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Alphabet blocks arranged to spell out 'all women deserve birth control'
A lovely Hobby Lobby visitor snapped this today...  Sharing the #HobbyLobbyLove
America's most prominent teen mom and walking demonstration of the failure of conservative abstinence notions Bristol Palin knows just how to say thank you to Hobby Lobby for protecting their employees from the fires of hell. (Well, or at least making sure the company gets to save a few bucks—the premise is still a bit fuzzy.) With a hashtag, of course! And so today marks Palin's announced #HobbyLobbyLove day, a day that sounds pornographic but is in fact merely a day to take pictures of yourself buying cheap imported crap from a company that puts the womenfolk in their proper place.

But much like abstinence education, Twitter hashtags often do not work out quite as conservatives plan they might. #HobbyLobbyLove is having a rough go of it.

#HobbyLobbyLove go to your local Hobby Lobby buy nothing but take a "selfie" with your birth control method!
I want to bedazzle my Viagra bottle...does @HobbyLobbyStore stick light blue beads? #hobbylobbylove
#hobbylobbylove day! Here's a piece I made a while ago with craft supplies from Michaels's. Inspired by Limbaugh! <3
embroidery: 'slut' below an open case of birth control pills
Ah, well. Just be lucky "Hobby Lobbying" isn't in the Urban Dictionary ye—oh. Never mind.

10:28 AM PT:
#hobbylobbylove Today only, we'll throw in one organ harvested from the Chinese prisoner who made your item, absolutely free!

Originally posted to Hunter on Thu Jul 03, 2014 at 10:02 AM PDT.

Also republished by Sluts and Daily Kos.

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