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  • Today's comic by Mark Fiore is Jihadi Rifle Association:
    Cartoon by Mark Fiore - Jihadi Rifle Association
  • What's coming up on Sunday Kos ...
    • Immigration, Democrats, redistricting: None of those caused Eric Cantor's loss, by David Jarman
    • Forget Eric Cantor. Now we'll see if Republicans are the party of right-wing extremist David Brat, by Ian Reifowitz
    • Eric Cantor loss to David Brat can teach progressive activists and their candidates a lesson, by Egberto Willies
    • Chris Christie isn't the only governor to rob worker pensions to balance a budget, by Laura Clawson
    • Open Carry Texas: Brand hijackers, by David Waldman
    • Love Wins in Wisconsin, by Mark E Anderson
    • The road to Juneteenth, by Denise Oliver Velez
    • George Will is an ugly little person, and the Washington Post owns him, by Laurence Lewis
    • 10 lessons from Bush's fiasco in Iraq, by Jon Perr
    • People, not just politicians, are more polarized than ever, by David Jarman
    • Latinos and the GOP: What the future holds, by Armando
  • Court ruling nixes NSA's phone spying:
    The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals said no this week to tracking your movements using data from your cell phone without a warrant when it declared that this information is constitutionally protected.

    The case, United States v. Davis , is important not only because it provides substantive and procedural protections against abuse of an increasingly common and highly invasive surveillance method. It also provides support for something Christopher Sprigman and I have said before — that the government’s other “metadata” collection programs are unconstitutional.

  • Freedom Industries spills again: State officials in West Virginia said water overflowed Thursday from a containment trench at the company's site in Kanawha County. It was the same site where a 10,000-gallon spill contaminated with a coal-washing chemical—crude MCHM—poisoned the drinking water of 300,000 people in January. How much was spilled by the overflow was unknown. It was stopped when an official was able to get a sump pump working again.

    A spokesman for West Virginia American Water said the utility had not detected MCHM after the overflow spill.

    The chemical has a distinct licorice smell, but state DEP inspectors said there were no odors reported coming from the site. WOWK reporter Jessie Shafer, who visited the site in the hours after the spill, said otherwise.

    “No odors reported at site today by public, but we were there. We smelled it clearly,” she tweeted.

  • The 747 is going extinct:
    Airlines are increasingly using newer, twin-engine planes, and the 747′s share of available seat miles—a measure of total capacity and mileage on scheduled passenger flights—among similarly sized aircraft is expected to fall 14.1 percentage points by April 2015 from 2009 levels. Over the same period, the Airbus 330′s share of seat miles is set to grow 8.8 percentage points and the Boeing 777′s will grow 8.7 points, according to past and scheduled airline operations data compiled by [...]

    The 747 made transcontinental vacations affordable to many for the first time in history. When it was introduced there was no plane that could fly as far (6,000 miles at the time, but for the newer models closer to 8,000), nor carry as many passengers. It has permeated culture, making cameos in hundreds of movies and TV shows—from Goodfellas to Snakes on a Plane.

  • Soccer as unAmerican tragedy. No, the author didn't mean to write a satire:
    Although Americans love games that highlight individual performances—and the more the better—soccer seems designed to minimize their frequency. How many times during a baseball, (real) football or basketball game does someone do something that is utterly transcendent in its expression of skill and strength? Many times. Such moments of beauty are the main reason we find sports so attractive.

    In soccer, however, these performances are more like an accident than a natural part of the so-called beautiful game. Fans keep their expectations so low that they are actually surprised, really surprised, when someone kicks the ball in an inhumanly perfect manner.

  • Jack Trammel, David Brat's foe in the contest for Eric Cantor's seat, could be a contender in the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. Most of the focus has been on Brat, the university economics professor whose Christian capitalism is underpinned by chapter and verse from the atheist St. Ayn Rand. Trammel's background and views may not be so...uh...colorful, but he is not without flair. The sociology professor has written several books including a romance from which Politico extracted this gem:
    How I wished I could avoid that first apology that would slide out from between her lips, like some kind of bird sharing its dead meal with the prodigal son.
  • Full moon on Friday the 13th: The last time this convergence occurred was 14 years ago. Get out your amulets and rabbits' feet.
  • On today's Kagro in the Morning show: a particularly galling gun insanity roundup that'll finally force you elitists to "respect the culture"; private equity looting continues; "How privatizing government hollowed out the middle class."

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