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  • Today's comic by  is How to recognize an open-carry patriot:
    Cartoon by Ruben Bolling - How to recognize an open-carry patriot
  • These Daily Kos community posts were the most shared on Facebook June 11:
    Oregon school shooter was carrying AR-15. School is in county where GOP routinely raffles AR-15s., by SantaFeMarie

    Why Did Fox News Cease ALL Coverage Of The Las Vegas Tea Party Cop Killers?, by News Corpse

    Prominent pastor/radio host offers chilling advice to parents with adult kids who are gay, by Christian Dem in NC

  • The night North Carolina was almost nuked. Declassified documents released by the National Security Archive this week provide new details on the two nuclear bombs that fell from the belly of a broken B-52 in January 1961. Eric Schlosser first wrote about the incident in his 2013 book, Command and Control.

    The plane suffered a wing failure, and its breaking up initiated the fuzing of the two bombs, which fell near Goldsboro. On the bomb whose parachute opened, the safing pins that provided power from a generator had been pulled. The other bomb went into free fall, and the impact put it into armed mode. But damage to the bomb from the crash kept it from going off. A very good thing in boht cases since the 10,000-pound bombs were MK39s, each with a yield of 3.8 megatons. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs were 0.01 and 0.02 megatons, respectively.

    Or, as Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara put it in back then, "By the slightest margin of chance, literally the failure of two wires to cross, a nuclear explosion was averted."
  • Cantor staff indulges in $6,500 of self-medication. The team of current and former Cantor aides showed up at the Tune Inn for commiseration:
    The aides assembled at the Capitol Hill watering hole shortly before the Virginia Republican took to TV to announce that he would be relinquishing his leadership post, but not his seat, as of July 31. [...]

    Once the news conference was over, the commiserators wiped away their tears and immediately opened their wallets — ponying up $500 and $1,000 apiece in order to cover the $6,500 required to have the bar to themselves from 6 p.m. ’til closing.

  • Nixon reveals himself regarding the Pentagon Papers published 43 years ago Friday: On tape,Nixon learns for first time about importance of the Pentagon Papers, from Al Haig.  Nixon had "seen" the story but not read it at the time and didn't think much about it before Haig called him. "Totally out to lunch on it," according to Greg Mitchell. And here's tape of Nixon talking about the situation to Kissinger and John Mitchell the next day, with comments such as Daniel Ellsberg being a "leftwinger" they've identified as likely leaker and about The New York Times being "our enemy." Two weeks later, Nixon ordered "going after that son-of-a-bitch Ellsberg." One way they went after him was to break into his psychiatrist's office.
  • In case you missed the news, Gov. LePage failed to vote Tuesday:
    “Please be sure to do your civic duty and vote before the polls close tonight,” exhorted [Maine] Governor Paul LePage on his official Facebook Page yesterday. Absentee voting records indicate, however, that he didn’t take his own advice.
    He would have had to have voted absentee since he is currently on a trade mission to Iceland.
  • George H.W. Bush skydives on his 90th birthday. The former president no longer has use of his legs. But that didn't stop him from making good his vow to parachute jump Thursday, his 90th birthday. The jump took place near his summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine.
    Bush jumped in tandem with Mike Elliott, the same man he has jumped with several times before. Bush had previously parachuted seven times—once when he was shot down as a Navy pilot during World War II and the other six voluntary, including jumps to celebrate his 75th, 80th and 85th birthdays.
  • Ruby Dee, actress and civil rights activist dead at 91:
    Stage and screen legend Ruby Dee, who personified grace, grit and progress at a time when African-American women were given little space in movies and on stage, died Wednesday in New Rochelle, N.Y. [...]

    The Cleveland-born, New York-raised actress and activist — winner of an Emmy, a Grammy and a Screen Actors Guild award, among others — not only starred on Broadway (“Take It From the Top!,’ “Two Hah Hahs and a Homeboy”), film (Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing” and “Jungle Fever”), and TV (“All God’s Children,” “Feast of All Saints”), but, with her husband and collaborator Ossie Davis, was a major figure in the Civil Rights movement.

  • The New Republic details instances of alleged plagiarism by Chris Hedges: Christopher Ketcham provides several instances where the Pulitzer prize-winning writer, whose 2002 book War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning made him a favorite of the left, directly lifted lines from a number of other writers over several years without giving credit.
  • #TeamBlackness discusses Eric Cantor's efforts to sabotage the U.S. economy, the bad polling of McLaughlin & Associates, why jailing people for truancy is ridiculous, why health insurance is a wonderful thing for children and how human faces have adjusted over time to be punched by human fists.

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  • On today's Kagro in the Morning show: Gop leadership scramble. Greg Dworkin says Christie's still toast; mines the latest Pew poll; cites Fournier, Ornstein & Trende on populism. Cantor's bad news for the VRA? From Wall St to... trailer parks? More private equity follies.

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