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I'm sure today will deliver lots of great (and delicious!) conservative reaction to Sen. Thad Cochran's Democratic-fueled primary victory last night, but let's whet our appetites with some of last night's reaction.

If Cochran wins MS 06/24/14 becomes date that lives in infamy for conservatives. Unspeakable betrayal that will force all to choose sides.
Um. It was a primary. People chose sides already.
If Cochran wins this #mssen race, the GOP is done. They teamed up with Dems to steal a race. Kiss the base goodbye.
"Steal the race"? Huh. I thought it was called "democracy."
@mikememoli @markos I wouldn't stand for it.I'd storm the senate w/ armed supporters, place Cochran under arrest,hang him, & take his seat.
Either 'baggers don't understand democracy, or maybe they do and just hate it. Those are the only two options that make sense.
Before this race ends we have to be certain that the Republican primary was won by Republican voters.
Before this is over, Chris McDaniel needs to look up the definition of "open primary."
Do what the NRSC would do: Vote Childers this fall
Okay. If you insist.

More, below the fold.

#mssen the #GOP just used the enemy to defeat it's own base. And still they expect you to vote for them in November. #smh
You don't have to take it no more!
Mark Levin just now reported CNN talked to two blacks leaving polls that said they voted for Thad. They said they were instructed to. #MSsen
Shit, black people voted? Fucking sue. That shit can't be legitimate!
What a coincidence that #mssen came down to same county where Cochran staffer was arrested destroying signs.
Lawn signs vote! Suppression!
Sure would have been nice for GOP consultant class to fight this hard against Obama in '12. #mssen
Yeah, the billion dollars they spent attacking Obama was totally less than a few flyers in this race!
In the back room at the Chris McDaniel watch party, just got some updated results...very exciting! #MSsen @CMForUSSenate
It ain't over, till it's over. #MSsen
So ... not excited anymore?
.@GOP has declared war on #conservatives-> McDaniel hates black hates civil rights, food stamps #mssen .@Reince
WAR WAR WAR! Yup. This is the fun kind of war.
The GOP establishment is incorrigible in its attack against the base.There is no reason not to create a genuine conservative party
Hmmm. I've got nothing. No reason at all.
FreedomWorks: €œIf the only way the K Street wing of the GOP establishment can win is by courting Democrats.. then we've already won.” #lol
United States Sen. Chris McDaniel totally agrees.
McDaniel: "And today, the conservative movement took a back seat to liberal Democrats in the state of Mississippi." #mssen
They're not dog whistles if we can all hear them.
I'm done being a part of a party that not only rejects my political views, but actively hates me.
Ah yes, another "independent" who always votes Republicans. So iconoclastic!
Hey conservatives in Mississippi.....

Sauce, goose, gander.

Um, that'll show ... someone, something! But really, I applaud such resourcefulness. Childers would likely be worse than Ben Nelson and a real thorn on our sides, but anytime they want to gift us a "D," who are we to argue?

Obviously, this anger will dissipate over time. If the Tea Party types are a serious movement, they'll sustain it long enough to make November interesting. But really, Eric Cantor aside, no one is losing much from not taking those jokers seriously.

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