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Who says the Republicans haven't created jobs. They've created/expanded whole industries. More below the orange whirligig...

Industries the Republicans have created….

The ‘Guilt Industry’
    Pioneered by the RC church and buttressed by the alliance with the evangelical  ‘Christian’ right, the guilt industry has flourished. Without exception the winger minions spread their credo that women who access abortion services are tragic victims, doomed to a blighted future, due to having had a ‘choice’. To expand and enhance that view,  storefronts, masquerading as ‘crisis pregnancy’ counseling centers have bloomed around the country. Deceptively named as to indicate an array of options, these agencies are an integral part of the ‘guilt industry’ designed to shame women into continuing a pregnancy. So there are a bunch of ‘jobs’ created there. Despite their best efforts, however, they have made an insignificant contribution to damaging the mental health of women. Dr. C. Edward Koop, tasked by President Reagan with producing a report documenting this overwhelming guilt, did his research and (unique among Republicans, valued the results of scientific research) refused to write the requested report, saying that he had not been able to find any quantifiable ‘guilt’ to report. While some individuals may experience guilt and regret, the overwhelming emotion arising from a successful abortion is reported as ‘relief’. Nonetheless, the ‘guilt industry’ does provide an economic infusion to the economy. Buildings are rented, utilities are paid, etc. So even if the fiction is that the ‘staffing’ (non-professional, of course) is  by volunteers, there is some incidental economic boost.

The ‘Hate Industry’
    Here’s something the right wing has brought us which has grown exponentially. Though Rush Limbaugh is not the first radio talker to promulgate hatred as a virtue, he is by any measure the most successful, garnering immense personal wealth and spawning a legion of minor league imitators i.e. Hannity, O’Reilly, Beck, Savage et al. Giant caches of advertising dollars have flowed into the coffers of media companies, blanketing the airwaves with a reverence for hatred of all things non-white, non-male, non-wealthy. Presumably the purveyors of this ugliness selling their books, earning their tv booking fees, are paying (grudgingly) some income taxes, so, again, economic benefit from the ‘Hate Industry’. Way to go haters...

And of course, their premier advocacy outlet, Fox ‘News’ generates massive advertising revenue promoting and stoking the hates and fears of white folk.

The ‘Distrust Industry’
    An integral part of the Hate Industry, this industry seeks to cast doubt on the validity of that with which they disagree. The President is not a citizen; government statistics showing steadily increasing economic improvement are bogus; immigration issues can never be addressed because the president can’t be trusted to enforce the law. These themes are served up by right wing think tanks as pre-packaged talking points to RW politicians and their claims are heard reverberating across the spectrum of hate media.

The ‘Anti Science Industry’
    Promoting hate and guilt requires a legion of ‘scientists’ and ‘researchers’ to produce documents filled with lies, misinformation, and cooked statistics as proof that ‘hate’ is good and post abortion ‘guilt’ is inevitable. Wealthy foundations hire authors to produce scientific looking reports designed to buttress the views of the entitled class. Legions of preachers flog the message in a ‘Christian’ fashion.

Philosophically this has given birth to a whole new paradigm wherein ‘fervently held beliefs’ trump scientific fact. (See Supreme Court re: Hobby Lobby). Hooray! Maybe Santa WILL be arriving in December.

Decrying/denying the reality and adverse consequences of climate change has necessitated the addition of an whole new cadre of ‘science’ writers who will abandon true science in favor of filthy lucre, but again, an industry funneling money into the economy. Large rewards will be reaped by those who ‘prove’ the futility of alternate energy sources.

The Gun Industry = The Fear Industry
    Amalgamating the best (worst) elements of the Hate and Anti-Science industry has made Gun/Fear industry immensely rich and powerful. Stoking hatred of minority people and promoting the notion that no one is not safe unless armed, the gun industry has seen a spectacular rise in the sale of weapons. Immense arsenals reside in the homes of ordinary citizens. A constant drumbeat encourages unhinged citizens that their elected government is coming soon to seize their guns and that said citizens should be preparing for open conflict with armed forces.

Politicians across the spectrum from R to L have been cowed by the power of the Gun/Fear industry. Many have received contributions. Others are simply too cowardly to act against these bullies. Though every analysis of data indicates that statistically one is much more in danger of suffering death by gunfire if there is a gun in the home, we do not listen to the science. Regularly there are horrific tales of toddlers finding unsecured weapons and tragically killing/maiming another family member. Suicides in gun owning households are far above the national average. But again, the gun industry forces its agenda, regardless of harm. So there are scant and decreasing regulations on the private ownership of military grade armaments and a ridiculous tolerance for the flaunting of weaponry in public settings. But, every time there is an ‘incident’ more people rush out to arm themselves in order to be protected. So, there you go, another contribution to the economy from the Republicans.

And of course, the Lobbying Industry and the Defense Industry, which need no further explication.

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  •  Sorry for duplication (0+ / 0-)

    I originally wrote this Saturday and scheduled it for publishing today. When I looked at my page this morning, it said 'no diaries', etc. so I thought somehow I had lost/deleted it and proceeded to re-create. Now I see it twice. If i knew how to delete one, I would. Sorry.

  •  Well, you can always take Obama route (0+ / 0-)

    If you don't like the numbers….just change 'em!
    Like there is no inflation, there is no recession, 40% of homeowners with mortgages are still in danger of going under, the jobs numbers are so great we've got a run-a-way boom in low pay part time jobs and we're still bleeding full time jobs...

    Let's Just Pretend
    We Didn’t Offshore Manufacturing?
    Is an iPhone made in China and exported to Europe a U.S. export?

    Is an Apple executive a manufacturing worker?

    Yes, and yes.  At least those could become the answers if a new proposal afoot among some in the administration is allowed to take effect.  Federal agencies grouped under the bland-sounding Economic Classification Policy Committee (ECPC) are proposing to radically redefine U.S. manufacturing and trade statistics.

    Under the proposal, U.S. firms that have offshored their production abroad – like Apple – would become “factoryless goods” manufacturers.  The foreign factories that actually manufacture the goods – like the notorious iPhone-producing Foxconn factories in China – would no longer be manufacturers, but “service” providers for the rebranded “manufacturing” firms like Apple.

    It appears the administration has been reading Orwell.

    But the problem with this proposed redefinition is not merely that it offends common sense.  The “factoryless goods” proposal would deceptively deflate the size of reported, but not actual, U.S. manufacturing trade deficits, while artificially inflating the number of U.S. manufacturing jobs overnight.

    While some details of the proposal remain open-ended, one thing is clear: this maneuver would obscure the erosion of U.S. manufacturing.  It would disguise the mass-offshoring of U.S. middle-class factory jobs incentivized by NAFTA-style trade deals.  It would undermine efforts to change the unfair trade and other policies that have led to such decline.

    To boost U.S. manufacturing jobs and production, we need to switch our policies, not our numbers.

    The ECPC is accepting comments on their “factoryless goods” proposal until July 21.  If you’d care to offer your thoughts, click here.

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