collins and Hice still look very good to advance to the runoff. Collins leads with 41, with Hice at 24 and Some Dude Stephen Simpson at 12.

5:01 PM PT: Polls have closed in Pennsylvania.

5:02 PM PT: GA-Sen: About 26,000 votes are in and predictably Kingston's lead is dropping. He has 40, with Perdue at 26 and Handel at 14.

5:04 PM PT: GA-01: About 4,250 votes in and Carter continues to look good to make the runoff, leading with 40. Johnson still has 19 but McCallum is creeping up with 15.

5:07 PM PT: GA-01: Another 1,200 or so votes are in and things look the same. Carter looks set for a runoff with Johnson leading McCallum 18-15 for the second place spot.

5:09 PM PT: GA-12: About 4,250 votes in and Allen's position isn't quite as good. He's just above 50 percent. Businessman Eugene Yu leads state Rep. Delvis Dutton 20-15 for second.

5:14 PM PT: GA-Gov: There was some initial speculation that GOP Gov. Nate Deal could have a little primary trouble. So far that's not bearing out: he leads with 74 percent. Not incredible but far from dire.

5:15 PM PT: GA-Sen: Kingston's lead continues to shrink as expected. He's ahead of Perdue 37-27, with Handel at 14.

5:17 PM PT: GA-04: We have our first 1,300 votes in this safely blue seat, and former DeKalb County Sheriff Tom Brown leads Rep. Hank Johnson 52-48. Note the margin between them is 43 votes, so too early to make any real conclusions.

5:19 PM PT: GA-10: It's still looking like a Collins-Hice runoff is in our future, but the margin between them has shrunk considerably. Collins leads 35-33: No one else is cracking 15 percent.

5:22 PM PT: GA-04: One very good tea leaf for Brown: All the results are from Newton County, with none of DeKalb in. Brown was widely praised in DeKalb for cleaning up the corrupt sheriff's department and should do very well if he's going to unseat Johnson. The fact that he leads without it is probably a good sign.

5:23 PM PT: Georgia: For those looking for the most up-to-date result, the SoS site is still far ahead of the AP.

5:26 PM PT: GA-Sen: Kingston now leads Perdue 31-29 with Handel at 17. About 78,000 votes are in. Unfortunately, while the SoS site is ahead of the rest, it doesn't seem to display how many precincts are in. About 681,000 votes were cast in the 2010 GOP gubernatorial primary, though that was in July.

5:27 PM PT: PA-Gov: The first trickle of votes are coming in.

5:28 PM PT: GA-01: About 8,200 votes in and it still looks like Carter will be in the runoff. He leads with 39, with Johnson still at 19 and McCallum at 16.

5:29 PM PT: The liveblog continues here.

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