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Cue the Darth Vader theme song.  Here comes Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R-It'sNotMyFault).  But mellow that image with some sniffles and crocodile tears as if Vader was being battled by himself as a representative of the evil empire.  

Yesterday, headlines in Wisconsin and the nation were filled with news of him being the ringmaster in a criminal scheme to break election, campaign, and campaign finance laws.  He literally ran from the media after spewing a bit of word salad which didn't answer the question about his involvement.  

Today, however, he's got his talking points and memes arranged and he's gone on attack mode.  His RW media pals are always ready. and he's using them.

He started the day on Fox:

I have to give them credit, Fox really knows how to polish a turd.

The talking points:

-- This is old news

-- The judges are on his side to shut the John Doe down

-- Nothing to see here

-- Media jumps on this

-- Unions, "the left" all the folks that recalled him are at it again

-- Send him money because he has to fight the Big Gubmint supporters all over again

He fails to mention that shutting the John Doe down is currently being appealed to the 7th Circuit Court and they haven't ruled yet (except to unseal the appeals documents from their shroud of secrecy).  He also fails to mention that this John Doe grew out of the previous one where 6 of his associates were indicted and convicted of serious criminal behavior.  He also doesn't mention that one of those judges is a RW ideologue with his own close ties to Scott Walker whose "shut down" decision is being appealed.

Then again, those are facts, and facts are just pests to be swatted away any time they're inconvenient.

And then he continued with his old pal, Charlie Sykes, who hosts a morning show on RW WTMJ AM.  

Gov. Scott Walker said Friday the "incredible abuse of power by a partisan prosecutor" in the John Doe probe of his campaign should frighten everyone in Wisconsin, regardless of their political affiliation.

"There is nothing wrong with what we did," Walker said.

If you think you did nothing wrong, you're in a very tiny group enclosed in a reality-denying bubble.
Asked how the news accounts of him at the center of a criminal scheme might hurt his political career, Walker said he "could care less about the national scene."
Bwahahahahaha!  Doesn't care about the national scene?  This dude has had his eyes on the Presidency since the day he was elected Governor.  He's spent most of his time travelling the country fundraising and kissing the rings of national power and national funding.  Who does he think he's fooling?
Calling himself "the most scrutinized elected official in America today," Walker told Sykes that he rolled his eyes when he read news accounts of how he emailed national Republican fundraiser Karl Rove to explain how R.J. Johnson, Walker's longtime political strategist, was coordinating fundraising between groups that supported Walker's re-election.
Awwww.  Poor baby.  Maybe if he wasn't destroying Wisconsin, depressing wages, killing jobs, refusing federal funding for high speed rail, choking our cities and towns, destroying unions, refusing the expand Medicaid, and doing everything else he can to turn this state into a Third World nation, maybe he wouldn't have to cry those great big phony tears of claimed victimhood for the cameras.

More than likely, he'll turn up on Mark Bellings RW afternoon show to complete his day of attacking and crying.

He's not a victim.  He's a criminal.


By the way, thanks for helping me break the Rec-O-Meter with yesterdays diary.  Your support and kind thoughts are always appreciated.


Nothing says desperation like a great big media buy to distract the peasants voters from the really big, bad news that hit not only state and local media, but national media, too.  And to really change their minds, don't even put your picture or name in the ad.  

Gov. Scott Walker is going on the offensive.

Walker's campaign has dropped $245,000 to air a new TV commercial attacking his opponent, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke and tying her to former Gov. Jim Doyle. The TV spot will run from Friday to July 1 in Madison and Milwaukee as well as Green Bay, La Crosse and Wausau.

Here's the baloney attack ad:

That's right.  Attack your opponent.  Don't remind people that it's based loosely on "facts" after the financial collapse when no state anywhere was doing very well and the recession affected the entire world.  Attack!  Distract!  Attack again.

It smells as desperate as it looks.


Originally posted to Puddytat on Fri Jun 20, 2014 at 12:42 PM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive.

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