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More right-wing insanity:

After a week of victim-blaming and dismissing campus sexual assault statistics, the National Review Online has doubled down on dismissing sexual violence on college campuses.

In a May 19 piece, National Review Online contributor A.J. Delgado claimed that women are being "brainwash[ed] into believing they were raped." Delgado cited a personal anecdote to make her point, arguing that, for a friend, "convincing herself she had been raped was a way of saving her dignity and avoiding the hurtful reality" of  "regrettable sex." Delgado concluded by stating that "for every legitimate, actual rape claim there may be another that was not: a girl who cried rape."

So many Republicans have such a hard time getting what passes for their minds around the basic human concept that violence against women is not okay. What the hell is wrong with these people?
Are women themselves being taught to believe they were raped (the aforementioned "only sober consent is true consent!" notion)? Yes. And that, ironically enough, makes these women victims of liberal culture, too.
If only liberals stopped telling them that being violently violated is a bad thing, women would learn to relax and enjoy it? Or recognize that it's but God's plan?

Or maybe the problem is just women:

“For every legitimate, actual rape claim there may be another that was not: a girl who cried rape,” Delgado writes, citing impressive statistics about false accusations that are actually just links to nine instances over several years, compared to the roughly 300,000 women who the Justice Department estimates are raped per annum. (That’s the lowball number.) (Also one of the links goes to a blog post about NSA leaks.)
It's called confirmation bias. Delgado attempts to validate her preconceptions by using a tiny sample of anecdotes while ignoring the brutal statistical reality. The question is why.


What the hell is wrong with these people?

Originally posted to Laurence Lewis on Wed May 21, 2014 at 06:30 AM PDT.

Also republished by This Week in the War on Women, House of LIGHTS, and Daily Kos.

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