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What a great guy...

Happy Mothers day to all the crack hoes out there. It' never too late to turn it around, tie your tubes, clean up your life and make difference to someone out there that deserves a better mother.

Do they do this stuff just to get attention because they know it'll piss people off? Or do they not realize it's going to piss people off because they're just that ignorant?

The Blaze just posted this little gem. I actually saw it elsewhere since my Facebook feed blew up when friends who follow one of the local Orlando news station pages posted their own blurb on it after a news conference from the state attorney's office in Orlando. The quote comes to you from Assistant State Attorney Kenneth Lewis, who posted that charming passage on his Facebook page for the whole world to see.

While Lewis received 11 “likes” and some playful chiding on Facebook, others didn’t take so kindly to his post.

“He’s a public official and he needs to be reminded of that,” Dana Jackson of Justice for All Ministries told WFTV-TV in Orlando. “He’s paid with the tax dollars and he’s paid to prosecute and keep the evil off the streets not to degrade mothers.” Nichol Rolle, who said she was born crack-addicted and given up for adoption at the age of 2, suggested that Lewis should be taught a different approach.

“Maybe some classes on compassion and forgiving,” Rolle told WFTV.

But naturally:
Lewis isn’t backing away from his statement. In fact, he told WFTV that it was meant as “an inspirational message to do the right thing.”
Better yet, this bonehead does Godwin right proud in an earlier post:
“Remember the last regime that told you how you have to think and that punished you for thinking in a way that was different from ‘the mob’? That mob was called the SS and that place was Nazi Germany. The results weren’t pretty there and they won’t be pretty here. The Land of the Free in the National Anthem should be changed to the land of the spied on and land of the politically correct according to the left.”
Now, if you were his boss, wouldn't you be a bit perturbed by all the unneeded attention? Well, of course, but that's because you're you and you're a decent human being. But maybe you've never met State Attorney Jeff Ashton:
Political speech is protected by the first amendment of the United States Constitution and I do not police the private thoughts, views or expressions of those in my employ.
Or wait, maybe you have. I knew I heard that name before...
Jeff Ashton is a Florida state attorney who was the head prosecutor in the 2011 Casey Anthony trial.
Oh, yeah, that Jeff Ashton (facepalm).

And the beat goes on. I just have no words to convey my disgust at this astonishing level of venality and ignorance and fuckwittery in my state. These are people who serve justice on behalf of the State of Florida. If that's their "political speech", and they're in "politics", well, derp, you know how it works when you open your mouth, you're not supposed to put your damn foot in it on a regular basis.

At the very least, it's time for Mr. Lewis to get a clue about social media. Yes, this was on the man's private Facebook page. But this particular episode of Stupid is brought to you because Assistant State Attorney Kenneth Lewis is too stupid to understand that he's got his Facebook posts set to public viewing. If you're going to use Facebook, Mr. Public Servant, is it too much to ask that you not enable the entire world to see your vile ignorance on full display for anyone who clicks? You wouldn't stand outside in your front yard and shout it out to the neighborhood, either. Fix it so your friends are the only ones who get to see your wit and wisdom, every time you barf something out of your keyboard.

All fourteen of them. I'll bet you're a real charmer at parties. Douchebag...

(NOTE: looking for a transcript or clip of the news conference, I'll update this if I can find a link)

UPDATE: Still looking for a clip of Ashton's news conference, but here's a clip from the local affiliate's take on it.

2:47 PM PT: Finally! h/t to Terre in the comments, here's a link to the news conference. I don't think this one is able to be embedded, though...

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