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The Everglades is sacred to native Floridians.  So much so that politicians on both sides of the aisle ran on protecting it, including Jeb, his idiot brother, Mitt Romney, and even the environment-hating Allen freaking West. No politician in Florida has ever actually run against the Everglades--until now.

We were shocked in September 2011 when Rick Scott said he supported drilling in the Everglades. Today under Rick Scott, FRACKING is now a reality in the Everglades.  I wrote about Rick Scott's record and the illegal fracking that has already been done, along with the Department of Environmental Protection's embarrassing response, on my blog last month. Scott's corrupt DEP actually issued 10 oil and gas exploration permits for that region to the Dan Hughes Drilling Company, Breitburn, Burnett Oil, and others.  The DEP, which is supposed to protect the environment, (which I shouldn't have to say because it's in the damn name!), was run by Scott appointee Jeff Littlejohn, the son of the Chamber of Commerce president.  

The bastard had no trouble demanding the state's leading wetlands expert approve permits even though they violated state law.  He resigned earlier this month for a more lucrative job. He left saying his proudest accomplishment in defending the environment was reducing "unnecessary regulatory burdens", because apparently every person Rick Scott appoints to an agency thinks their mission statement was written on "opposite day".

All of this was bad enough.  But as always with our crooked governor, it gets worse.

A local TV station looked at Rick Scott's documents for a blind trust created after he won the governor's office.  Even though the account is managed without his involvement, Rick Scott knows the companies that are part of the investment.  Rick Scott, who has never had an issue using his office to enrich himself, his donors, or his his big donors, apparently owns six-figures worth of stock with Schlumberger.

Sclumberger is the subcontractor who has participated in the fracking process with Dan Hughes Drilling.

The governor didn't respond to questions, BIG surprise.  But his re-election campaign spokesman did, (because that's appropriate), by saying that the governor ensures that oil companies comply with the regulations set by...... the DEP.

Ok, maybe hiring a right-wing nutjob who made his fortune off of scamming Medicaid recipients to be our leader wasn't the best idea we had.  But surely, you would think after  all of the scandals, cronyism, bigotry, corruption, record number of resignations, clear contempt for his citizens, or any of the other 220 reasons we were given that at least we wouldn't elect him again.  

You would be wrong.  The latest poll shows him all tied up with Charlie Crist.  

JEEBUS, what does this guy have to do?  Kick a disabled kid in the teeth?  (Oh wait, he actually did that..).  

I'm gonna need a bigger webpage.

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8:48 AM PT: As always, don't just get angry, get active.  

BTW, even though Collier Co. is GOP territory, the citizens there are so outraged by this they are organizing against Rick Scott. If I was advising Crist's campaign, I'd tell him to speak there to support their efforts. He could simply say the truth--that if they are shocked by this now, what the hell do you think he'll do when he has no election to worry about?  

Originally posted to SemDem on Sun Jun 22, 2014 at 06:33 AM PDT.

Also republished by DKos Florida, North & Central Florida Kossacks, Subversive Agitation Team Action Network, Team DFH, Protest Music, EcoJustice, Climate Hawks, and DK GreenRoots.

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