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       It can only be physically found behind one counter at one Burger King in the heart of San Francisco’s gay neighborhood (Gayhorhood) but customers at this location may be surprised upon walking in to see a rainbow-themed menu board on the wall advertising a product that the fast-food giant has never sold before – “The Proud Whopper”.

  Anyone who walked into this Burger King during the annual San Francisco pride parade was able to see this colorful menu along with the mystery “new” burger but, as the newly-released promo video shows, most thought it was the same Whopper they had eaten any other day. In fact, one woman is shown even loudly exclaiming, “This is the same shit!”

    However, the ‘mystery’ was revealed to anyone eating it just as soon as they unwrapped the colorful paper wrapper and saw a message written in all caps: “We Are All the Same Inside.”

    While Burger King-affiliated film crews record reactions on the spot for the promo video, not all the responses were positive (yes, even in the progressive stronghold that is ‘Frisco), one man states confidently, “Well, if that’s what they’re gonna do, they won’t be having my business anymore.” Most other customers smile, some cry, but the vast majority express support for solidarity with the LGBT event.

      Burger King also partly sponsored the LGBT pride parade in New York City this past weekend, and the company handed out approximately 70,000 rainbow-colored paper crowns, the kids meal staple of the company for years, as a sign of solidarity.

      In the big world of fast food, a mainstay of the Standard American Diet, the ‘Proud Whopper’ campaign puts Burger King in great contrast to conservative Chick-fil-A, which is still trying to recover from anti-equality comments made by CEO Dan Cathy as well as large sums of money that Chick-fil-A moved through their charitable foundation towards supporting [straight-only] marriage.

     The Proud Whoppers, which went on sale June 28, will be available at the San Francisco location throughout San Francisco Pride week.

     Now, let’s grab about popcorn (and maybe proud whopper) as we sit back and watch the conservative backlash begin.....

Update: Check out some of the vile Comments made at Conservative blog Free Republic.....whoa.

Originally posted to Christian Bentzen on Wed Jul 02, 2014 at 03:02 PM PDT.

Also republished by Kossacks for Marriage Equality, LGBT Rights are Human Rights, LGBT Kos Community, and Remembering LGBT History.

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