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Rush Limbaugh has been in full damage control mode since the Hobby Lobby decision came down. I've never heard Rush this scared!

And it's classic but predictable, and it's also common.  The decision is announced, the media misreports what happened, and the leftist army -- and I'm gonna tell you something about this.  I don't know this for sure, but, you know, all these comments that you read, I don't care where, the Democrat Underground.  Hell, these poor slobs even started infecting the SCOTUS blog...
Well, these little leftist commentators polluted that place thinking that it was a way to insult the justices.  They thought it was their blog and it's not. But I actually think in all of this -- I don't care whether it's comments on an issue here or other things, I bet there's a handful of people that are making themselves look like there are tens and thousands and maybe hundred thousands of them.   The idea that there is this much conformity and stupidity on the Democrat side, I know there's a lot of, but to think it's this widespread, it's a tough sell for me. I think these people are out there making themselves look far larger than they really are.
Yeah that's the ticket Rush! The Democratic Party has hired a bunch of social media mavens in New Delhi to make their following look larger like you did Rush!
Rush Limbaugh's phony empire exposed
The point is they were there. However many of them there were, they were just running crazy and making the most asinine, stupid comments about this. And they were joined by such great minds as Elizabeth Warren and Harry Reid, who were also, "Well, this is the end of life as we know it for women in America.   Women have been taken back to the Stone Age, barefoot, pregnant, and being clubbed by Fred Flintstone in the kitchen."  I mean, that pretty much sums up what every comment said.

I'm reading these and I'm just laughing myself silly, because they haven't slightest idea what happened.

Women can go get it anywhere they want, like buy it themselves.  (gasping)  I know that's easy for me to say.  But they're not denied anything.
Here's the thing. There's nothing in the world to be offended by here.  There's no political ground that's even been lost, as far as the left is concerned.  If the issue is contraceptives for women, if the issue is something else, then the left might think that they've got a defeat here.  But if this is really about somebody else paying for every woman's birth control or abortions, with the morning-after pill and some such thing, then there's no loss here.  The only thing that happened is that the Constitution's religion clause was upheld for a "closely held" corporation.  They have the freedom to continue to practice their religion.  But that freedom does not extend to their female employees being denied these medications.
Move along! Nothing to see here!
The Republicans had literally nothing to do with this.
No? Republican presidents selected 5 of the 5 male Justices who sought to make healthcare for women 'Separate but Equal'  specifically for these kind of paternalistic views expressed by the majority in the Hobby Lobby Decision.
Women were not in pain, they were not suffering, they had rights to abortion.  Obamacare's only muddied this up and made it much worse, and Obamacare has created even more partisanship. It's pit more people against each other, when it did not exist to this degree before he took office.    


Rush desperately wants women to see this decision as no big deal. Something totally disconnected from the roles women are relegated to by the Religious Right's dogma. A Dogma that Republican appointed activist Justices seek to advance with rancid rulings like this one in the Hobby Lobby case. And cases like Hobby Lobby underscore why American women need to think twice, or three times before voting to send any Republican to the White House or to the Senate.  

Originally posted to Lefty Coaster on Tue Jul 01, 2014 at 01:20 PM PDT.

Also republished by Sluts and StopRush.

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