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Michele Bachmann went on Fox News and was slammed by Neil Cavuto. He did not let her get away with the simpleminded detrimental acts of a recalcitrant Congress. The lead up started this morning. Speaker of the House John Boehner said he will be suing President Obama. When asked if this was about impeachment, Boehner said, “This is not about impeachment. This is about his faithfully executing the laws of this country.” When asked what specific executive actions he intended to challenge in court, he said, “When I make that decision, I'll let you know.” In other words, the Republicans plan to sue the president but are not sure what laws he has broken if any.

True to form, Michele Bachmann, the mouthpiece of the irrationals, ran to speak on Fox News. She did not receive the welcome she expected.

There are far more important things,” Cavuto said, “that you guys have to be addressing than filing lawsuits passed by each other. BY THE WAY, ROME IS BURNING.” Bachmann responded that the lawsuit was about the president trying to establish “lawlessness in the United States.”

“Democrats said George Bush did the same, Congresswoman,” Cavuto said. “I am just saying each side is claiming it; waste of time, waste of time.” Bachmann continued speaking as she always does, stating that Republicans need to defund the Executive and impeach the president.

“Think about what you are saying,“ Cavuto said. “Defund the Executive, Congresswoman, if Democrats had said we are just going to defund President Bush, defund the Executive, you would have laughed them out. ... I think Democrats would be in their right minds to laugh you out now. … Rome is burning and you are filing."

When you lose Fox News it means you have really gone off the rails. The GOP is starting to reap what it has sowed, an uncontrollable faction that is bringing down the Republican party and materially harming the country.

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