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We took a running start into June with the New Feminist Shout of Wrath still running from May. General exhaustion held for, well, at least 24 hours, until the story of Bowe Bergdahl broke on 5/31. (Okay, so I missed it when it happened - I was exhausted from following the women's diaries and didn't notice it until June 2nd. Oops.) Not much of either meta or pie there, except for a trickle of anti-Obama trolling based on the RW disinformation campaign that went into full swing almost immediately.

For the next week, I'm drawing the curtains. If you want to find out all the versions of what went on, go hunting for it, et tanto melius dici. Six months from now I may try parsing it.

Sidebar meta has included the possibilities that: people should quit using HRs; people should just quit recommending at all; the reclist is contributing to dissension and should be scrapped; admin needs to be transparent about their sanctions; community moderation is itself contributing to the fight; the definition of "left" is the main problem; it's all those secret Republicans that are the problem; there's too much "empathy" on display; people are showing too little/too much sensitivity - have I missed anything?

On the general subject of Hide Ratings: This has been happening for a month or so, but I didn't really notice it until about the 8th; more and more of the BOJO decisions are being shuffled onto the TimeOut process. If a new user manages to get past a comment or two without HRs, subsequent downrates produce not BOJO, but a TimeOut, which requires a minimum of 3 hidden comments within 24 hours. Only the most egregious trolls are actually being acted upon directly by administration, it seems. Given that the third automatic TimeOut is for a full year, it should take care of the majority of cases, with a bit more work by the community, even if it's more satisfying to see a skull and crossbones than a clock.

Women's issues began to quietly come back with a series of diaries roughly based on LaFeminista's diary,  under the tag/title Walking on Eggshells. Thanks, Lilith Gardener and the various and sundry users who expanded on the theme. This was followed, on the 18th, by the most recommended first diary I have ever seen that wasn't by a politician or, possibly, Keith Olbermann. The thread was live, and lively, for the next three days.

And then for something completely different, kos did another Ask Me Anything diary. I do believe the comments included every pie fight that's gone on in the last six months or so, but some may have been missed. Not for the faint of heart. The threads were live for about 3 days, and they spawned a few followup diaries, and general comments on diarying, but nothing too hyperbolic.

On the 23rd, we got the first introduction to the DK5 layout. Siglines will be going away, and thus we got an homage to the sigline by WeeMama.

Note: I'm not sure I'm going to even try to keep up with the Hilary Clinton diaries, on either side. Rather than calling them meta or even pie, I think I'm going to classify them as Business as Usual, and thus exempt from this series. I may change my mind, but that's what it feels like right now.


The first 10th of the diaries have between 0 and 2 recs, etc.

1        0-2
2        2-5
3        5-8
4        8-12
5        12-17
6        17-24
7        24-33
8        33-51
9        51-105
10        105-1322
90-99        105-366
99-99.9         366-621
99.9-100    621-1322

Check the link above for a full list of the kossacks who made it into the top 62 (.1%) diary count. It's awesome.

What does this mean for us common folks? If you have a diary with 30 recommends, that puts it in the top 35% of diaries on the site. If it makes 50, the top 25%. If your #recommends/#diaries average is at those levels, it puts you in those percentages.

Me? I'm at 14.6 average recommends unless I cherrypick the data (which I was mightily tempted to do), so I've got a long way to go.

I've been checking the HR counts on a daily basis this month, and what I've found is that a number of HRs in the hiddens simply don't show up in my Comments Search, because they are for users who were immediately or almost immediately BOJO'd. I assume this has been that way for a while and I just haven't noticed, that overall comparisons will continue to be useful in any case - and that the percentage of debatable HRs is even lower than I'd thought, though the total number is higher than calculated, by perhaps 10-15%.

For the period of 6/1/14 through 6/30/14
Quantcast uniques: 6,437,545
Number of signups: 18,139

Diaries (does not count spam deletes)
By Diary search: 4,911
Diaries by tip jar count: 4,202 (old measure - for comparison and HR percentages)
Avg diaries per day: 163.7; 1 diary every 8.7 minutes
Diarists: 1,467
Diaries with one or more HRs in the Tip Jar: 52 1.2%
Diaries with 5 or more HRs in the Tip Jar: 26 .61%
Diaries with 5 or more of both Tips and HRs: 8 .19%
Users who published diaries during that period and are now bojo: 82

Comments (includes tip jars, etc., but not necessarily tip jars from deleted diaries and not from Early BOJO'd users) 264,892 - up 3.2% from last month
Commenters: 9,652 - up 8% from last month
Number of those commenters now bojo:149
Comments with HRs: 652 .25% (last month: 743, .29%)
    1 HR: 203 .07% (235, .09%)
    2-4 HRs: 241 .09% (306, .12%)
    5 or more HRs: 182 .07% (202, .08%)
    5 or more of both HRs and Recs: 26 .01% (26, .01%)

Note: I half expected this month's HR stats to be worse than last, which is why I'm showing comparison figures. Didn't happen that way, and I'm happy with that.

Another month and I'll have enough data to try a six month timeline. If it shows anything interesting, I'll include it at that point.

Originally posted to serendipityisabitch on Tue Jul 01, 2014 at 12:09 AM PDT.

Also republished by Pie and Meta Lovers Anonymous.

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