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McDaniel claimed in an interview on Fox News late Thursday that his campaign had identified over 1,000 such votes in Hinds County, which includes a large African American population and helped provide Cochran a major increase in votes compared to the June 3 election.
They'd need 6,700 illegal votes cast (voters who voted for Cochran in the runoff who pulled a Democratic ballot during the regular primary). 1,000 doesn't get them there.
Statewide, state Democratic Chairman Rickey Cole told Breitbart News, "It is very conceivable--it is highly conceivable" that McDaniel and his team "will find a number of irregularities that will reach 6,700 or greater.”
Nice job, Mississippi Democratic chair, sowing FUD into the GOP side! Two possibilities, both good: He's 1) either full of shit and is helping keep the teabaggers riled up, unable to move on, or 2) he's right, and is encouraging the McDaniels camp to overturn the runoff results giving Democrats a better chance in November.

So how are the natives responding? Check it out, below the fold.

The establishment GOP is comprised of members with a primary concern of protecting themselves, and maintaining their own power. They place those concerns above ethics and policy.

It is that characteristic that they share with the liberals.

Meanwhile, true conservatives, libertarians, and TEA Party members are far more concerned with placing ethics and policy above all else.

That is what is considered to be "radical" in today's world.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh wait, you were serious?
Dems protesting this examination of cross-overs (voters who double-voted in both Dem and Repub primaries) should either declare Al Franken the loser of his MN Senate race, or acknowledge themselves as hypocrites.
Hmmm, what Dems are protesting this? We're cheering it on! May it last all the way to November! Heck, this Breitbart story is full of Democrats essentially begging Republicans to keep this civil war alive!
Both the DemonRats and the RINO establishment just want to keep the public pig trough filled so they can get their Animal Farm pig snouts ever deeper into it. The TEA party threatens the gravy train and that's about all there is to it.
The Tea Party threatens lots of things, like "half of Mississippi's revenues, which come from the feds", and "people's livelihoods", and "people's health care" and on and on.
"Statewide, state Democratic Chairman Rickey Cole told Breitbart News, "It is very conceivable--it is highly conceivable" that McDaniel and his team "will find a number of irregularities that will reach 6,700 or greater.”"

Holy crap! Keep fighting Chris...keep fighting....we're with you!!!

Ok, when you have the democratic party officials making these kinds of comments, there is a real problem - and the rush to certify the election results by top leaders of the republican party and not allowing anyone to review who voted in the primary and then again in the run off primary, what are they hiding? Next thing we are going to hear, the data for the run off was on a computer drive and it crashed, then thrown away....
All Democrats are liars ... except the ones trolling the crazies by telling them what they want to hear!
Keep the stories coming. The more often the irregularities are published, the better chances a write-in effort will have. If the Courts don't call for a re-vote, a write-in campaign for the general is the way to go.
Run as an Independent and hammer how the GOP liberals defied the republican voters and turned to the democrats to win the runoff. Go independent and go to Washington. Divide the vote between the establishment republican and left wing democrat.
No doubt!
Got a call from the RNC asking for money today. I didn't let the opportunity to pass by to rip them for the behavior of their troops against McDaniel. The guy said not to let liberal democrats get ahead but I told him that they collaborated with liberal democrats to get the establishment guy re-elected. Not a dime from me to the RNC unless they every clean up their act and stop ignoring the base, but still probably won't since I have only and will only donate to candidates.
Sigh. So true. Wouldn't be right to give the RNC a dime. Any dime.
As I see it, the Republicans are not the enemy, it is the Establishment within the Republicans that are the enemy.

The establishments power weakens with every trick they play on the Tea party. I believe that the Cochran play will be their last and will be the downfall of the establishment.

I called my Rep Party contact and told them no more money. All my political money goes to the Tea Party now. If 55% of the Republicans did the same, the establishment would be out...

The establishment only cares about the money of about five people. Koch 1, Koch 2, Adelson, Ricketts ... those kinds of guys have it covered.
Screw you! Cochran will LOSE in November, period. As will tens of other Republican candidates. GOP just signed their own death warrant with these shenanigans. There is NO complelling reason to want a Republican victory any more.

Enjoy extinction, you corrupt sellouts!

Screw the elites, screw the Tea Party and screw Ted Cruz if they don't want to fight. You are not going to get anywhere by being timid with these RINO Clowns.

Do what is right and letting Thad Cochran and Company get away with cheating and using these tactics is NOT the right thing. Lodge every challenge and run as a write-in candidate if all else fails. The Republican Establishment will be responsible for the results!

We need to not only vote out ALL demoncrats, but we need to get rid of the republican establishment people. I for one am sad that my Senator Ted Cruz has already signled to Thad Cochran that he was ready to work with him.... We need to elect REAL conservatives that actually believe in conservative values....
I'm afraid that Washington has already ruined Cruz. "I look forward to working with Thad" only a day after this fraudulent election rigged with RINO racism? No help before the election? Yep, he is already infected with DC disease.
Ted Cruz is a RINO clown because he won't personally mount a campaign to liberate illegal ballots!
I'm sure the Cruz Missile will reverse his *congratulations* to Thad when/if the suspected GOP Est. *vote dump* corruption in Hinds County, Mississippi on election night... is uncovered

Remember, Senator Cruz is trained in the law, and knows there is no accusation unless/until evidence is publicly available

So, for now, I believe on a temporary basis, while it is still unproven that there was any corruption, Cruz delivers his congrats, while also stating how close the race was, and how the GOP primary voters are extremely dissatisfied ...

Let's wait to see what is uncovered in Hinds County, MS and then listen for a HUGE EXPLOSION of ORATION as the Cruz Missile strikes the CORRUPTION TARGET

Conservative dead-enders can be so adorable!
Keep pushing Chris, we are with you!
If you support Chris and his valiant effort to TRUE THE VOTE, please go DONATE to him. They need the resources to FIGHT the traitorous establishment. I just donated $100.00, I wish it could have been more.
Only RINOs are holding on to cash for races that actually matter!
The race card is so over used. It should be illegal to "race bait" during campaign, if you make such accusation against a person prove it or be sued for slander just like in the real world.
False allegations of racism is getting old and it's dividing people.
Great idea! Only problem: truth is an absolute defense to defamation claims.
Leftists honor people who vote more than once (or multiple times). Remember that black woman who got caught? Party time.
"that black woman who got caught". Remember? Remember her? She was black. And a woman. So you know she was doing things you aren't supposed to be doing. Remember?

Actually, no. But I do remember THIS guy.

One better get it out in the open NOW, because the Demorats will be doing this in the 2014 and 2016 elections.
Democrats will meddle in runoff GOP races to help the more electable Republican win, thus depriving them of a pickup opportunity in the general election? Jeez, I hope not.
Cole is a Democrat so he wants to encourage McDaniel to fight this because it will help the Democrat's chances in November. Nevertheless, I want the truth and it appears thousands of ineligible votes were cast.
One half-smart conservative figures out that the Democrat is trolling Republicans, but it doesn't matter, he'll still believe what she says because it fits his worldview. OH SO CLOSE!
Time for a complete investigation into Cocroache's campaign workers. Poor ole Cocroach is now owned by black supremacists groups already demanding he do their bidding, it's almost funny watching an ole Rhino pick the supremacists' tax payer cotton.
I guess that's the white supremacist's version of "I know you are but what am I?"
The black voters voting for Thad is funny in a sick way, they keep voting for the slave masters and they still don't have the ability to think for themselves. They look around and say I voted for Obasma twice ( or how ever many votes they get) and I'm still poor.
You know what would make blacks less poor? Cutting off the 50 percent of the state's revenues coming from the feds. That would free them from the slavery of ... the federal anti-poverty, retirement, defense, and agricultural programs that keep broke-ass Mississippi afloat.
The Dems have a winning strategy going. First they help Cochran violate MS election laws to get him as the R candidate. Then, during the election the proof of the violations "suprisingly" appears and Cochran is villified as a corrupt, lying politician, the the Dem candidate as the true and honest person for the job.
To help matters, if this is not voided, all Tea Party people should write in Mickey Mouse for the Senate job. If the crooked GOP wants to win, they should ask the state's Dems to help them. They had no problem asking for Dem help to rig the primary.
Sounds like a plan!
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