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Breitbart story screenshotL " Valerie Jarrett, Rupert Murdoch Break Bread and Talk Immigration Reform Strategy"
Barack Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett dined with Rupert Murdoch this week, the key topic was immigration reform according to sources.

The evening was “very enjoyable,” according to Jarrett, who also claimed to be "impressed by Murdoch's passion for passing comprehensive immigration reform".

Uh oh. When the chief architect of the Fox News Bubble of Death meets with President Barack Obama's top aide to talk -- gasp! -- "amnesty", you know the natives won't be happy. Check out the carnage, below the fold.

I have a feeling FNC is a bout to go down the drain
It's already happening. It's circling.
It is more liberal every month.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Valerie the slum lord from Chicago , born in IRAN and is in fact the de facto prez.

BO takes his cues from her.

And Valerie has her own 24 hour secret service guards . Why ? yes why ?

Check her out on GOOGLE !

Google is totally conservative now. Unlike Fox News.
Something doesn't pass the old smell test. If I were a bettin' person, I'd say that Valerie was sent out to quietly notify Ol' Rupert what dirt they had on him and what they plan to do with it unless he kisses up. Most likely, whatever "it" is will/would have cost $$$$ to Murdoch's empire so like many other great ones before him, he caved in. Therefore, he goes "public" with his op ed to show the WH he's going to "cooperate" with them. I wish to h*ll somebody who hasn't been bought off yet and has nothing to lose in the long run finds the "sm@kin' g!n" on you know who.
Um. I'll take that bet.
That is how they got Judge Roberts to change his vote on ObamaCare.... They found out something about the adoption that he was involved in with one of his children and they were going to expose him.... He caved like everyone else is caving to the lil dictator Nobama.... Are you reading this NSA? I hope so....For all who work their are traitors to this nation....
Please, I'd like to know more details!
Well the possibility exists that Roberts was blackmailed by BO with the dirt from NSA about the questionable adoption of a child by the drug dependent Chief Justice !
Oh. The possibility also exists that Obama has a magical unicorns that shits mind-control rays in the form of rainbows. The possibility exists that Chief Justice Roberts never stood a chance.

It's fun to trade in possibilities!

This explains the endless parade of liberals and rinos pushing amnesty 24/7 on Fox. Even the guests on the so-called conservative shows. (Which are down to Hannity and Megyn Kelly). And even Megyn made a sharp turn the left this week.
I don't think Megyn Kelly ever identified herself as a conservative -- but after this week she certainly has shown her true colors
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Uh oh....looks the NSA has got the dirt on Ruppert. Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later when living in a Police state.
They have stuff from his 'relationship' with that exotic ASIAN woman who defended his gnarly azz in a British Courtroom... remember ??
Nope. Too many conspiracy theories. It's hard to keep up.
Had murdoch said anything to jarrett that she didn't like....jarrett would have eaten him for dessert. I think she might actually be a space alien.
Boy, that Murdoch sure can't say nothing in this police state of ours! If only he or his media outlets could criticize Obama ONCE, but alas, they are all so liberal now. Because of the NSA, an exotic woman, and a compromised Chief Justice.
I have also read the other article on Murdoch yesterday. I have one question for him. So tell us Mr. Murdoch, why do you hate Americans so much? This really sounds like hate speech to me.
I hear:
Natural born American citizens don't deserve a decent wage.
They don't deserve the right to a nation that is run on laws.
They don't deserve the country they have paid for with their taxes all their lives.
They don't deserve any of the rights and freedoms fought for by our military.
The list could go on and on.
It really sound a lot like hate speech to me.
Actually, "hate speech" about sums this up.
[Fox News] have (what I believe is) a voluntary role in the globalist agenda of psychologically working on conservatives, but IMO it's stuff that even Jesus himself would approve of. They have actually done a lot of good for conservatism, I think, in making us more accepting of each other. (And there were some who thought that all the hotties of every race were just for ratings!) Plus, they deserve real kudos for red-eye - that show is a complete hoot.

It has the function of herding conservatives into a holding pattern. But they will NOT go after stories that are too big or dangerous to the Obama administration. There is some great backstory on Fox and the "birther" thing. They were apparently threatened not to touch it - probably because it would add too much credibility, and birther was the left's ace for discrediting people. True or not, adding credibility would have ruined its utility.

The Globalist Agenda of Psychologically Working on Conservatives...

Nope, doesn't have a ring to it.

The Chicago Crime Syndicate has something on Murdoch.
I thought it was the NSA? Come on, guys, get your conspiracy theories straight!
This will be the downfall of FOX News Channel. For Rupert to collaborate with
Barack Obama’s Puppet Master is a major mistake.Jarrett’s record in Chicago was anything to be proud of. Jarrett was known for her corruption and incompetence. Daley finally had to fire her after a scandal erupted over her role in misuse of public funds in the city’s substandard public housing.
Her true job is to make Obama feel proud of himself. When Obama looks at Jarrett, he sees himself as whole and good and real. He is no longer the fake black, the fatherless black child flailing around in a white world, tortured by the unfairness of it all. She fills the emptiness at the core of his identity. She admires and adores him.
Hmm, sounds like the Conservative Globalist Agenda of Psychologically Trying To Figure Out
Liberals and Failing Disastrously.
My hope is she is convicted of treason and hanged by the neck until dead! Simple enough for ya?!
The American Taliban, in action.
The crash and burn of Jarrett will be the shock wave that places the WH in complete pandemonium this FALL. Right before the election.
Is there a "possibility" of that happening? Because if I've learned one thing today, it's that conservatives pretty much only trade in "possibilities". "Probabilities" is too high a hurdle to cross.
Homosexuality was and is widely practised in Islamic countries. To please the homosexuals among owebowmaos followers he promised them pre-pubescent boys in Paradise. So after committing plunder, loot, rape and murder in this life, the followers of Islam get "rewarded" by untouched virginal youths who are fresh like pearls.
Um. Wow.
Did Valerie get under the table?
Conservatism, in action. What war on women?
This is the problem with ONE monopoly on Conservatism on t.v. We're REALLY at this oligarch's mercy. Leftists have twenty options. I'd say there needs to be a Breitbart t.v. station, first of all.

And secondly ... our only hope is to begin endlessly bothering them on Twitter, sending letters and emails ... and we've got to get out the word to go nuclear and quit watching Fox.

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