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A plastic Barack Obama figurine placed in the urinal of a men's bathroom. Tweeted with caption: 'Scene from a Faith and Freedom restroom #RTM2014'
The Faith and Freedom Coalition is holding its annual Road to the Majority conference this weekend. What's that, you may ask? Why, that's the event in which the entire Republican establishment comes to court the Christian far-right, an event organized by Ralph Flipping Reed, the guy who got caught suckering the Christian far-right in partnership with the now out-of-jail Jack Abramoff. Yes, that's right—both the Christian right and would-be Republican presidential contenders can't get enough of the guy who conned them outright because Jack Abramoff paid him to do it, and if that doesn't tell you the level to which even other top conservatives know that Christian conservatism is a scam, then nothing will. (Though you have to be impressed at just how eager the marks are to keep funding the scammers. One born every minute, indeed.)

So the Road to the Majority conference is an annual event in which all the big-name conservatives come to bend knee at the altar of Crookedness for Jesus. Some highlights so far:

  • Chris Christie was there, probably to fill out the yearly not in jail yet quota. His contribution was to say pro-life a few times, push for charter schools and to say that the "war on drugs" needs to focus on treatment over incarceration, possibly in a bid to remind news organization that he's the "moderate" one.
  • Ted Cruz has never been called moderate about anything. He was there to provide the red meat.
    “We have an IRS who is asking citizen groups, ‘Tell me what books you are reading, tell me the content of your prayers.’ Let me tell you something, the American government has no business asking any American that,” Cruz said, repeating one of his standard lines of attack on the administration. [...]

    The first term senator received a warm reception from a crowd of around 150. A man dressed as an early American settler, complete with a canteen at his side, yelled “Texas, Texas” as Cruz took to the stage and waved a yellow Gadsen flag, a popular tea party symbol.

    Also a popular symbol for Nevada cop-killers these days, but they still call themselves "patriots". Note that Cruz had correctly discerned that the purpose for the gathering was to say the most paranoid things you can think up, facts be damned; when the audience consists of people who still believe Ralph Reed, they will believe anything you throw at them.
  • Plastic Obama heads in the men's bathroom urinals. Again, because Jesus.
  • The head crook himself laid out an ambitious plan Because Jesus.
    Ralph Reed declared that after Republicans gain total control over Congress in the midterm elections, conservatives "are not going to stop" until they completely abolish the IRS and raze its headquarters to the ground "and build a monument on the rubble so that future generations will know that we stood up and stopped tyranny"
    Sure you will, Ralph. Sure you will.
  • Rand Paul wants to see more Jesus in public life. Bold stance there, Paul.
  • Rick Santorum—oh gawd, who cares. Something about wanting more socialism.

And so on. It lasts through tomorrow, so still lots of opportunity to top "putting president's face in public urinals for laughs."

Originally posted to Hunter on Fri Jun 20, 2014 at 01:03 PM PDT.

Also republished by Daily Kos.

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