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Just a couple weekends ago, I was talking with smileycreek, navajo and Meteor Blades and I jokingly called my local newspaper "the Tea Party Gazette." My little local paper, which only comes out twice per week and is a whopping 16 pages total, never ceases to give me insight into the thinking lack of any understanding of what's happening by Tea Party folks. I've concluded they simply either can't or won't do any critical thinking for themselves. They just gobble up whatever FOX NEWS and tells them.

The folks that are allowed to have a voice by way of having their articles printed in my local paper are the likes of George Will and Michael Reagan. Oh joy! They do have a revolving cast of four local writers that get to have an article of theirs printed once per week. All of them are very conservative with one single exception and that's Jaime O'Neill. He gets his say once per week on Saturday's. He provides the only non-Tea Party view in our newspaper.

So, I'm going to print part of what he said this past Saturday. He's being funny and ironic, but also quite serious as well. He titled his article, "Stalking the elusive Ridge liberal." Paradise is "up on the ridge" to the people who live in the Central Valley down in Chico. Paradise folks are called, "rigdebillies" by Chico folks.

You can go read Mr. O'Neill's whole article by clicking on the link below. I'm going to blockquote a few paragraphs however right here for you.

It has long been assumed that the subspecies known as Homo Liberalis ("liberals," in colloquial terms) had become virtually extinct in rural mountain communities. Liberal sightings had become so rare in the boonies as to encourage the belief that Homo Liberalis had disappeared from such regions entirely, driven out by the much more vocal and aggressive Homo Neanderthalus Tea Particus, a species that, for reasons not entirely clear, tends to thrive in less heavily populated regions despite fairly high casualty rates due to accidental hunting injuries, drunk driving fatalities and gun-cleaning accidents

Homo Neanderthal Tea Particus has also been found to be prone to deaths due to poor judgment regarding things like good nutrition and proper use of ladders or pickup trucks. Still, this brutish sub-species tends to thrive, often subsisting on disability or Social Security payments from the government. One anomaly of this particular offshoot of the primate family is a marked tendency to hate government help for almost all other primates other than their own kind.

Oh this is good because it's so true.
Homo Liberalis, as biologists know, is an extremely timid species, with a voice so hard to hear that even their mating calls have seldom been recorded by field researchers. Unheeded mating calls may be one of the reasons the species has been in such distinct decline. Scientific analysis of recently deceased specimens also revealed a distinct pattern of testicular diminution.
Now, however, if liberals aren't in large groups, they often seem to have disappeared entirely. In the boonies, the countrified variant of the liberal has now earned a separate scientific designation. Now known to science as Homo Liberalis Boondockius, the rural liberal is increasingly hard to find.
True, so true. And I've already copied four paragraphs of his article, which is one paragraph too many. I hope you'll let me off the hook about that. Jamie O'Neill won't care one bit. He'd be happy to have more folks read his stuff. The whole article isn't long at all.

Right above Jamie O'Neill's article in our paper is some stuff local folks write in to the paper. It's the "Letters" section. I'll write a couple of these for you to read, just to give you a feel for the mind set of the species Homo Neanderthalus Tea Particus.

Immigrant children sacrificed for votes

A lot of people in Congress have come out with the idea that immigration from the border is a ploy on the part of the left to bring immigration into the spotlight in the fall mid-terms. I want you to know that we really have a sick Congress on the Democrats' side when you bring in hundreds of thousands of children from down south and let them be raped, abused and killed and everything else just to use immigration as a point in your upcoming election. Is this the type of country we've sunk to? Take your heads out of the toilet, people, and realize what the left has done, letting these immigrants come in all in the name of getting a vote!

I wonder where this guy is getting his information? I'm sure he has no idea that these kids are being chopped up and put in piles by drug cartels in order to scare the crap out of people. Their parents are desperate to do anything to keep their children from being chopped up and put in piles. This has nothing to do with the mid-term elections.
Country heading toward anarchy

My college professor said that what we're heading for here in the U.S. is anarchy, that the presidents through the last administration will now ignore Congress and the head of the Justice Department, like Holder, will completely ignore Congress as far as warrants and subpoenas and let the people run amok without any legal charges.

He said sure enough, the next regime that comes in is going to be even worse, and that we could be looking at anarchy down the road because we don't have a functioning government anymore, we just have one dictator after another and justice departments that won't file charges on their own.

What a great thing to look forward to, all because of Obama's eight years.

Well, hot damn. That is some college professor you have there. I wonder when he said all that stuff. I wonder when you were in college, sir, because you're an older guy and all.

Well, thank God Jamie O'Neill is still allowed to have one article per week printed in my local Tea Party Gazette, otherwise there wouldn't be one spec of anything other than and FOX NEWS repeaters.

What's up?

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