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Yes. It's all spelled out in this letter to the editor in my morning paper. And we can put an end to it. Just block the kids from having access to phones or internet service. It's an absolutely elegant theory. Classic in it's CT-ness, a veritable work of art. Enjoy.

Are our elected officials really that stupid? Do they really think that 50,000 children hopped on buses in Central America, traveled over 1,000 miles alone and ran across the Texas-Mexico border into the arms of waiting Border Patrol?


I believe these children traveled with their parents from their homes in Central America. They traveled north through Mexico using the government-supported express bus lines, created and dedicated to funnel refugees north without impacting Mexico.

The families are then escorted to the border to a location regularly patrolled by Border Patrol agents. The children are then told to run to the agents, claiming that they were abused. The parents are led to another route into the country. After the children are processed in, they wait to be settled into housing and then contact their parents, who have gotten false IDs and “volunteer” to adopt these needy children, fully supported by government checks.

These children need to be moved to federally funded orphanages. They should be isolated from telephones and Internet (not able to contact their parents, here in the U.S.). When the people in Central America see that the children are being separated from the abusive parents, they will stop their activities.

Comment thread is pretty good, too. Jump over the Itzl for ...snark? Or not?

The parent:

Ship 'em ALL back.  Now.  Dig a moat, fill it with alligators, put machine gun nests every 100 yards.  Stop the invasion!  And shoot down any foreign aircraft that cross our borders.  Thank God for the Texas troops.
Select responses:
This one obviously doesn't think it's snark
I spent years at a place where they did just that James. They had tall fences, with minefields guard dogs, armed guards, guard towers and it was dotted with crosses where those attempting to cross had been killed. It was the border between the West and the East in what was then West Germany. You'd have been proud of those on the eastern side who apparently thought just like you James.
This guy does, though
I missed where you posted your address and welcomed a house-full (times 10) to come and let you take care of them.

Liberals are always generous with the funds of others.

Possibly another taking it seriously - but with a really top notch rebuttal. Talk about a reality check!
You probably should get a surveyor’s wheel to confirm this but the US-Mexico border is 1,933 miles long. A moat 10 feet deep (we probably want to prevent even a very tall person wading across) and 100 feet wide (only good swimmers would have a possible chance) would require 76.347 billion gallons of water. Based on the Mayo Clinic estimate of 13 cups (0.6875 gallons) this moat would be enough fresh water for over 304 million people for one year. And of course, because the terrain is not level from the Gulf to the Pacific, the digging required in many places must be much more than ten feet to deal with the fact that water seeks its own level.

In which direction would the machine guns be shooting? Will we somehow mark the center of the river and restrict our shooting at anyone on this side of the markers – otherwise we are shooting into territory of a sovereign nation, which in some circles can be interpreted as an act of war. Every 100 yards across the entire border means we need 34,021 machine gun nests. Assuming your idea is for these positions to be staffed 24/7 and that there are generally 2 soldiers per machine gun, we will need 68,042 soldiers at gun positions at all times. Assuming 3 eight-hour shifts per day we will need at least 204,125 soldiers assigned to the border mission. Roughly 85% of our military are assigned to the critical jobs of supporting the combat troops. So using these same ratios we will need an additional 1,156,707 support troops for a total deployment of 1,360,832. There are approximately 570,000 troop in the US Army today. So our border security mission is going to require that we steal some folks from the Marines, Air Force and Navy to meet mission strength requirements.

There are a lot of airlines from foreign nations that cross our borders. My guess is that the countries from which these airlines originate are going to be somewhat disappointed when we start shooting down their flights. And many flights include US citizens on board. My guess is that this would probably have a somewhat negative impact on our international trade relationships. The good news might be that we could easily become energy independent overnight because offended nations would probably insure we wouldn’t be able to import oil at any price.

You seem to have a problem today with rational thinking. If this persists I recommend you consult a neurologist.

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