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While Democrats and the abortion industry would have women believe the most important reason to have a job is to get birth control for free, the real “war on women” is the fact that a record number of them were not working at all in June.
Ladies, you've got it all wrong. Creepy conservatives worming their way into conversations you're trying to have with your doctor? Not a problem! An economy that isn't revving thanks to endless Republican obstruction in Congress? That's the correct war because it's Obama's fault.

Got it?

Hmmm, I wonder how pro-women the commenters will be with this one. Head below the fold to find out!

Obama no doubt wants to keep 'em barefoot and pregnant, perhaps on their way to the abortion clinic, but right back home again in time to start making sammiches for their man.
Liberal woman eat that stuff right up.
History has shown they do not mind being Slaves to Liberal Men.
So Obama wants them pregnant but not pregnant but then pregnant again?
A properly ordered society would have women at home raising their own children instead of shuffling them off to day care; and women would be celebrated for being good mothers instead of being made to feel worthless because they have not joined the parade of "liberated" women who "have it all," and earn often as much and sometimes even more than their husbands.
That's a properly ordered society, where women WANT to raise their own children and children are considered a blessing and not a burden.
A properly ordered society doesn't have women who make more money than their husbands!
Women's groups like NOW, proved that they truly could care less about women's issues, remember back in the 90's with Clinton and his abuse of women, remember Ted Kennedy and his life long abuse of women, including letting one drown, while he tried to get others to cover up for his A$$, yet organizations like NOW would endorse them every time. Women's groups like NOW, have proved time and time again, that they are nothing more then wh0res for the lefts agenda.
Women, you better rethink your support for Democrats, and start supporting the guys calling you whores.
WHY ??? do women buy into this BS ??? THINK.....USE your God given BRAINS !!
When will women start using their brains? But don't use them to work because you might make more money than your husband, and that isn't the god-ordained society. So use ... like half it maybe?
The real war has always been the war on men in this country since day one. Women are been given special privilege by never having been required to register for the draft- ever.
The real war is against men because they have to register to maybe fight the wars that conservatives want to wage, so ... wait, WHAT?
More great economic news! So ladies, many of you helped to elect this fraud TWICE. How is that working out for you? Welcome to the Party! Have you figured out that liberals/progressives are LIARS and they in fact mean you harm? No? Well, just wait a little while'll see.
Things aren't working out so hot, what with he Republican Congress and Supreme Court, but we're all working on that!
According to the DNC, Obama will attend a round table discussion during Thursday 10th with 30 supporters at the home of Aimee Boone Cunningham, who is active in Democratic Party politics and on the issue of reproductive rights and to lie to the american
women about a ginned up war on women. He will discuss how to inflame the social
imbecile to believe the lies.
Did Obama lie to people about the Supreme Court ruling on Hobby Lobby? Wow, he's a really good liar! He totally had ME convinced!
Whether male or male, those who are not working owe it to themselves and to their families and to the rest of society to create a resistance movement. Look at the millions who have eight hours a day to put to good use! If women are smart enough to create signs saying "We want work now", they are also smart enough to figure out why they have no work and to form a free market in different localities in which they can exchange goods and services outside of the market that is controlled by government.
So the solution to the jobless crisis is to create a resistance movement that is basically ... Sharron Angles "chicken for medical care" bartering system? THAT'll show the government!
WE REFUSE TO WORK JUST TO BE STOLEN FROM. If you are so stupid that you want to work to have your work stolen from you and given to others then please feel free. Those of us with good sense will just moderate our lifestyles until the idiot is out of office and our government stops punishing people who work.
Why are conservatives such deadbeats?
Many people think when you are 65 you are retired. Not true in today's world where gas and milk/eggs are double price seniors are faced with remaining at work or becoming a retail clerk at Walmart or McD's.
Every job we seniors take is one less for younger generation needs for gas money and cell phones.
There's a solution for that. Ask a liberal.
After watching what passes for television today it's entirely possible that they're home enjoying sex with each other.
Not just sluts, but GAY sluts!
fire the men in the workforce
that will cure the problem
just ask a democrap
No need for anything that drastic. Let's just fire the men on the Supreme Court.
If you hire a woman you are taking a chance of getting sued for something. The way women have gotten greedy and lazy and militant they have become a liability not a asset. Women are their own worst enemy.
If only women would stop being bitches and allow men to abuse and harass them, then men would still fight to take away their contraceptive coverage but then they wouldn't discriminate against them!
I owned a business for 25 years and as I woman I have to say that under the laws Obozo passed I wouldn't hire a woman. I cannot get sued by hiring just men however I can get sued for hiring women, not a hard decision to figure out who is going to get hired, the only ones who can't sue. So you will continue to see high unemployment rates for women, blacks, browns, and gays.
Thank goodness a intelligent and refreshing comment . Thanks
Thank you for validating my bigotry. I like you almost as much as I like Allen West!
I own a CPA practice (now down to solely me because our government has decided that providing jobs is evil) and the fluctuation between salaries would entail endless hours of paper work for me to justify why each and every person earns a different salary. I don't run a business to spend all my productive time filling out stupid government paperwork for their failed social engineering experiments.
I love these magical fairy made-up laws and government forms! My accountant's firm has quadrupled in size over the past several years, but that's because he is competent and runs a tight ship. It's called capitalism. Some people are good at it and grow, other people suck at it and write comments on Breitbart blaming Obama for it.
This is because Democratic women are all just big vaginas. That is all they talk about. It is obviously all they care about. Instead of voting for a good economy and decent human values, they voted for free birth control, abortion and the right to screw who ever happens to be handy. I will not hire people like this and not most responsible people will.
Darn sluts don't deserve jobs!
Women should never have been allowed to vote...nor citizens under the age of 26 or 30 years of age.
Why oh why do Democrats keep talking about a "war on women"? It's a mystery!
Notice this scrunt has nothing to say about the massive unemployment of men.

No it's all about women. One group who's lack of fidelity and lack of intellect and reasoning have consistently voted for liberals and those who would punish those who excel and those who work hard by taking their money and giving it to women.

Tell you what sweetie, when they start acknowledging the fact that women can't do the same jobs as men without lowering the qualifications for the jobs then maybe we can talk about how the women need help.

"This scrunt" and "sweetie" is the female conservative who wrote this piece, because there's no War on Women, remember?
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