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And he could prove it too, if not for those pesky laws and prison and such and such.  Honestly, really, he could.

Inhofe said Congress could approve funding for surveillance, intelligence, and arms to aid Iraqis against Islamist militants, but the senator said Obama could thwart their plans.

“There’s no assurance the president couldn’t just stall it,” Inhofe said. “People say do something — well, you know, never in my political career in my memory did it ever occur to me that we would have a president of the United States who would be doing things supporting the enemy.

Hm, let me just guess what one of those "things" could possibly be?

Well, Obama just recovered our one and only Afghanistan Prisoner of War.  This is a War we've been in Longer than any other war in our History, and we only had one - singular - UNO - P.O.W.  Now we have him back, so that means there are zero.

If Senator Inhofe's "thought" is that giving of Five Taliban Administrators (except for one they weren't 'Fighters" or "Commanders" with any likelihood of returning to battle) is such a bad precedent that it might make the Taliban think of grabbing more of our people for future trades - how exactly are they going to do that when they've only manage to grab One in the last 13 Years?

At this rate we should be expecting next Taliban hostage trade deal somewhere around the year 2021.  And the next in 2029.  Of course by then the war will be O.V.E.R. and the point will be moot.

But then again maybe that is the point.  Obama made the trade not just to get back Bergdahl, but also to beginning building a bridge of goodwill with the Taliban that might, just might, in the medium to long run help that country broker some type of peace settlement rather than our simply walking away and letting everything go to hell in a hand-basket.  Y'know like in that place where Obama just announced we'll be ramping up military activity?

Yeah, in Iraq.

The place where Obama is now moving a Carrier Group into strike position while negotiating with the Iraqis on how much support they want from us help them battle the ISIS insurgency up to and excluding only - putting our own boots on the ground.

Yet accusing Obama of being a squishy anti-American Terrorist Supporter wasn't enough, ole' Jimmy the-Fact-and-Science-Denier had to go one step further.

He had to lay down a threat not just to the President, but the entire nation, by claiming he could prove Obama is a Traitor if only he could release some classified intel.

Inhofe told host Tony Perkins that the Obama administration had made “stupid” military decisions, and he’s considered sharing classified materials to prove it.
“All of these hearings, these classified briefings like the one we had this morning, I almost don’t mind talking about what they said because it’s are all so orchestrated, they always have five or six people from the administration, all of them agreeing with the president,” Inhofe said.
Specifically, he cited the prisoner exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl as one of those “stupid” decisions.

“These are things that are costing today American lives, Tony,” Inhofe said. “This is not just an insignificant thing.”

See, Inhofe smells something amiss because the people that are tasked with informing Congress as to what the President is doing, who all work for the President, who all have - in private and in consultation with each other - had plenty of time to game-theory all the potential scenarios and weight the options and have presented all those options to the President All Happen to Agree with the final result that the President came up with based on their input and the input of all their colleagues.

How in the World Could Such a Thing Happen?

It's almost like they came to a Unanimous Decision or something.

Hagel said he, along with Secretary of State John Kerry, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and Attorney General Eric Holder, were unanimous on the decision to seek Bergdahl's freedom in a prisoner exchange.

"We all came to the same conclusion that we didn't want to take any chances here," Hagel said. "Can you imagine if we would have waited or taken the chance of leaks over a 30-day period? I will tell you what I know - and I made a judgment on this too - that that would have seriously imperiled us ever getting him out."

So of course, Inhofe clearly sees that something is amiss, something is awry. So since such is the case, why exactly should he consider following those pesky National Security Requirements and Laws regarding the dissemination of Classified Material?

One scofflaw turn deserves another, yes?

And it's not like violating that little law might - y'know - Provide Aid, Comfort and Support for Our Enemies?

So it is little wonder that the Administration was a tad bit slow to give Congress prior information that the deal they'd been working on - and periodically briefing Congress about for the last two and half years - finally had the green light with all the details worked out and agreed too.

Obama administration officials first discussed with senior House Republicans the possibility of swapping five terrorism detainees from the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in exchange for the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in late November 2011, according to senior GOP aides.

The possible prisoner exchange was discussed again during a briefing on Jan. 31,  2012, after senior House Republicans sent two letters to the Obama administration seeking more information on the possibility of the swap, said the aides, who were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

The latest briefing, which some Republicans chose to walk out of, included the demand made by the Taliban that they would Kill Sgt Bergdahl if News of the Deal Leaked Ahead of Time.
Obama administration officials have told lawmakers they didn’t give Congress advance notice of a prisoner exchange with the Taliban last week because the Taliban had threatened to kill Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl if news of the pending trade deal leaked out, according to a Senate aide familiar with the discussions.

Senators were informed at a briefing Wednesday with top Obama officials that the U.S. had obtained credible information that if anything about the swap became public, Bergdahl would be killed, the aide said.

Combined with mounting concerns about Bergdahl’s health, the threat pushed the White House to move quickly in putting the prisoner trade together, said the aide, who requested anonymity to discuss the private briefing.

So it seems that when the threat is clear it's President Obama who is the one who moves quickly in order to avoid Congressional obstruction, hand-wringing, flip-flopping and stalling, not the other way around.

But then apparently Inhofe would have let Bergdahl die in captivity, without a trial - without a chance to defend himself, and without a proper burial.  Because bringing our one and only P.O.W. home alive, while giving up five guys whose group we won't even be fighting with for much longer and setting the stage of trust for a future peace deal is clearly and obviously the "stupid" thing to do.

I think we know here exactly who truly hates his fellow Americans, and it's not the President.


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