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I know thousands of people read this paper. I also know four or five folks read my diaries. I say this because every four seconds in our Country, a person is diagnosed with
some form of Dementia. Dementia can strike at any age. It's possible, you may know someone with some type of this disease.

It appears, along with some type of Parkinson's, I have FRONTOTEMPORAL Dementia.
The doctors are not done giving me tests. Two brain scans show I have Parkinson's
and some form of dementia. Their problem is I show symptoms of other types of Dementia as well.

My only fear is my voice can go from normal to a very raspy sound in minutes, sort
of like a person talks when a machine is attached to his throat after throat cancer.
I have to eat slowly, I can sometimes barely swallow water.

Other wise, I am the same person I always was, I think. I do have short term memory
loss but I know how to deal with that.

If you or someone you know, suffers from memory loss, have that person assign trigger
words. I can never remember the name of my favorite singer Andrea Bocelli, I  remember 'And', I say that word, and the singers name comes to me. I attach funny, crazy tags to the word I'm trying to remember. My brain seems to allow 'triggers' to
open up my memory box. Try that style with someone your trying to help.

Exercise is great for anyone suffering from Parkinson's and Dementia. My doctor can't
think of anything better to do to slow down both diseases. When I run, I stand very tall,
and work to keep my legs in front of me and bend my knees. I make it a habit to run
with my arms swinging back and forth, After a run of two hours,I stretch for at least
20 minutes.

If my hand starts having spasms, I  squeeze a ball until the ache stops. I tell my brain
to concentrate on other things when I feel pain. Be careful when you run and focus
on what your doing, Earlier this year, I tripped on a branch, fell and broke my arm. I smashed my knee as well. It's much easier to fall now. I urge those of you who have
something similar to me, to walk, not run. Try for 30 minuets five times a week. Make
sure your Doctor says it's okay for you to exercise. I have had three stress tests.

I say the name of every president our Country has ever had, every day. I know all our states capitals, Luminosity is a product you need to get. I call it exercise for  my brain.
A beautiful member of the Kos family (Joy of Fishes) reads my diary sometimes to see
if I am coherent. I try and write with no help to force my brain to make me have clarity,

These are just a few things I do to slow down my walk into the "fog". Will these steps
work for your loved one? I admit I have no idea. I don't see where it would hurt them to

I have been sentenced to life in the Parkinson's and Dementia prison,  I refuse to go.
I want YOUR loved ones to do the same. Parkinson's and Dementia are labels; that's it.

I want your  loved ones to label themselves. Let them choose, as I have done, to be a
pro-active person who loves life and doesn't let a silly illness slow them down.

Let's be the first to beat Parkinson's and Dementia!

-Reflect upon your present
blessings-of which every
man has many-not on
your past misfortunes,of
which all men have some.

Originally posted to Vet 65 on Sun Jun 01, 2014 at 11:37 AM PDT.

Also republished by Barriers and Bridges and KosAbility.

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