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Hipster retro GunFAIL? Two derringers, among the 47 guns found by TSA agents at airports across the country last week.
Our title this week is prompted by the New York Times having taken notice of what we've been following for a long time: the absurd numbers of guns being discovered at airports every week by TSA agents.
LOTS more of our fellow travelers are packing for the airport, so to speak. So far this year (as of the end of last week), the Transportation Security Administration has found 892 guns in passengers’ carry-on bags at security checkpoints. That’s a 19 percent increase from the comparable period of last year, when the total was 750 guns.

The 2013 gun-tote tally was a record, at 1,813 firearms found, incidentally. As this year’s gun haul keeps rolling along, a one-day record was set just last Wednesday, when screeners found 18 guns, which beat the previous one-day record of 13 guns on May 20, 2013. About 80 percent of all guns found are loaded.

So, yeah. We're running nearly 20 percent above the record-breaking pace of last year, and the number of handheld instant death machines allegedly forgotten entirely by their carriers has nearly tripled since 2005, when the TSA first started keeping count. I wonder why?

Other than that, it was a relatively quiet week, and "no news is good news" when it comes to GunFAIL. While there's never really going to be no news, this one was, mercifully, on the slow side. Keep in mind that by "slow," we mean that only 12 people accidentally shot themselves, only four law enforcement officers (including a firearms instructor) were accidentally shot, only three people accidentally discharged their guns while cleaning them, and only one person accidentally Second Amendmented their neighbor's home. And just eight kids were accidentally shot last week, too, though the toll included seasonal tragedies like graduation party shootings, the numbers of which might be expected to tick upward in the next couple of weeks. This week's child victims were aged 23 months, 3, 10, 13, 15, 15, 17 and 17.

The standout stories of the week included the Moscow, ID, man who fell down the stairs at home while carrying a gun and accidentally shot himself, and the Meigs County, TN, man who accidentally shot himself while driving. Both died of their injuries. And the man in Cornwall, NY, who accidentally shot his wife while demonstrating what I'm sure he intended to be the proper use of a firearm. It just didn't work out as intended, which really has always been the entire point of this series from the very beginning. Also of note, the Bradenton, FL, man who, showing off the newest accessory for his pistol (a mounted flashlight, culprit in more than a few accidental shootings), accidentally shot his roommate in the head. UPDATE: I somehow missed this the first time around, but apparently the incident from Cornwall, NY this week also involved a tactical light. Amazing.

But the story that probably got the most attention last week thankfully involved no shooting at all. Just bad timing. A loaded gun was found in the toy aisle of a Target store in Myrtle Beach, SC, right smack in the middle of the publicity generated by the Open Carry Texas long gun-toting visit to one of their local Target stores.

All those stories and more, in the latest list, below the fold.

  1. STREATOR, IL, 3/01/14: was sentenced Thursday to 5 years in prison on a firearms charge. Marcus Blodgett, 23, of 718 14th Ave., Clinton, Iowa pleaded guilty Thursday to one count of unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon and was sentenced to the maximum 5 years. Blodgett was charged March 1 after Streator police located 19-year-old Christopher John Smith of Clinton, Iowa with “life-threatening” injuries sustained from a gunshot wound. Smith survived, and Blodgett never was charged with attempted murder, aggravated battery with a firearm or any other charge indicating an intent to injure or kill. Attorneys subsequently revealed the shot was fired recklessly or during horseplay.
  2. BELFAST, NY, 3/14/14: A Belfast man who suffered both an accidental shooting and stroke within a day in March is undergoing rehabilitation in Rochester. Meanwhile, a benefit is set for Saturday to help him and his family meet medical expenses. The benefit will take place at the Belfast Fire Hall. It will be from noon to 8 PM Saturday, said Rick Jozwiak, Wuersig's friend. Admission is free and the event is open to the public. Eric Wuersig was at home on the evening of March 14 when he was accidentally shot in the stomach. He was flown by Mercy Flight to Strong Memorial in Rochester. “As far as the gunshot, that was all just a matter of a small pistol falling from a gun safe and discharging,” Jozwiak said. “He was in the safe looking for something. She (Lisa Wuersig) and her mother were there at the time. Even after he was shot, he was walking and talking. He walked to the ambulance. He was still talking when they put him on Mercy Flight.” “The stroke just compounded everything,” he said. “Everything from the accident to the stroke was a total surprise of his friends and family. There was no way to definitively say whether it was the result of the gunshot wound ... or if it was independent.”
  3. TEXARKANA, TX, 5/01/14: Henry Milligan accidentally shot himself in the face while cleaning his gun. Despite his injuries, he tried to tell 911 dispatchers what was wrong and where he was. "A shell got jammed in the gun and whenever I went to set it down it went off and it got me in the face," Milligan said. Henry has been temporarily released from University Health Shreveport. During his five-week stay in the hospital, he has undergone multiple surgeries to reconstruct his face. "They have taken out his frontal sinus," said Henry's mother Angela Milligan. Doctors have reconstructed the orbits of his eyes and put in metal plates for his jaw bones. "The first time I seen my son his face was pretty much gone," said Henry's father Wayne Milligan. "Like I said it has been amazing what God has done." The accident happened as Henry was preparing for a weekend of recreation shooting with his father. "My son has been raised around guns," Wayne said. "I would like to get it out there that this could happen to anybody."
  4. LEMOYNE, PA, 5/09/14: An Elizabethtown man faces charges after an accidental shooting in Lemoyne in May. Derek L. Olson, 21, was arrested and charged June 5 with felony firearms not to be carried without a license and misdemeanor recklessly endangering another person after an incident in the 500 block of Bosler Avenue on May 9. West Shore Regional Police said the incident occurred at 7:44 PM, and responding officers found a 15-year-old boy inside a home with a gunshot wound. The boy was taken to Penn State Hershey Medical Center via Life Lion. He was treated and released, expecting to recover, police said. Police said Olson admitted to carrying a firearm without a license and unintentionally shooting the boy, who was a friend of his. He was arraigned before Magisterial District Judge Elizabeth Beckley on Thursday and bail was set at $5,000. Bail was posted and he was released. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 18 before Beckley.
  5. COLUMBIA, SC, 5/18/14: Columbia Police have arrested a suspect in a shooting that left one man dead early Sunday morning at the 7400 block of Garners Ferry Road. Columbia Police say Nicholas Reed Moses,19, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and unlawful carrying of a pistol. Richland County Coroner Gary Watts has identified the victim at Shamoray Antonio Robinson, 18, of Columbia. According to authorities, Moses and the Robinson attended a party with several other people before the shooting. During the party, an argument occurred between Moses and a unidentified third party. They say due to the fight, the Richland County Sheriff's Deputies were called to the scene where they shut down the party and dispersed the attendees. The victim then drove Moses and other individuals from the party. Officers report that the unidentified third party pulled up alongside the victim's vehicle while they were traveling along Garners Ferry Road and began arguing with Moses. Investigators say that during the argument Moses allegedly pulled out a firearm causing it to discharge, unintentionally striking Robinson who was driving. Columbia Police responded shortly after and found the victim unresponsive in the roadway beside his vehicle at 7424 Garners Ferry Road. EMS pronounced the victim dead at the scene.
  6. LONG BEACH, CA, 5/26/14: The LA County Sheriff’s Department revealed Thursday that a deputy shot and wounded last month during the fatal takedown of a suspect in Compton was shot accidentally by his partner. The shooting occurred on May 26, 2014 at 69th Way and Long Beach Boulevard, Long Beach. Investigators said that deputies confronted a male suspect in his twenties when a struggle ensued. The suspect ran northbound from the initial location.  Deputies said a second struggle occurred when they caught up to the suspect a second time. During the struggle, the man allegedly tried to take one of the deputy’s guns. This resulted in both deputies firing their weapons at the suspect, who, they said was also armed with his own hand gun. The suspect was struck by their gunfire and pronounced dead at the scene. During the struggle, one of the deputies was shot once in torso. The deputy was transported to a local hospital where he underwent surgery. He is now recovering at home, according to the LASD.
  7. GULF SHORES, AL, 5/27/14:  Sources tell FOX10 News Phillip Jones, the brother of Atlanta Falcons receiver and former Alabama star Julio Jones, was the victim of a shooting that happened in Gulf Shores on Tuesday, May 27. According to a relative, Jones’ arm had to be removed due to injuries sustained from the gunshot wound. A woman who was at the home spoke with Fox10 News and said she was sitting on the porch with Jones and Sutton Tuesday night. “He (Jones) and I were fussing and then Mr. Sutton said stop and the gun went off accidentally. He didn’t mean for the gun to go off. It was a shotgun,” the woman explained who asked we not reveal her identity. This is the second shooting within a week involving brothers of the two Atlanta Falcon starting wide receiver duo, Julio Jones and Roddy White.
  8. RALEIGH, NC, 5/29/14: A Raleigh police officer shot another officer and a fire extinguisher during a confrontation with a reportedly intoxicated man last week, according to a report released Thursday by the Raleigh Police Department. Officers came to an apartment complex on Colbert Creek Loop early May 29 to answer a complaint that a man named Joshua Timberlake was fighting with his girlfriend. A 911 caller reported that Timberlake had pulled out a gun and waved it over his head while cursing and challenging the caller, who had sought to intervene. Thursday’s report gave the following account of what happened next: A sergeant and two officers knocked on Timberlake’s door about 2 AM. One officer left to check the back of the building, leaving Sgt. J.D. Malzahn and Officer K.J. Barefoot at the door. Soon after, the door suddenly “flew open,” and Timberlake pointed a handgun out the door and into the breezeway, sweeping it from side to side. Malzahn and Barefoot backed away, identifying themselves as police and ordering Timberlake to drop the weapon. Timberlake continued to sweep the gun, at one point aiming it directly at Malzahn, who drew his own weapon. Malzahn fired twice in Timberlake’s direction; one round hit a fire extinguisher, spraying powder through the breezeway, while another struck Barefoot in his left hip.
  9. SAN LEANDRO, CA, 5/31/14: About 5 PM on May 31, San Leandro officers responded to Bayfair Center for a report of 80-100 rowdy teens in the food court, challenging and intimidating mall patrons. No crime was committed there, McManus said, but the group was asked to leave the property by security and police. The mall, he said, has a policy that prohibits groups greater than five from hanging out unless they are accompanied by a parent. The teens left the property, went to the Bayfair BART station and for the next five hours, San Leandro and BART police attempted to disperse the crowd, McManus said. During that period, one of the teens who had a handgun accidentally shot himself, McManus said. The teen shot himself in the foot while crossing a pedestrian bridge near the station just after 8 PM, said BART Lt. Michael Hayes. He was taken to a nearby hospital, treated and released and then arrested on suspicion of possession of a firearm and possession of a firearm while on probation.
  10. MYRTLE BEACH, SC, 5/31/14: A real gun was found in the toy aisle of Target on Seaboard Street. The police report states a loss prevention worker stumbled upon the gun Friday night. The gun was in plain view on top of a superhero Playskool toy box when the worker found it; he thought it was a toy. He realized it was real after seeing it was loaded with live ammo. The fact that it was found in an aisle geared toward children makes some shoppers feel this was no accident. "I don't think someone would accidentally drop off a gun. I think he purposely left it there for a child to pick up and think, 'Oh it's a toy gun,' and accidentally point it at somebody and it goes off," says Kennedy McClain. The police report mentions there was a suspicious male walking up and down each toy aisle, including the aisle the gun was found. Target will be releasing that surveillance video to police.
  11. NEW ORLEANS, LA, 6/01/14: New Orleans police on Sunday night were summoned to Slidell Memorial Hospital, where a 10-year-old boy reportedly was being treated for a self-inflicted but accidental gunshot wound to one of his hands. The NOPD provided no details on the shooting, but the incident was confirmed by Slidell Police, who first were called to the hospital after the boy's arrival sometime around 6 PM. The case shifted to NOPD detectives after it was determined the gun was fired within Orleans Parish boundaries. The incident was classified as a "negligent injury," according to officers at the hospital. It was not immediately known whether an arrest was made in connection with the incident. Initial police radio reports indicated the gun was fired inside a car traveling on eastbound Interstate-10, and that a search for the weapon was underway because it was tossed from the car by the victim's grandmother. Those details could not be confirmed Sunday night by a department spokesman.
  12. HOQUIAM, WA, 6/01/14: Police are investigating after a 5-year-old boy shot at a man with his parents' .38 special handgun Sunday. The man was not hit. The incident unfolded at about 3 PM. in the 600 block of K Street as the 5-year-old watched several other small boys in the neighborhood playing with toy guns in a nearby yard. He wanted to play along so he went into his home and found his parents' loaded revolver. Meanwhile, a 21-year-old Aberdeen man was walking by when he saw the boys playing with their toy guns. As the man continued to walk past he saw the 5-year-old boy with what he thought was a squirt gun, said Chief Jeff Myers of the Hoquiam police. The man watched the boy point the gun at the other children and then at him as he was about half a block away. The boy fired the gun once in the man's direction, at which point he realized the pistol was a real gun. The man told police he had to move his leg to avoid being struck by the bullet. The boy immediately dropped the gun and ran back into his home. Officers arrived and determined that the boy had taken his parents' handgun from inside the home. The parents cooperated with police and turned over the weapon, a .38 special revolver. Officers searched the area but were unable to determine where the fired bullet had landed. “It is very clear this was a situation within inches of being tragic," said Myers. "It is a good reminder to secure firearms at all times from the hands of children.”
  13. MONTICELLO, AR, 6/01/14: Monticello police were quick to respond to the scene of a shooting Sunday evening in the 500 block of Lincoln Court. According to Monticello Police Chief Eddy Deaton, late Tuesday afternoon 19-year-old Harold Goffin III was officially charged with manslaughter, tampering with evidence and aggravated assault after the incident led to the death of 20-year-old D’Angelo Martin. “The call came into the department at approximately 6:20 PM June 1,” Deaton explained. “When officers arrived on the scene they found the victim (Martin) with a gunshot wound to the head.” Martin was immediately transported to Jefferson Regional Medical Center in Pine Bluff before being transported by Med-Flight to UAMS in Little Rock, where he died the next morning. According to Deaton, the shooting appears to have been an accidental one. However, evidence and samples were collected at the scene and will be sent to the state crime lab for further inspection. At this time no trial date has been set in the case.
  14. RICHMOND, VA, 6/01/14: The person who shot a 23-month-old girl in Richmond’s Hillside Court neighborhood on Sunday night, June 1, surrendered himself to police, confirmed a high-ranking police source, and a family member. The male who surrendered is a felon with unrelated warrants on file. He turned himself in Thursday afternoon with his lawyer. This shooting was accidental, according to the suspect. He told police he was playing with the gun when it discharged.  The male is not related to the child. The child was shot Sunday night, about 10:30 PM, along the 1400 block of Harwood Street.
  15. HUMBLE, TX, 6/01/14: A 17-year-old man taken in for questioning over a body found in Fifth Ward has been charged in two other deaths, court records show. Anthony Jamerson, of Houston, is charged with two counts of capital murder. He appeared before a judge in probable cause court early Friday morning. The judge denied bond for Jamerson. Police said the teen is accused in two recent fatal shootings, and he’s being questioned about an 18-year-old man who police found dead in a vehicle in Fifth Ward on Wednesday. Jamerson is also accused in Sunday's shooting of a Phillips 66 store clerk near Humble. Two men entered the gas station and opened fire, shooting and killing 58-year-old Satish Patel. Police said Jamerson was injured during the robbery at the gas station when his pistol accidentally went off, shooting one of his fingers. In court on Friday, prosecutors said witness statements and surveillance video helped lead them to Jamerson. It’s believed he carried out Sunday’s gas station robbery with Jaylen Townsel, the teen who was fatally shot Wednesday afternoon.
  16. LAS VEGAS, NV, 6/01/14: A Las Vegas man is under arrest and facing charges of attempted murder in the shooting of his girlfriend. According to Metro Police, 36-year-old Roberto Ramirez was arrested after he called police claiming his girlfriend, 27-year-old Jessica Smalls, tried to kill herself. Officers were called to the couple’s home near Craig Road and Tenaya Way at around 6 a.m. Sunday. When they arrived, they found Ramirez outside the home with blood on his hands and arms. He told police that Smalls had shot herself. Officers found Smalls in one of the bedrooms, and she was covered in blood. She was still breathing and was able to ask for help. Police say the entry wound for the bullet was just to the right of her chin, and the round was lodged behind one of her vertebrae. At first, the suspect told police that he was downstairs when Smalls shot herself. However, during a second interview with police, Ramirez said he had accidentally shot her during an argument. Polices say evidence at the scene, including blood on the gun and no burn marks or stippling patterns on the victim, which are common when someone shoots themselves, show that Ramirez pulled the trigger.
  17. JOPLIN, MO, 6/02/14: A three year old is dead after an accidental shooting in Joplin this morning. Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland says a three year old girl was shot with a legally obtained handgun at a home in the Bykota Trailer Park. At this time, the sheriff believes a six year old in the home was able to access the gun and accidentally discharged the weapon, killing the three year old. UPDATE: Newton County Coroner Mark Bridges says based on the autopsy of Miranda [Doerr], she did not accidentally shoot herself. Her six-year-old brother accidentally shot Miranda.
  18. OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, 6/02/14: Authorities are investigating a possible accidental shooting at the Oklahoma Sheriff's Office gun range. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reports that at least one person was shot. Authorities were investigating if a second person was also shot. According to the OHP, Oklahoma Highway Patrol cadets were on the gun range at the time of the shooting. The report came in around 3:45 PM. EMSA has transported one patient in good condition, but did not report what the person's injuries were. A second person was transported to the hospital by police cruiser. MORE: The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says a firearms instructor and a cadet were accidentally shot. One was shot in the hand and the other in the leg.
  19. COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, 6/02/14: Multiple agencies are investigating a reported shooting near a tunnel on Gold Camp Road. A 23-year-old man with a gunshot wound was taken to the hospital via Flight For Life. The El Paso County Sheriff's Office, who along with Springs police is investigating the incident, tells 11 News the shooting is believed to be accidental. At this time, details are limited; authorities say it happened just before 8 PM Monday near tunnel 2, which is not far from the parking lot at the junction of Gold Camp Road, High Drive and Cheyenne Canon. It's not clear if the man accidentally shot himself or if someone accidentally shot him.
  20. MINOT, ND, 6/02/14: Minot police say a 27-year-old man sustained minor injuries after he shot himself in the leg with firearm. The man told police that he was in the process of cleaning the gun early Monday morning. Police say the man was attempting to disassemble the gun and pulled the trigger, sending a bullet into his leg. Police say the man was treated at a local hospital. Authorities say they have sent the case to prosecutors for review of possible charges.
  21. TOLEDO, OH, 6/02/14: A 71-year-old Toledo man was setting a mole trap using a 12-gauge shotgun shell when the trap accidentally discharged and hit his hand, according to the fire chief for the Toledo Fire Department. Medics responded to the 500 block of Collins Road at about 4:25 PM Monday.
  22. BLUFFTON, IN, 6/03/14: The Bluffton Police Department is investigating an accidental shooting where a 13-year-old was shot in the head. According to police, the boy was found outside a mobile home around 11:55 AM at 620 1/2 Beth Ave. in Bluffton. Three other minors were present at the time of the shooting. The 13-year-old boy was transported by helicopter to a Fort Wayne Hospital. UPDATE: According to the Bluffton Police department, the teen that was shot in his head June 3 lost one of his eyes. The teen is currently in the hospital undergoing evaluations to see if he suffered brain damage from the incident. When first reported, the Bluffton Police Department, said the bullet did not hit any vital areas of his brain. Police said he was “lucky to be alive.”
  23. ROOSEVELT, UT, 6/04/14: A man was injured early Wednesday morning when a gun discharged during a domestic dispute, investigators said. Deputies were called about 12:30 AM to a house near 3000 North and 3000 West in the Hancock Cove area west of Roosevelt, Duchesne County Sheriff's Chief Deputy David Boren said. When deputies arrived, they found William Johnny Arnold, 50, with a gunshot wound to the right calf, Boren said. Investigators learned that Arnold and Teann Taylor had been drinking when a verbal dispute began. The fight escalated and Taylor, 53, retrieved a pistol, Boren said. As the fight continued, Arnold began "breaking up the house," the chief deputy said. The argument continued outside, where Taylor fired two shots in the air, according to investigators. Arnold and Taylor then began to wrestle for control of the gun when it discharged, Boren said, and Arnold was wounded. Arnold was treated at Uintah Basin Medical Center and later released. Taylor was booked into the Duchesne County Jail for investigation of aggravated assault. Court records show Taylor sought a protective order against Arnold in July 2012. The request was granted one month later and the protective order is still in place, according to court records.
  24. COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, UT, 6/04/14: A 17-year-old Cottonwood Heights boy is dead after being shot in the head by another teen who apparently thought the stolen handgun he was showing off was unloaded. Cottonwood Heights police said the victim and other teens were celebrating the end of the school year when the shooting occurred at a home near 6800 South and Pine Rock Drive, about 10:30 PM Wednesday. In all, five teens, believed to be students at Brighton High School, were attending the downstairs party. The parents reportedly were upstairs when the shooting took place. Two 16-year-old boys were arrested. The were being held in a juvenile detention facility Thursday pending charges likely to include negligent homicide, Lt. Todd Askerlund said. The gun was believed to have been taken during a one of a rash of residential burglaries in the Cottonwood Heights area, police said. The name of the victim was being withheld pending notification of family.
  25. SAN BERNARDINO, CA, 6/04/14: A man cleaning his gun accidentally shot a woman Wednesday evening, police said. Officers were called to a home where the shooting occurred in the 1600 block of West Alturas Street about 8:15 PM, according to police Lt. Dario Robinson. The woman, who was shot in the arm, was expected to survive, Robinson said, adding no one was arrested.
  26. MEIGS CO., TN, 6/04/14: The Meigs County Sheriff's Office confirms a man accidentally shot and killed himself while driving his car Wednesday afternoon. They say James "Tony" McKenzie had a carry permit and his family says he always kept a gun on him. He was driving north on Highway 58 around 3:30 PM when somehow the gun went off shooting him in the upper leg. He pulled over on the side of the road and witnesses called 911, but he died of blood loss before emergency responders arrived. Detectives say it was a freak accident and have ruled out suicide.
  27. SUSQUEHANNA TOWNSHIP, PA, 6/04/14: A shooting in the 400 block of Alden Street late Wednesday night was the result of a man accidentally firing a handgun into his brother's leg, police said. Khalif Williams, 20, was sitting in the kitchen with his brother, Naim Williams, whose age was unknown as of this time, when Naim picked up a .40 calbier Sig Sauer pistol and pointed it at Khalif's leg, according to Robert Martin, township public safety director. "[Naim] pulled the trigger not thinking the gun would actually go off," Martin wrote in an email reply to PennLive's questions Thursday. "The gun did go off as there was a round chambered, striking Khalif in the right thigh." When police arrived at 9:42 PM Khalif's mother was attempting to treat her son's injury in front of the house, Martin said. Emergency medical personnel took Khalif to Hershey Medical Center, where he was treated and kept overnight as a precaution. Khalif was awake, alert and conscious when police and medical personnel arrived and his injuries were deemed not to be life-threatening, police said. The bullet passed clean through Khalif's leg and police recovered the shell casing and the bullet in the house, according to police. No charges were filed as of Thursday afternoon.
  28. ELLSWORTH, KS, 6/05/14: A man was injured Thursday morning when he was accidentally shot with a .22-caliber firearm, said Tracy Ploutz, Ellsworth County Sheriff. He identified the injured man as John Beauchamp, 35, who lives in Ellsworth County. Staff at Ellsworth County Medical Center alerted the sheriff's office of the shooting, which is required, Ploutz said. "We don't have any reason to believe that it was anything other than an accidental discharge," the sheriff said. Ploutz didn't give any indication of how the gun happened to discharge. Ploutz said he was not sure whether Beauchamp was treated at the Ellsworth hospital, admitted, or taken to another hospital. The sheriff said Beauchamp's injury was not life-threatening.
  29. LAROSE, LA, 6/05/14: A Galliano man was arrested Friday in the shooting death of a South Lafourche High School student. Neely Gardner, 19, was booked with negligent homicide in the death of 15-year-old Braxton Bourda. Police said Gardner confessed to his involvement after turning himself in to authorities Friday at 1:15 AM. The shooting was reported Thursday at 2:45 PM. in the 100 block of East 23rd Street in Larose. Bourda was discovered lying on the side of the road with a gunshot wound to the face. Witnesses told police that multiple subjects dragged Bourda from the middle of the street to the roadside before fleeing the scene on foot. During questioning, Gardner told detectives that he found a gun on the ground near a house and was trying to unload it when it accidentally fired one round, striking Bourda in the face. Gardner is jailed pending a bond hearing.
  30. MOSCOW, ID, 6/05/14: A Moscow man died on Thursday after accidentally shooting himself. The Latah County Sheriff's Office said in a press release sent out on Friday that deputies responded to a home on Cameron Road after the man's wife came home and found him dead at the bottom of a stairway. After an investigation by detectives from both the Sheriff's Office and the Idaho State Police, it was determined that 66-year-old Michael J. Snow had been walking down the stairs to the basement of his house while carrying two rifles and a pistol. Detectives say Snow fell down the stairs and the .22 caliber gun he was carry discharged and hit him in the chest. He was home alone at the time and died from his injuries.
  31. MANCHESTER, NH, 6/05/14: Police said a city teen accidentally shot himself in the foot Thursday morning during an argument with another person in the area of 499 Belmont St. Todd Bernatchez, 19, was transported to the Elliot Hospital, where he will likely require surgery for the injury. Police said Bernatchez apparently discharged the firearm accidentally during a verbal argument shortly before 11 AM. He will be charged with a felony of reckless conduct and a misdemeanor of carrying a firearm without a license once he is medically cleared.
  32. ERIE, PA, 6/05/14: An Erie man accidentally shot himself in the left thigh Thursday while mishandling a .22 caliber handgun at his residence. State police were contacted after the 26-year-old victim, whose name was not released, arrived at UPMC Hamot with the gunshot wound. The victim originally told authorities he was shot while at the State Game Lands shooting range, 10600 Sampson Road, police said. He later said he was shot at his residence near the intersection of East 32nd Street and Pine Avenue. No charges have yet been filed.
  33. BURLINGTON, VT, 6/06/14: The Burlington Police Department responded to a report of a gun being discharged into an adjacent apartment located on Maple Street Thursday night. The incident happened at around 11:45 PM. Police say Alexander Hogan, 23, was clearing his 9mm handgun inside his living room of his first floor apartment. While cleaning the gun, Hogan pointed it toward the ceiling when it accidentally discharged. The round traveled through the floor and into the ceiling of the apartment directly above Hogan's apartment. Police say no one was injured, but the round traveled close to upstairs residents. After searching Hogan's apartment, police found an ounce of marijuana, a marijuana plant, and other drug paraphernalia. Hogan is charged with reckless endangerment and possession of marijuana.
  34. WOODBURN, OR, 6/06/14: Paramedics flew a man who accidentally shot himself to a Portland trauma hospital, officials confirmed. A spokesperson with the Woodburn Police Department confirmed the incident occurred early Friday morning, but could not release any additional information. The victim was able to call for help, police said. His name, age and address has not been released. A representative with Life Flight confirmed the man was transported to Oregon Health & Science University. The man’s condition has also not been released.
  35. VINCENNES, IN, 6/06/14: A Vincennes woman is in serious condition after suffering a single gun shot wound to the face. Vincennes Police Department responded just after noon to 602 N 2nd Apt. 1 in Vincennes to reports of a shooting. Responders found a female suffering from a single gun shot wound to the face. She was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital and later flown to Methodist Hospital. Vincennes Police conducted an investigation into the shooting and later concluded that the shooting was accidental.
  36. CORNWALL, NY, 6/06/14: Town of Cornwall police say a 35-year-old woman was shot in the leg accidentally Friday night when her husband was demonstrating the operation of a handgun. Police said the shooting occurred about 9:15 PM in the Mountainville section when the husband, 46, was demonstrating the use of a tactical light on the gun and the weapon discharged. Police said the wife suffered a gunshot wound in the upper right thigh. She was taken to Westchester Medical Center by helicopter. The incident was still under investigation Saturday.
  37. HAGERSTOWN, MD, 6/06/14: A loaded handgun was found by two boys in the Washington Gardens apartment complex off Security Road in Hagerstown late Friday morning, city police said. Officers were dispatched to the 1000 block of Security Road just before noon after the property manager reported the incident to police, according to a Hagerstown Police Department news release. The gun was found in a row of bushes on the property. After taking officers to where they found the weapon, the boys told police that one of them pointed the gun at the ground and fired one round, authorities said. The juveniles took the gun home, and the sister of one of the boys then took it to the property manager, police said. A check of the gun revealed it was "reported lost with another agency," police said in the release. No further details were provided indicating which agency reported the weapon lost. The investigation is continuing.
  38. BRADENTON, FL, 6/07/14: Deputies in Manatee County are investigating an accidental shooting that has left one man dead. It happened at a home on 50th Ave. W. in Bradenton Saturday. Deputies say Kyle Guessford was in his room checking out new accessories he had just purchased for his pistol. Kyle came out of his room carrying his gun. As he entered the living room area, the gun fired. A bullet struck his roommate, Austin Brunson in the head. Brunson was pronounced dead at the scene. Deputies say there was no fighting or arguing before the incident happened.

Originally posted to David Waldman on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 08:30 AM PDT.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA, Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA), and Daily Kos.


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  •  "Hold that plane!" (15+ / 0-)

    "And I fucking mean it!"

    "Bob Johnson doesn't have special privileges, because really, why would I entrust that guy with ANYTHING?" - kos, November 9, 2013

    by Bob Johnson on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 08:34:29 AM PDT

    •  I take it people will stop making snide remarks... (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      The Marti, prsphnssister, Krypto

      ... about TSA.

      Of the @ 1800 firearms confiscated from passengers last year, it's a virtual certainty that a few were intended for use hijacking a plane or shooting out a window thereby causing explosive decompression.  Even an accidental discharge can bring a plane down.

      The firearms total doesn't even include other real weapons such as knives (not "Swiss Army knives" but "long-blade knives" that can be used to kill) that people attempt to smuggle onto planes.  In one memorable case in San Francisco in the last few months, a woman was arrested for attempting to sneak a knife onto a plane concealed in a home-made burrito.

       She said she "mistakenly" rolled the knife up in the burrito when she was making the burrito.  Really.  BTW, it was a sharp pointy knife with at least a 6" blade.  Some "mistake" huh.

      We got the future back. Uh-oh.

      by G2geek on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 11:45:01 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  I wasn't making fun of the TSA. (6+ / 0-)

        I was mocking the gun nuts.

        "Bob Johnson doesn't have special privileges, because really, why would I entrust that guy with ANYTHING?" - kos, November 9, 2013

        by Bob Johnson on Fri Jun 13, 2014 at 05:33:42 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

      •  She got tired of her husband complaining (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Krypto, G2geek

        About the razor blades in the tacos.

        No one is coming to save us, the future is in our hands.

        by koNko on Fri Jun 13, 2014 at 07:52:54 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

      •  I doubt your conclusions. (0+ / 0-)

        Before we stopped letting people carry weapons on aircraft (in the 1970's) many people carried and very few guns were even brandished on board planes.

        Skyjackings (and a rash of paranoia created during 1968 and encouraged by the media) created the new rules.

        Rules so effective that multiple planes where attacked annually for the next 30 odd years!

        Those rules were in effect and failed to prevent the events of 9/11.

        Our current rules would not have prevented 9/ was a creation not of weapons, but of policy.

        Policy for over 30 years had been to 'do what the terrorists say, and let the government take care of things.'

        This worked until what the terrorists wanted  the planes as explosive devices (an obvious* use which took a very long time to be used!)

        The same tactic (threatening to kill a single person, a stewardess) will never work again, as everyone is now aware that the government cannot and will not be able to deal with such a situation, and passengers won't cooperate.

        Despite the new rules and the hundreds of thousands of 'weapons' confiscated (and then sold at scrap prices for resale) since, many weapons, (including many pounds of water which could have been liquid explosives,) have been smuggled aboard past TSA inspectors.

        And, by the way, the 'weapons' used in 9/11 were box cutters--items with a 1/2" blade, less than half that of a tiny Swiss Army Knife.

        No weapon is needed to kill.

        My hand works find. A rolled magazine works. A pen or pencil. My insulin. Nearly anything can and has been used to kill.

        Depressurizing a plane is not as terribly exciting as the movies would have you believe...nor will a .22 be likely to do that or cause fatal damage to the aircraft.

        Point is, weapons are everywhere, and weapons do not kill--people kill, and people are innovative in their methods.

        Are guns dangerous? Yes.

        Are knives dangerous? Yes.

        Are the dangers worse than not having them?

        Both are easily made, even of non-metallic materials. Stopping the sale, possession and manufacture (and what about the millions of weapons in the hands of government employees ranging from elite troops to SSI administrators?) Would reduce the numbers, but not eliminate problems.

        Already the US government is run on the basis of "I won the election, I can now ignore the voices of any constituents who disagree--though they may number more than half of my district.' This marginalization of the minority vote is a danger in and of itself--people who have their power removed often fight to get it back. So log as a large minority feel endangered by those in government, little can change.

        In a world where police exist to clean up after crimes and find the guilty, not to protect people from immediate danger, you must protect yourself or be satisfied that the police and courts might find and punish your killer.

        Guns require not only training, but practice, regular practice.

        Many of our gun problems are because people fail to keep up their skills.

        We need recreational competitions on a wide-scale basis in order to keep civilians in practice, because Americans in particular are unlikely to give up guns--even if (or particularly) ordered by the government.

        To stop terrorists we need to address the things which create them--inequities in our resource allocation, marginalization of the poor and such. The number one reason people turn to terror is the lack of any real power to change their situation otherwise.

        Terror is of course not limited to the poor revolutionaries, but is routinely used by the US government as well. Though no one inside government is likely to call it as it is.

  •  I suggest a new acronym for your diary series: SGF (14+ / 0-)

    Stupid Gun Fucks

    "Bob Johnson doesn't have special privileges, because really, why would I entrust that guy with ANYTHING?" - kos, November 9, 2013

    by Bob Johnson on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 08:35:51 AM PDT

  •  Did you get info on the concealed carry ahole (8+ / 0-)

    who shot & killed  a police officer in the back?

    Will try to find it?

    I voted Tuesday, May 6, 2014 because it is my right, my responsibility and because my parents moved from Alabama to Ohio to vote. Unfortunately, the republicons want to turn Ohio into Alabama.

    by a2nite on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 08:36:37 AM PDT

  •  Theres a little story in NY Mag this week (11+ / 0-)

    in 1 paragraph of a much longer article (its their annual docs and hospitals of NYC issue) where 1 ER doc mentions how sleep deprived he gets because every time he starts to take a nap his pager goes off. And it always seems to be "some guy in Brooklyn who managed to shoot his own nuts off at 2 am."

    •  Black Metal: A Love Story (22+ / 0-)

      ::camera pans to a slightly overweight pasty white a dimly lit he lovingly polishes his barrel::


      We are not broke, we are being robbed. ~Shop Kos Katalogue~

      by Glen The Plumber on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 08:49:47 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  Derp. n/t (5+ / 0-)

        "Give to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself." - Robert G. Ingersoll

        by Apost8 on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 10:51:32 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

      •  the manager of a Club I hung around in the 60's (12+ / 0-)

        in Texas shot himself in the foot while practicing his 'quick draw'.
        People in that nightclub got a good laugh out of that news but absolutely no one would dare to joke about around Jimmy (the manager) , because it might get them jumped on by his bouncers or considering how unhinged Jimmy could get it might get them shot.

        Around the summer of 2001 I was playing pool in a bar in Fort Worth when a tug of war over something started a few feet from me and I could see it was a pistol when the younger guy wrenched it free from the older guy's grip. Then the younger guy looked at the gun, found the safety, clicked it off then stuck the gun right up against the Truck driver's chest and fired.
        The old guy dropped straight to the floor, dead it turns out and as the young guy turned around like everyone else I didn't know whether or not he would continue shooting so I moved away as quickly as possible while I heard some woman screaming over in one corner (one big Cowboy actually covered her body with his to protect her).
        Then the guy looked around started strolling out of the pool table area like nothing had happened while everyone made way for him, then the idiot stuck the pistol in his waistband.
        Game over, as all sorts of people jumped on him pinning him to the floor, a person on each of his limbs,while the rest of the bar emptied out( me included) before the cops would arrive.
        In the parking lot cars and trucks were all starting up and getting out of the parking lot every way they could,asap forget the driveways people drove over the sidewalk to get to the street.
        When the cops arrived all they would find was the culprit and maybe six people (most worked there) and an empty club with tables full of drinks all over the place, but no customers.

        When I was a teenager my drunk stepfather chased me down the street with a .22 rifle trying to get a bead on me as I zig zagged between cars, and it was night time so my chances were improved (I satyed away from the streetlights). But that's another story.

        without the ants the rainforest dies

        by aliasalias on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 12:49:27 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  Jimmy should have got some tips from Sammy... (6+ / 0-)

          and yikes...two examples of why guns and alcohol don't mix.

          We are not broke, we are being robbed. ~Shop Kos Katalogue~

          by Glen The Plumber on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 02:20:50 PM PDT

          [ Parent ]

        •  Damn dude! (2+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          aliasalias, The Marti

          Are you a gun magnet or what?!  :O

          If you can't dazzle 'em with brains, baffle 'em with bullshit!

          by GirlSwimmingInASeaOfRed on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 11:06:34 PM PDT

          [ Parent ]

          •  lol! no it has everything to do with where I grew (4+ / 0-)

            up, Texas and that wasn't the only time I've had a gun pointed at me, but the time my stepfather chased me actually has some dark humor to the story (imho).

            Sonny (my stepfather) comes in drunk as hell one night goes into his bedroom and comes out with his rifle and announces he is gonna shoot everyone in the house "including the dog ,but first he has to take a piss." My mother says to ignore him but my brother (7 years old at the time) starts crying really loud "don't shoot Sheila, don't shoot Sheila" over and over.
            'Sheila' btw was the name of our dog,( my brother really loved that dog) but mother got him calmed down, then asked me to look in the kitchen to see what time it was (she wanted to see what was coming on TV) and as I headed to the kitchen I had to walk past Sonny's rifle.

            That's when Sonny comes stumbling out of the bathroom  accusing me of trying to unload his rifle and to make a long story short I headed for the front door when he grabbed the gun and said he would shoot me.
            I did have the barrel of the gun against my chest as I reached behind for the doorknob and mother started raising hell at Sonny long enough for me to jerk the door open and tear off running.
            There was a golf course across the street with lights on so I had to avoid that as well as I zig zagged between cars, but I could hear Sonny laughing until he was too drunk to keep running and headed home.
            I found some plastic and slept in a field that night, while Sonny might have had a sudden flash of sense and decided he'd better sleep in my brothers room that night. Which he did, even using a chest of drawers to block the door so Mother couldn't get into the room  and do anything to him when he passed out.
            Good idea because I later found out she had stashed a pair of scissors in her pillowcase in her and Sonny's bedroom.
            She definitely would've stabbed him and too bad she didn't because when I was really young he almost killed her by stabbing her in the back while she was at the stove cooking in the kitchen. I was about 8 years old at the time and I remember that it was the first time I ever saw anyone in the hospital with all kinds of tubes and wires attached to them.

            Fwiw Sonny had a violent upbringing and even watched his grandfather beat his grandmother to death with a baseball bat when he was a kid.

            (Yikes that turned out a long longer than I expected, sorry)

            without the ants the rainforest dies

            by aliasalias on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 11:48:19 PM PDT

            [ Parent ]

            •  How Horrible (1+ / 0-)
              Recommended by:

              for you and your family to live that way.  Did your mom leave that nutcase?  His grandfather is no excuse.  I hope Sonny ended up in prison for life!

              Enjoying the Age of Aquarius so far?

              by sendtheasteroid on Fri Jun 13, 2014 at 12:16:57 PM PDT

              [ Parent ]

              •  no Sonny never went to any jail because back then (1+ / 0-)
                Recommended by:

                'domestic disputes' were something the cops left alone and when he almost killed her the Detectives came to the hospital to talk with her but they said they couldn't do anything because she wouldn't press charges.

                She did leave him eventually around 1977 or '78, I'm not sure because I never returned after that night (which was app.'68 or '69) and I mean for years.
                In the meantime I just took up a different life in another State (eventually Canada to avoid the Draft) and was never in touch again in any way with anyone there, mother brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, cousins, Uncles, Aunts, etc. until I came back to Texas in 1981.
                At that time my mother was married to a wonderful guy, Shelby (Japanese POW for 3.5 years in WW2) but cancer cut that marriage short as she died in 1985. I was there for the night she had a final stroke, driving her to the hospital and carrying her in my arms (she weighed almost nothing) into the emergency ward where she died 24 hours later.

                As far as Sonny goes my brother stayed close to him but when Sonny died (2003 or'2004) I wouldn't go to his funeral and I'll add this part Sonny was a lot meaner guy that whatever anything thinks of him based on what I wrote here.
                 I can't write here about some things but I will mention he was a member of the KKK, (hood and robe in the closet scared a friend when he saw it) and in drunken stupors he talked about some things he'd done (not just KKK stuff either).

                without the ants the rainforest dies

                by aliasalias on Fri Jun 13, 2014 at 01:28:28 PM PDT

                [ Parent ]

                •  I Appreciate the Update (1+ / 0-)
                  Recommended by:

                  Can't thank you enough for finishing the story of you and your family.  I'm sorry your mom and Shelby didn't have very much time together but am happy she learned to pick a good guy in the end.  Some women just keep marrying the same hideous type of men over and over. And men do the same with women.  I'm glad you were there with your mom at the end, but I kinda wish you'd stayed in Canada---a bit saner country than the US.  And I'm impressed by your ability to survive on your own.

                  I cannot imagine NOT filing charges against someone who stabbed me.  I'd want his guts for garters (that's more printable than what I'd REALLY want done to him!).

                  I can't imagine why your brother kept up a relationship with Sonny, and I wouldn't have gone to Sonny's funeral either.
                  But I would've celebrated his death for sure!  I am right now, AAMOF.  I've never bought that old saying that it takes all kinds to make a world.  There are definitely "kinds" the world would be much better off without.

                  Good riddance to the Sonnys of the world and kudos for being adaptable and a survivor.

                  Mahalo for replying.

                  Enjoying the Age of Aquarius so far?

                  by sendtheasteroid on Fri Jun 13, 2014 at 03:57:52 PM PDT

                  [ Parent ]

                  •  your welcome, last nite I thought about why I even (0+ / 0-)

                    added the last comment but I thought I needed to finish it. I'll throw this last part in to bring this to a close and I should because nearly every damn thing I mention is tied to so many other events,as it seems like absoutely nothing was easy or uneventful. So I gotta stop somewhere, and I promise this to be the last.

                    Fwiw I didn't have a dollar when I went to Colorado with a friend who wanted to avoid a 10 year stretch in the Texas prison and for me to skip out on my 3 year probation (it was for stealing a car and trying to drive out of Texas) before it was officially yanked because of a lack of payments.

                    As far a Canada goes looking back I agree with you, I wish I had stayed (I was there about 12 years) and kept my Canadian name but I now live as close to the Canadian border (under my real name) as I can get on the west coast. I've been here 9 years now and thanks to section 8 I live in a beautiful old building overlooking Bellingham bay (it was City Hall 1890-1895) and stay active in political causes.
                    That means I'm close to my Canadian born daughter, son and grandkids. Something I'm happy about, even tho I'm only close to one daughter and two grandsons, I really hope to mend fences erected by time and distance with the rest.

                    Btw I laughed out loud (one can do these things when you live alone) when I read your thing about the guts for a garter. One more thing Sonny wouldn't get near Mother's funeral ,and he had been married to her for more years than any other person, he knew it might be hazardous to his health considering many of the people there were quite aware of his treatment of Cassie Faye (my Mother).
                    Karma anyone? They are building a highway over where Sonny is buried.

                    without the ants the rainforest dies

                    by aliasalias on Sat Jun 14, 2014 at 01:16:49 PM PDT

                    [ Parent ]

                    •  I Really Appreciate (0+ / 0-)

                      hearing your story right up to the present.  You've had a rough ride, and I can only imagine living like you've had to.  In a crisis, I'd like to have you nearby!  

                      I'm happy to hear you're settled in a lovely spot (even if it's not Canada) and hope that you'll be able to mend those fences soon.

                      Cassie Faye---I've never heard that name before.  The picture in my mind is of a very sweet woman who'd fit that lovely name.

                      Sonny is planted right where he deserves to be.  May he be run over by convoys of semis.

                      I wish you the best and thank you for your story and your political activism.

                      My life hasn't turned out the way I planned, but you make me aware that I REALLY have nothing to whine about.  It's a charmed life compared to yours!

                      I understand your sig now, but I've always wondered how people are able to change identities like you did in Canada.  
                      I wouldn't know where to begin.

                      Aloha & Mahalo

                      Enjoying the Age of Aquarius so far?

                      by sendtheasteroid on Mon Jun 16, 2014 at 06:33:43 PM PDT

                      [ Parent ]

  •  It's remarkable (16+ / 0-)

    how often guns just seem to fire themselves.  They seem to just discharge all on their own. Just cleaning an unloaded gun and BLAMMO. All by themselves.

  •  The TSA isn't fool proof, far from it. (7+ / 0-)

    Every year the local news stations have their "Look what we smuggled pass the TSA!" reports. I'm sure that's true in other parts of the country as well. So say they're 50% effective at finding weapons, that'd mean hundreds, maybe thousands, of people with guns in their overhead luggage. Especially with the availability of "print your own gun". I'd have to believe that plastic guns are probably slipping past the scanners.

    GOP 2014 strategy -- Hire clowns, elephants, and a ringmaster and say "a media circus" has emerged and blame Democrats for lack of progress. Have pundits agree that "both sides are to blame" and hope the public will stay home on election day.

    by ontheleftcoast on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 08:56:46 AM PDT

    •  for which reason i'm in favor of... (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      prsphnssister, Yonit

      .... increasing the authority and capability of TSA to search baggage and passengers more thoroughly and more frequently.  

      I would also require batteries-out for all electronic devices during flights, including those in checked baggage, for reasons that are not generally publicly known but involve the capacity of hostile devices to cause complete loss of aircraft.  Don't bother trying to guess; it's not the thing that has been reported from time to time (and I'm not going to reply to guesses).

      For cellphones with non-removable batteries, take them from passengers and place them in shielded containers for the duration of the flight.  

      People can live without their screens for six hours, and companies can adjust to workers not being "at work" at 30,000 feet.  Nobody's going to die from lack of screens.  Millions of people have flown without them for over half a century.

      For use in flight, there's a really cool light-powered reading technology, called "magazines."  

      We got the future back. Uh-oh.

      by G2geek on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 11:58:23 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  #3, "it has been amazing what God has done." (9+ / 0-)

    Amazing, yes.  Amazing what people do in some of these cases, and amazing what doctors can do (sometimes) to patch things up.

    But giving the blame / credit to God seems a bit of a stretch.

    •  Exactly What I Thought (0+ / 0-)

      Some people give God credit for everything.  In this case, I give credit to skilled doctors willing to do as many procedures as necessary to try to restore this man's face.  Maybe God paid off their student loans for them?

      Enjoying the Age of Aquarius so far?

      by sendtheasteroid on Fri Jun 13, 2014 at 12:19:19 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  Seems odd to call it a "quiet week" (8+ / 0-)

    when we've just come out of weekend with two or possibly three back-to-back, high profile shootings. I realize David's summary week may not be the same as the news-cycle week, but still.

    Also I found this article on FB today. Read it or just look at the charts, and weep:

    One Map Shows How Devastating U.S. Gun Violence Is Compared to the World

    "I don't love writing, but I love having written" ~ Dorothy Parker // Visit my Handmade Gallery on Zibbet

    by jan4insight on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 09:55:15 AM PDT

    •  Narrow Category (10+ / 0-)

      This series deals with accidental shootings generally.  Deliberate mayhem isn't covered here.  

      There is no way the listings are complete however.  NRA members surely know police and media reports will be gathered now and I'm sure they do all they can to surpress public knowledge.  I'm sure many conservative, pro gun police Departments simply keep things quiet.

      William Hamilton practices Law and is a writer and community activist in the Charleston, SC area. He can reached through I also coordinate a local public tranist advocacy effort

      by wjhamilton29464 on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 11:25:40 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  I forgot; this is for negligent oopsies (8+ / 0-)

    I voted Tuesday, May 6, 2014 because it is my right, my responsibility and because my parents moved from Alabama to Ohio to vote. Unfortunately, the republicons want to turn Ohio into Alabama.

    by a2nite on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 09:56:26 AM PDT

  •  How is forgetting your gun considered mentally (13+ / 0-)

    competent to own a gun?

    If gun owners can't be expected to remember their guns, then what's the point.

    Don't send a teddy bear to the Martinez family, they don't want you to intrude on their grief - send a postcard to a politician Not One More

    by 88kathy on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 10:05:11 AM PDT

  •  " has been amazing what God has done." (10+ / 0-)

    People are so fucking stupid.  Where was your god when your son blew his fucking face off?  Working in "mysterious ways" I suppose.  Thank the skill of the doctors who spent the best years of their lives working their asses off in medical school for fixing your son, not god.

    Religion is a cancer.

    "Give to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself." - Robert G. Ingersoll

    by Apost8 on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 10:30:49 AM PDT

    •  Had the same reflections... (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Apost8, aratinga

      ....many, many years ago after watching a TV report of a plane crash. It was a really gruesome affair where the plane failed on takeoff and slammed back into the ground, and most of the passengers and crew burned alive. The TV crew was interviewing one of the three or four survivors and he was going on and on about how God had protected him.... and I thought, if I were omnipotent I think I could have done a better job than that.

      This is the landscape that we understand, -
      And till the principle of things takes root,
      How shall examples move us from our calm?

      (Mary Oliver, "Beyond the Snow Belt.")

      by sagesource on Fri Jun 13, 2014 at 03:40:22 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  What part of thanking Jesus when domething good (0+ / 0-)

      happens and just not talking to him when something bad happens do Evangelicals not get? You don't see athletes on the field point down with with both hands after they screw up, do you?  Oh, excuse me, I was raised to try to make sense of things. My apologies for questioning Republican voters. Honest answers are not their strong suit.

  •  Did anyone keep track of how many times... (10+ / 0-)

    'The gun accidentally went off, striking so and so in the head'? Apparently this is the new perfect murder: "It was the strangest thing, I was merely handling my gun in someone's direction when it miraculously discharged, unfortunately striking the person I was having a disagreement with between the eyes. Freak accident, for sure."

  •  Wonderful :-/ (4+ / 0-)

    My hometown of 9,000 people, made the list. But I can't say there aren't morons with guns where I live now.

  •  Worth Reading (6+ / 0-)

    Always worth reading.  Meaningless stupidity and firearms, day after day.

    William Hamilton practices Law and is a writer and community activist in the Charleston, SC area. He can reached through I also coordinate a local public tranist advocacy effort

    by wjhamilton29464 on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 11:21:50 AM PDT

  •  ... (2+ / 0-)

    This eagle's bullet's place is in the sky.
     She's still got a lot of flying to do.
     You can see it in her eye,
     Though she's cried a bit
     For what we've put her though.

    She's soared above the lifted lamp
     That guards sweet freedom's door.
     In the dews, the damps, the watchfires
     Of a nation torn by war.

    Oh, she's far too young to die
     You can see it in her eye
     She's not yet begun to fly.
     It's time to let the mighty eagle FMJ soar once more.

    Let the eagle hollow points soar,
     Like she’s never soared before.
     From rocky coast to golden shore,
     Let the mighty eagle 45's soar.
     Soar with healing in her wings,
     As the land beneath her sings:
     'Only God, no other kings.'
     Let the mighty eagle center fire's soar.

    This country’s far too young to die.
     We’ve still got a lot of climbing to do,
     And we, we can make it if we try.
     Built by toils and struggles
     God has led us through.

    We've fought for freedom dear
     both here and on the distant shore
     Paid a price a sacrifice
     A price you can't ignore
     Oh, we're far too young to die
     We can make it if we try
     We've not yet begun to fly.
     It's time to let the mighty eagle armor piercing  soar once more.

    Let the eagle 16 gauge soar,
     Like she’s never soared before.
     From rocky coast to golden shore,
     Let the mighty eagle sabot soar.
     Soar with healing in her wings,
     As the land beneath her sings:
     'Only God, no other kings.'
     Let the mighty eagle buck shot soar.

    Let the eagle rimfire soar,
     Like she’s never soared before.
     From rocky coast to golden shore,
     Let the mighty eagle .44 magnum soar.
     Soar with healing in her wings,
     As the land beneath her sings:
     'Only God, no other kings.'
     Let the mighty eagle rufus 50 cal soar.

    'Only God, no other kings.'
     Let the mighty eagle lead soar.

    "please love deeply...openly and genuinely." A. M. H.

    by indycam on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 12:48:36 PM PDT

  •  "the gun fired" (6+ / 0-)

    Item number 38, it says "the gun fired". No, the gun did not "fire". Kyle Guessford (likely) pulled the trigger. Maybe it was intentional or maybe it was accidental, but the gun didn't just fire. Kyle or someone else fired it.

  •  Here's one from June 9th (2+ / 0-)

    It happened two blocks from my house.  A kid shot his brother, and fled.  But it was an accident!  

    Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity. Horace Mann (and btw, the bike in kayakbiker is a bicycle)

    by Kayakbiker on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 01:22:18 PM PDT

  •  I already knew the OK highway patrol (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    were incompetent, but did they really decide to have an old fashioned duel during their training?

  •  Well, there were about 640 million (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    "enplaned" passengers on US flights in 2013 (, so 892 passengers with guns (assuming one "forgotten" gun per passenger) comes out to about 1.4 parts per million.

    I once worked for a National Laboratory into which a colleague managed to accidentally smuggle a .25 auto pistol and 50 rounds of ammo, thru the metal detectors and x-ray system at the entrance portal (in her backpack). She discovered it at lunch time and turned herself in. She had gone camping the previous weekend and it was Monday morning when the incident happened. She was docked a day's pay for her forgetfulness. We had 600 employees, working 260 days a year, so that works out to about 6.4 parts per million forgotten guns per employee. Sounds comparable.

    There was one other employee who smuggled a taser thru the system just to see if she could, and bragged about it to her boss, who just happened to be the manager of security. She wasn't disciplined at all, being well known as a cutup.

    Moderation in most things.

    by billmosby on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 05:16:01 PM PDT

    •  How is she mentally competent to have a gun she (7+ / 0-)

      has trouble remembering?

      But no, you need to have all files from mental health experts to find out who is not mentally competent to handle a gun. And if you found out THEN surely you would forget and give them the gun.

      Forgetting is not a mental competence deadly weapon handling trait.

      Don't send a teddy bear to the Martinez family, they don't want you to intrude on their grief - send a postcard to a politician Not One More

      by 88kathy on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 05:22:01 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  I dunno. (5+ / 0-)

        She was a nuclear health physics technician. She remembered stuff well enough on the job. I could kind of be forgetful on the job but never lost track of a gun and always check them for loaded status whenever I pick one up.

        Knowing her, and the other 5 female HP techs, I think drinking may have had something to do with it. Speaking of which, I once found out in the morning during a camping trip that I had been in the next tent over from a guy with a .44 magnum who had drunk a half gallon of wine all by himself. He had the gun just in case he heard a bear during the night. Luckily my snoring is louder than a bear or he might have shot me.

        Moderation in most things.

        by billmosby on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 05:30:50 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  Gun competence is way different from general (4+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          WakeUpNeo, Laconic Lib, billmosby, Yonit

          mental capability. Gun competence is seemingly not difficult or special. But reading GunFAIL and Gun Crazy USA it quickly becomes evident it is not universal.

          It really is time those who demonstrate gun incompetence be separated from gun ownership.

          There is no need to smear a whole segment of the population because gun competence eludes many.

          Don't send a teddy bear to the Martinez family, they don't want you to intrude on their grief - send a postcard to a politician Not One More

          by 88kathy on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 05:49:07 PM PDT

          [ Parent ]

          •  Gun competence pretty much boils down to (2+ / 0-)
            Recommended by:
            G2geek, Yonit

            what might be called "sensible OCD". In the first place, keep it pointed someplace safe unless you want to put a hole in something. Second, always check the loaded status of the thing unless it has not been out of your sight. Third, don't get near the trigger unless you intend to fire it. I'd mention safeties but an increasing number of handguns don't have manual safeties anymore. And personally I don't even like to have a round chambered unless I intend to touch it off in the very near future. And never indoors unless at a range.

            Moderation in most things.

            by billmosby on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 08:36:09 PM PDT

            [ Parent ]

            •  There are people who don't have the mental (1+ / 0-)
              Recommended by:

              capability to pull that off. It has nothing to do with competence in any other area.

              Gun competence eludes.  They lose it, forget it, drop it, accidentally shoot it, leave it laying instead of stowing it.

              The more people who carry guns for longer periods of time, the more safety requirements.

              The gun owners who gather to do their appreciation demonstrations only demonstrate casual disregard for their deadly weapon and a cynical disregard for anyone in their vicinity.

              Don't send a teddy bear to the Martinez family, they don't want you to intrude on their grief - send a postcard to a politician Not One More

              by 88kathy on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 09:04:59 PM PDT

              [ Parent ]

            •  You may be getting the idea that I am sick and (1+ / 0-)
              Recommended by:

              tired of being sent on the 'mental health' wild goose chase.

              Mental incompetence with guns is ignored and guns are never removed from incompetent hands before death and major injury.

              Guns should be removed from incompetent hands quickly and for long periods of time. It keeps their heads in the game. The ones who worry about such things.

              Don't send a teddy bear to the Martinez family, they don't want you to intrude on their grief - send a postcard to a politician Not One More

              by 88kathy on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 09:37:29 PM PDT

              [ Parent ]

        •  PS.If police did routinely test for alcohol during (4+ / 0-)

          GunFAIL, I am wondering what percentage of drunken gun operators we would see.

          Don't send a teddy bear to the Martinez family, they don't want you to intrude on their grief - send a postcard to a politician Not One More

          by 88kathy on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 05:51:17 PM PDT

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        •  hmm, this suggests something. (2+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          88kathy, billmosby

          50% of all murders, suicides, and auto fatalities involve alcohol.

          For a while I've been promoting the idea of "alcohol licenses" that are revocable upon conviction of an alcohol-involved crime including DUI.

          OK, so, logical extension: You can have an alcohol license.  Or you can have a firearms license.  You can't have both. There's a 2nd A right to have a firearm, but not a constitutional right to have alcohol.

          We got the future back. Uh-oh.

          by G2geek on Fri Jun 13, 2014 at 12:03:47 AM PDT

          [ Parent ]

    •  That 1.4 ppm is still frighteningly high. What (4+ / 0-)

      are the ppm in other countries?  I'd venture it's a goose egg - zero.  That illustrates just how gun crazy we are here in the US.

  •  Gun owner (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    I am a proud NRA member and gun owner.  People who are so clueless to not know the basics of travel with a firearm deserve the punishment they get.  My sympathy level for them is zero!

    •  "Basics of travel with a firearm." (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      i saw an old tree today

      These dangerous idiots know the basics but choose to ignore them, or are willing to take the chance they will not get caught.

      And the more times they get away with it with no serious sanctions or penalty...

      Well, just watch for an update at GunFAILxxxxx.

      •  I don't know (0+ / 0-)

        I don't think they are smart enough to ignore the basics.  They deserve the punishment.  If the government fails to punish then it's on them.  A law that isn't enforced is birdcage liner!

      •  should be obvious enough: start with a phone call. (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        "Hi, Airline?  I'm flying to a (hunting trip, historical re-enactment event, etc.) and want to bring a rifle.  What do I have to do?"

        Take notes, make a visit to your local sporting goods store, buy the flight case and whatever-else is needed, and that takes care of that.

        We got the future back. Uh-oh.

        by G2geek on Fri Jun 13, 2014 at 12:09:11 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

      •  This ausmth guy is a new member (june 4th) and ... (0+ / 0-)

        This ausmth guy is a new member (june 4th) and his comments all seem to be, shall we say, right wing.

        Dude's a troll.

        •  I'm new (0+ / 0-)

          I'm fairly new here--and not a troll--and I am NOT an NRA member proud or otherwise.  But---

          The old NRA statement about "Guns don't---" IS true.  

          Not what every one wants to hear perhaps---but true.  Guns don't dance n sing;  they don't do tricks or take out the trash and walk the dog;  they don't drive cars.

          However if USED stupidly they CAN and DO hurt maim and kill.  

          My son was part of a National Guard Corp of Cadets Drill Team that was sched to go to a competition via plane not that long after 9/11.  They had DUMMY RIFLES---quite clearly DUMMY RIFLES.  The TSA guys---or whoever it was in those days---went BALLISTIC because they were traveling with----shaped 2x4"s basically.  And the REAL National Guard guys--the card carrying ones--could NOT convince them that these were DUMMY RIFLES for drill.

          They eventually worked something out but this was a real teaching moment.  While guys with box cutters were allowed to get on planes these kids under the auspices of the National Guard with blocks of WOOD were standing there being accused of---terrorism.  

  •  What is the penalty for trying to ... (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    G2geek, Ginny in CO, Yonit

    smuggle a firearm onto a plane?

    A mind like a book, has to be open to function properly.

    by falconer520 on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 06:25:43 PM PDT

    •  $10K fine, civil penalty, can be appealed. (0+ / 0-)

      "People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed; never throw out anyone. " Audrey Hepburn "A Beautiful Woman"

      by Ginny in CO on Fri Jun 13, 2014 at 12:16:31 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  depends on the situation. (0+ / 0-)

      There is probably wide discretion for TSA and other federal agents, and prosecutors, to determine if any given instance was an innocent mistake or something dangerous.

      A pistol in a carry-on bag, with a passenger who has a properly-vetted concealed carry permit and is in a profession where carrying is normal (e.g. jewelry wholesale/retail), probably a slap on the wrist and possibly a fine.

      The same pistol artfully concealed in clothing in a manner that could not possibly have been an accident or forgetfulness, probably a felony charge with a potential 5-year sentence.

      We got the future back. Uh-oh.

      by G2geek on Fri Jun 13, 2014 at 12:18:10 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  Had to add to the tip jar this week. (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    How could anyone forget they were transporting a gun? Did someone else pack their bag and lovingly add a gun "just in case" the same way your mother used to add an extra pair of clean underwear?

    These incidents aren't accidents: they're negligence. They are all the result of someone making a conscious decision to violate one or more of the rules of safe gun handling.

    •  Not to mention state and federal statutes, eh? n/t (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      i saw an old tree today
    •  or, the zippered compartment of the bag you... (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      ... carried on some camping trip or whatever, and forgot to check.

      Once upon a time, before 9/11, I was at 30,000 feet and wanted to find something in my backpack.  Along with it, I also found my Swiss Army knife.  "Oops."  I thought it had to be illegal and somehow it had slipped through the X-ray.  But anyway, there it was, innocently forgotten or not-found when I cleaned out my backpack to prepare for the trip.

      For people who handle firearms as routinely as geeks handle Swiss Army knives, it's not impossible to make an innocent mistake.

      We got the future back. Uh-oh.

      by G2geek on Fri Jun 13, 2014 at 12:22:37 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  Wasn't anything wrong with it back then... (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Yonit, G2geek

        I used to carry my multi-tool on board. Took it out at security and put it in the bowl with the coins from my pocket. Sometimes the security guard asked me how it worked (not a butterfly design) and then handed it back to me.

        After 9/11 it went in the checked luggage.

        This better be good. Because it is not going away.

        by DerAmi on Fri Jun 13, 2014 at 03:58:03 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

  •  Thank you and Peace to you, David Waldman. (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    i saw an old tree today, begone


    The toll continues.

  •  If some people are that ignorant of the laws of (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    this country as they pertain to firearms and flying, then they shouldn't be allowed to own any, and be persecuted to fullest extent.  It is the responsibility of the firearm owner to know and understand the laws of ownership, responsibilities, and the ramifications of breaking such laws.

    No sympathy from me regarding these people.

    “My soul is from elsewhere, I'm sure of that, and I intend to end up there." - Rumi

    by LamontCranston on Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 08:12:17 PM PDT

  •  "Handheld Instant Death Machine" Is Right (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    That's the whole problem with guns: they are too damned easy to use.
    Guns are the original point-and-click interface.  Death at the touch of a button.
    That is the problem.

  •  Was it this bad under Charlton Heston? (0+ / 0-)

    When I got my first gun, it was when Heston was in LaPierre's slot.  I read everything I could get my hands on about safety, cleaning, safety, firing, safety, transporting a gun, safety, target practice, safety, and did I mention safety?

    Everyone of these incidents breaks at least one of the safety rules.

    I don't understand why, especially after Newtown, that the NRA didn't reinforce safety rules of gun ownership?  The NRA has excellent materials on safety.  But, nowadays, you never hear a word about how to safely own, handle, and fire a weapon.

    You don't clean a weapon that's loaded!  You don't store a weapon that's loaded!  You don't leave a gun unsecured ever, especially loaded!  You don't pack a gun in a suitcase loaded.  You don't load a gun until you're ready to use it, at the range!  You don't walk around town with a gun, loaded or not, if you want to be a "responsible" gun owner, despite recent laws that encourage stupidity.

    These incidents are stupid ones!  Most could have been prevented by simple gun safety 101.  Everyone talks about background checks.  Why doesn't anyone ever talk about gun safety?  Why isn't it necessary to take a gun safety class before you purchase a gun?  


    •  You're right. (0+ / 0-)

      Frankly, they should be paying me to publish this list, rather than having their members crying that I'm doing something unfair and should be stopped.

      •  I think the rule has become (0+ / 0-)

        that whatever is good for ___ Corporation (fill in the blank), is good for America.  Solving a problem can be achieved by the rule.  Therefore, you are part of the problem.

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