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Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Sheriff Joe Arpaio
In the broader scheme of shitty things, this ain't much, just another $975,000 that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has cost taxpayers for his unethical and at times illegal shenanigans.

Monday the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals released its decision that Maricopa County must pay the nearly $1 million tab to former County Commissioner Mary Rose Wilcox, who filed suit against Arpaio and County Attorney Andrew Thomas. The Arpaio-Thomas tag team had targeted Wilcox in a 2009 corruption investigation, which also resulted in charges being filed against fellow County Commissioner Don Stapley. Late last year he received a $3.5 million settlement.

Wilcox and Stapley were two commissioners who did not approve of Arpaio's "sweeps" and similar police state practices. For having the gall to speak out publicly against the sheriff's racial profiling and other racist techniques, Wilcox, Stapley and others were targeted by Arpaio and Thomas, who brought a fist-full of bogus charges against them. Stapley was actually arrested at his office and perp-walked in handcuffs for the news cameras. Wilcox, who resigned from the county commission this year to run for Rep. Ed Pastor's seat, did not suffer that ignominy, but:

According to a statement released Monday, Wilcox's team in March testified in front of the Court of Appeals that Wilcox "received intense and unlawful harassment by the Sheriff's office," and said county advisors predict that 100 or more people may pursue similar claims.
Oh, great, another 100 lawsuits.
Wilcox's payout will add to the millions of taxpayer dollars already spent on the county's politically charged investigations and legal disputes with elected officials. Such infighting amounted to a $44.4 million tab from fiscal year 2008 through January 2014, according to an Arizona Republic investigation.
This doesn't even take into account the nearly $100 million Arpaio misappropriated to buy tanks and other boy toys, money intended for prison maintenance.

For his role in these financial, legal and immoral bumblefucks, County Attorney Andrew Thomas was disbarred and lost his license to practice law. He's currently running for the GOP gubernatorial nomination while Sheriff Arpaio is raising money for his 2016 race. Only in Arizona.

Ka-ching, $975,000. Next!

Originally posted to Maggie's Farm on Mon Jun 02, 2014 at 07:53 PM PDT.

Also republished by Phoenix Kossacks, Baja Arizona Kossacks, and Daily Kos.

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