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6:22 PM PT: Email I received today:

"BREAKING: McDonald's workers arrested outside of corporate headquarters for refusing to be silenced.

Happening NOW: Workers arrested at McDonald's HQ

Call McDonald's RIGHT NOW: 1-855-572-9499

Tell them that you stand with the arrested workers calling for $15 an hour and the right to form a union without intimidation.

J... Raye,

Adriana Alvarez has worked at McDonald's for 4 years and makes just $9.15 an hour. She's fighting for $15 an hour for her 2 year-old boy at home.

And she was just arrested outside of McDonald's corporate headquarters, where hundreds of workers, and thousands of supporters, are protesting for $15 an hour and the right to form a union before their annual shareholder meeting.

She needs your help. Call McDonald's and tell them you stand with Adriana and the other workers right now: 1-855-572-9499.

Adriana wasn't alone, though. Many of her fellow McDonald's employees were arrested for their brave act of civil disobedience, too. Each of them was standing up for themselves, the families their wages support, and pretty much every fast food worker everywhere.

Please show your support for these unbelievably courageous workers by calling McDonald's right now: 1-855-572-9499.

Tell them that you support these workers. Tell them that it's shameful that workers have to be arrested in order to be heard. Tell them that it's time for $15 an hour and the right to form a union without intimidation.

Just to be extra clear: we already have risked a lot by going on strike last week in the biggest fast food action in world history. And it's even scarier to go straight to the source and speak up for what we believe in. But Adriana and so many other courageous workers are doing it. Amazing.

Your turn. Pick up the phone and call McDonald's: 1-855-572-9499.

The McDonald's shareholder meeting is tomorrow and we have to make sure they hear us. No one who works for a living should be forced to live in poverty. No one who works for a corporation that makes more than $5 billion in profits should have hungry kids at home.

J... Raye, this last week has been one of the most empowering of my life. First the global day of action and now this? So. Empowering. We can't stop, we won't stop, and I'm glad to know you'll be there with us. Thank you. Now go make that call!


We'll keep you posted with what's next,

Naquasia LeGrand

Low Pay is Not OK

P.S. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and check out to stay updated as news breaks from the march at McDonald's headquarters."

I made my call. (3+ / 0-)

You may just as well call this number, because it's the number you will be given anyway, and then answer the prompt with "feedback," you will speak to an actual rep, but all they say is "OK, thank you for your feedback."

I still think it's good to swamp them with calls. The calls are recorded, so let's load up their recorders:


I used this for a script:

"I support the workers being arrested at McDonald's. I think it is shameful that workers have to be arrested in order to be heard. They deserve $15 an hour and they have the right to form a union without intimidation. Stop the unlawful intimidation now. McDonald's needs to follow the laws of the land just like everyone else."

Better stop with the tweets now or my poor old computer won't be able to load the diary! And the boys are begging for their evening walk. (wet nose nudges arm).

Please everyone take the time to make that call, it really is a small thing that they are asking us to do!



8:13 PM PT: Adriana Alvarez: My Fight For Mannie:

8:17 PM PT: Adriana Alvarez: My Fight-The Vote (Act II)

8:18 PM PT: Adriana Alvarez: My Fight-#FastFoodGlobal (Act III)

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