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I'm glad you stopped in to read this diary plugging JayRaye's on going series, Hellraiser's Journal.

Hellraisers Journal is:

A day by day view of the life and times of Mother Jones. Hell-raiser: a person who behaves in a rowdy, riotous manner, especially habitually. Origin: 1910 to 15. "I can raise as much hell in jail as anywhere." -Mother Jones. Note: Mother Jones was a Socialist Trade Unionist, therefore, those who engage in red-baiting will not be a good fit for this group.
Personally, I think it's one of the most under-appreciated series on this blog, and if you check it out, you may agree.  I hope this plug gets her series more eyes.  It breaks my heart to see someone work so hard on a great series that doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

You can find a list of these diaries here.

For a taste of the most recent Hellraisers Journal diaries, follow me over the croissant.

From today's:


The State of Utah vs. Joseph Hillstrom

Joe Hill, IWW
Fellow Worker Joe Hill, famous I. W. W. songwriter, goes on trial today in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our fellow worker is on trial for his life, having been charged with the murder of J. G. Morrison. Morrison was shot and killed along with his son during the robbery of his grocery store on the night of January 10, 1914. Joe Hill was arrested three days later, and pleaded "Not Guilty" on January 22nd to the charge of murder in the case of J. G. Morrison. Hill has been in the Salt Lake County Jail since his arrest.

District Attorney E. O. Leatherwood admits that all of the evidence against Joe Hill is circumstantial, but states that he will prove Hill's guilt through a chain of circumstantial facts: 1). that a tall man in the company of a short man were seen near the store just before the murder of Morrison, 2). that Hill was that tall man, 3). that Morrison's son fired at the men and wounded Hill who then shouted that he had been shot, 4). that Hill was treated shortly thereafter for a gunshot wound, 5). that Hill was carrying a gun of the same type used in the murder while at the doctor's office.

Joe has strenuously denied any involvement in this brutal double murder. He states that he was shot by a friend during an argument over a woman known to both of them. He states that he is confident that he will be acquitted. Others are not so sure, pointing out that Fellow Worker Joe Hill has already been found guilty of being a member of the Industrial Workers of the World.

From yesterday's:


Emma F Langdon
Since the horrific explosion at the Independence Station, a campaign of terror perpetrated by the Citizens' Alliance with the assistance of the militia has continued unabated against the Western Federation of Miners. City and county officials deemed too friendly, or even too neutral, to the union cause have also been a target of vigilantism. We have received the following report from Mrs. Emma Langdon of Victor. She describes the mob terror which occurred in the city of Cripple Creek this past Tuesday:
June 7, was without doubt one of the most strenuous days in the history of that city. The spectacle of large bodies of armed men, many mounted, parading the streets with members of the Western Federation of Miners and other members of organized labor as prisoners, kept the populace on the qui vive all day.

The first noteworthy occurrence of the 7th happened sometime between twelve and two o'clock, a. m. An excited, apparently insane mob of nearly two hundred men made an assault on the hall of Miners' Union No. 40, on Bennett avenue. Fortunately the building was not occupied at the time. Not finding members of the union in the building, the mob satisfied themselves with completely destroying the handsome furnishings, smashing in the windows of the reading room and secretary's office, breaking in the doors in the interior and demolishing the typewriter and everything that could be destroyed. A few special police officers reached the scene of the attack, but they were powerless to cope with the superior force. The mob finally dispersed and no arrests were made.

And from May 13:

Wednesday May 13, 1914
Trinidad, Colorado - Former Residents of Ludlow Mourn as Rockefeller Sr. Plays Golf

John D Rockefeller Sr and Jr, 1915
John D Rockefeller Sr
with John D Rockefeller Jr
While the former residents of the Ludlow Tent Colony, 1200 men, women and children, mourn their dead-including twelve children ages three months to eleven years-and suffer the loss of their homes and all of their earthly possessions, we are pleased to report that the Rockefeller Family had a nice quiet day at Pocantico yesterday, undisturbed by any reminders of the Ludlow Massacre carried out in their interests.

From the Lebanon Daily News:

Neither Mother Jones Nor Other Agitators Visit Pocantico.

Tarrytown, N. Y., May 12-Although the grounds were still heavily guarded no agitators appeared at the Rockefeller estate at Pocantico Hills. Mother Jones was expected to come here to try to make an appeal to John D. Rockefeller, Jr., but she did not appear. It is reported she will come today, but it is doubtful if she will get in the grounds.

John D. Rockefeller, Sr,. played golf yesterday morning, but John D., Jr, was not seen during the day.

If you have time, you can go back and check out some of these past diaries or just keep a look out for them in the future and stop in, drop a line and give JayRaye a much deserved tip and rec.

Oh, and don't forget to check out The Breakfast Club each morning for news, reviews, music, sometimes recipes, and chit chat.

Thank you for reading!

Originally posted to angel d on Tue Jun 10, 2014 at 02:04 PM PDT.

Also republished by Hellraisers Journal and Progressive Policy Zone.

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