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I had this nightmare, a bad dream, so this is a fictional sort of account.

My Nightmare
A bad dream, so a fictional news story:
Governor Perry, after a visit to McAllen, Texas, to witness the influx of children crossing the border illegally, was so distraught, that he said it’s time for drastic measures. He had already requested the aid of the National Guard, but he said that since they hadn’t showed up yet, he was calling in some real men, some patriots, to do the job of chasing these little buggers back across the border by force.
In front of the television cameras, he made the announcement, “I am calling on the forces of Clive Bundy, and all other like-minded militia members, to come to the aid of their country. And don’t forget to bring your assault rifles! We have GOT TO get rid of all of these brown-skinned illegal immigrants, and that means doing so by military force, if necessary.”
The next morning, a huge group of gun-toting, beer-drinking, flag-waving maniacs made an all-out assault on one of the processing facilities, where hundreds of children were being cared for. At first, they just aimed high, using the gunfire only to frighten the children, and to run off the security guards. They meant to chase them south, but some of them turned to running in other directions, which enraged the drunken militia members.
Accidentally, a child was hit, and dropped. Concerned locals began trying to protect the children. Someone shouted, “It’s a Goddam liberal! Get him, boys!” The good Samaritan dropped, and the child he was trying to shield. The militias seemed to figure, ‘the gloves are off, boys’, and they began aiming to kill.
Some Catholic nuns were running around, desperately trying to stop the melee. A cry was heard, “Kill anybody who tries to shield a kid! They’re bound to be liberal democrats! It’s all Obama’s fault! We’ll cleanse this country of foreigners, liberals, and panty-waist queers all at the same time! Then we’ll secede from this obamanation, and start our own country, where there are no gays! Then It’ll be a God-fearing nation again, with traditional family values, with a cross and the ten commandments on every courthouse door!”
When the word got out, that a ‘militia revolution’ was taking place on the border, within hours the whole place was covered up with jacked-up four-wheel-drive pickup trucks, loaded with bearded, loud-mouthed gunmen, some with their wives, armed as well.
Huge flags were attached to the truck beds, and they were throwing sand in the air, going around in mad circles, revving their engines, spouting diesel exhaust into the air. They circled around the children and around us. I was there, running with a little girl in my arms. A pickup pulled up alongside me as I ran. A tobacco-stained face screamed at me, “Lookie there, a blond-haired American, taking the side of the foreign infiltrators! You ought to be on our side, asshole. But I reckon I’m gonna take you out with the rest of ‘em.”
A shot hit me somewhere midsection. I fell, and put the girl on her feet. “Run!” I said.

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