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Israel gets the "bad guy" in Gaza.  This is a diary will be reposted and updated upon until Israel stops it's current massacre.

The father is screaming to his dead son which Israel considers a existential threat.  The father says "Wake up, father brought you a toy".  

Meanwhile in Israel...

Israeli citizens (aka the good guys) watch the bombs that killed this "bad guy" and many children like him.  It is a festival mood which seems to have grown bigger since the last time Israel massacred over 1000 human beings in 2008.  

It makes me sad to think that a large portion of zionists think that this is "pallywood" or that the father of this child willfully put his son in harms way to act as a "human shield".  People who think like that are depraved racist who would eagerly join those to watch the continued destruction of an entire people so that Israel can continue to steal their land, their wealth, their culture, their dignity, and their dreams.

Here is a list provided by Al-Jazeera of the "bad guys" that Israel has descriminantly murdered with it's US supplied smart munitions.

1. Mohammed Shaaban (24) killed in Gaza

2. Amjad Shaaban (30) killed in Gaza

3. Khader Al-Bashiliki (45) killed in Gaza

4. Rashad Yassin (27) killed in the Nusseurat refugee camp

5. Mohammed Ayman Ashour (15) killed in Khan Younis

6. Riad Mohammed Kawareh (50) killed in Khan Younis

7. Bakr Mohammed Judeh (22) killed in Khan Younis

8. Ammar Mohammed Judeh (26) killed in Khan Younis

9. Hussein Yousef Kawareh (13) killed in Khan Younis

10. Mohammed Ibrahim kawareh (50) killed in Khan Younis

11. Mohammed Habib (22) killed in Gaza

12. Ahmed Moussa Habibi (16) killed in Gaza

13. Saqr Ayesh Al-Ajuli (22) killed in Jabalia

14. Ahmed Nael Mahdi (16) killed in Gaza

15. Basil Salem Kawareh (10) killed in Khan Younis

16. Hafez Mohammed Hamad (30) (Islamic Jihad commander)

17. Ibrahim Mohammed Hamad (26)

18. Mahdi Mohammed Hamad (46)

19. Fawziya Khalil Hamad (62) (Female)

20. Dunya Mahdi Hamad (16) (Female)

21. Suha Hamad (25) (Female)

22. Suleiman Salman Abu Sowaween (22)

23. Siraj Ayad Abdelal (8)

24. Abdel Hadi Jumaa Al-Sufi (24)

25. Rashid Al-Kafarneh (30)

26. Nayfeh Farajallah (80) (Female)

27. Abdel Nasser Abu Kweik (60)

28. Khaled Abu Kweik (31)

29. Mohammed Arif (13)

30. Mohammed Malake (1 year and a half)

31. Amneh Malake (27) (Female)

32. Hatem Abu Salem (unreported age)

33. Mohammed Khaled Al-Nimre (22)

34. Sahar Hamdan Al-Masri (40) Female)

35. Ibrahim Al-Masri (14)

36. Mohammed Khalaf Al-Nawasra (4)

37. Nidal Khalaf Al-Nawasra (a child of unreported age)

38. Aicha Najm (Female) (unreported age)

39. Salah Awad Al-Nawasra (unreported age)

40. Mahmoud Nahed Al-Nawasra (unreported age)

41. Amal Yousef Abdel Ghafour (Female) (unreported age)

42. Raneem Judeh Abdel Ghafour (Young girl of unreported age)

43. Ibrahim Daoud Al-Balaawi (24)

44. Abdel Rahman Jamal Al-Zamli (22)

45. Ibrahim Ahmed Abdeen (42)

46. Mustafa Abu Murr (20)

47. Khaled Abu Murr (23)

48. Mazen Faraj Al-Jarba (30)

49. Marwan Isleem (27)

50. Hani Saleh Hamad (57)

51. Ibrahim Hamad (20)

52. Salima Hassan Maslam Al-Arja (Female) (60)

53. Mariam Atiah Mohammed Al-Arja (11) (Female)

54. Hamid Shihab (37)

55. Ibrahim Khalil Qanan (24)

56. Mohammed Khalil Qanan (26)

57. Suleiman Al-Astal (55)

58. Hamdi Badie Sawali (33)

59. Mohammed Al-Akkad (24)

60. Ahmed Sawali (28)

61. Raed Shalat (37)

62. Asmaa Mahmoud Al-Hajj (Female) (unreported age)

63. Tarik Saad Al-Hajj (unreported age)

64. Saad Mahmoud Al-Hajj (unreported age)

65. Najlaa Mahmoud Al-Hajj (Female) (unreported age)

66. Fatima Al-Hajj (Female) (unreported age)

67. Omar Al-Hajj (unreported age)

68. Basima Abdel Fattah Al-Hajj (Female) (unreported age)

69. Ahmed Salim Al-Astal (unreported age)

70. Moussa Mohammed Al-Astal (unreported age)

71. Raed Al-Zawarea (33)

72. Mahmoud Lutfi Al-Hajj (58)

73. Bahaa Abu Al-Leil (35)

74. Salem Qandil (27)

75. Amer Al-Fayyoumi (30)

76. Abdallah Ramadan Abu Ghazal (4)

77. Mohammed Ehsan Farwane (18)

78. Islamel Hassan Abu Jamaa (19)

79. Mahmoud Talee Wallud (unreported age) (Islamic Jihad)

80. Hazem Ibrahim Baaloushe (unreported age) (Killed in a civilian car North Gaza)

81. Alaa Abdel Nabi (unreported age) (Killed in a civilian car North Gaza)

82. Raed Mohammed Abu Shalt (37)

83. Hassan Abu Jamaa (19)

84. Yasmin Mohammed Al-Mutwak (4) (Female)

85. Mohammed Mounir Ashour (25)

86. Anas Rizk Abu Al-Qas (33)

87. Wissam Abdel Razek Hassan Ghannam (23)

88. Ghalia Deeb Jaber Ghanem (7) (Female)

89. Mahmoud Razek Hassan Ghannam (23)

90. Kifah Shahadeh Deeb Ghannam (20)

91. Nour Marwan Al-Najdi (10) (Female)

92. Abdellah Abu Mahrouk (Unreported age)

93. Sami Andan Shaldan (25)

94. Mohammed Kamal Al-Kahlout (Unreported age)

95. Ahmed Zaher Hamdan (22)

96. Bassam Abdel Rahman Khattab (6)

97. Jumaa Atiah Shallouf (Unreported age)

98. Noor Rafik Udai Al-Sultan (Unreported age)

99. Shahraman Ismaeil Abu Al-Qas (42) Killed in Al-Breij

100. Mazen Mustafa Aslan (63)

101. Mohammed Rabih Abu Humeidan (65)

102. Shahd Al-Qreinawi (7)

103. Abdel Halim Abdel Moeti (54)  

104. Hussein Al-Mamlouk (47)  

105  Saber Sukkar (80)  

106. Nasser Mohammed Sammame (49)

107. Rami Abu Musaed (23) Killed in Deir Al-Balah

108. Mohammed Al-Sumeiri (24) Killed in Deir Al-Balah

109. Husam Eddine Al-Razayne (39) Killed in Jabalia

110. Anas Youssef Qandil (17) Killed in Jabalia

111. Abdel Rahim Saleh Al-Khatib (38) Killed in Jabalia

112. Youssef Mohammed Qandil (33) Killed in Jabalia

113. Mohammed Idris Abu Sanena (20) Killed in Jabalia

114. Hala Weshahi (31) Killed in the disabled centre in Jabalia

115. Suha Abu Saada (38) Killed in the disabled centre in Jabalia

116. Ali Nabil Basal (32) Killed in Gaza

117. Mohammed Bassem Al-Halabi (28) Killed in Gaza

118. Mohammed Al-Suweiti (20) Killed in Gaza

119. Ibrahim Nabil Hamade (30)  Killed in Gaza

120. Hassan Ahmed Abu Ghoush (24)  Killed in Gaza

121. Ahmed Mazen Al-Balawi (26)  Killed in Gaza

123. Azmi Mahmoud Taha Obeid (51) killed in shelling on Radwan street

124. Nidal Mohammed Ibrahim Abu Al-Malsh (22) killed in shelling on Radwan street

125. Suleiman Saeed Younis Obeid (56) killed in shelling on Radwan street

126. Ghassan Ahmed Al-Masri (25) killed in shelling on Radwan street

127. Mustafa Mohammed Taha Anabe (58) killed in shelling on Radwan street

128. Rifaat Yousef Amer (36) Killed in Gaza

129. Ghazi Mustafa Areef (62) killed in Gaza

130. Mohamed Idriss Abo Sowaylim (20) Killed in Jabalia

131. Fadi Yaqoub Sukar (25) Killed in Gaza

132. Qassim Jabr Adwan Ouda (16) Killed Khan Younis

133. Mohamed Ghazi Areef (35) Killed in Gaza

134. Khawala Mahmoud Al-Hawajeree (25) Killed in Al-Bareej

135. Ahmed Yousef Daloul (47) Killed in Gaza

136. Mahmoud Lutfi Al-Hajj

137.Mohammad Ahmed Bassa (19) killed in Gaza

138.Mohannad Youusef Dhahir (23) killed in Rafah

139.Mahmoud Abdallah Charatha (53)

140. Shadi Mohammed Zaareb (21) killed in Rafah

141.Imad Bassan Zaareb (21) killed in Rafah

142. Nahedh Naim Al Batsh (12) killed in Rafah

143.Bahaa Majed Al Batsh (12) killed in Gaza

144. Kosai Issam Al Batsh (12) killed in Gaza

145. Aziza Youssef Al Batsh (57) killed in Gaza

146. Mohammed Issam Al Batsh (17) killed in Gaza

147. Ahmed Noman Al Batsh (27) killed in Gaza

148. Yahya alaa al batsh (18) killed in Gaza

149.Jalal Majed Al Batsh (26) killed in Gaza

150. Mahmoud Majed Al Batsh (22) killed in Gaza

151.Marwa Majed Al Batsh (25) killed in Gaza

152.Majed Sobhi Al Batsh killed in Gaza

153.Khaled Majed Al Batsh (20) killed in Gaza

154.Ibrahim Majed Al Batsh (18) killed in Gaza

155. Manar Majed Al Batsh (13) killed in Gaza

156.Amal Hassan Al Batsh (49) killed in Gaza

157.Anas Alaa Al Batsh (10) killed in Gaza

158. Kosai Alaa Al Batsh Killed in Gaza

159.Rami Abu Chanab (25) killed in Deil El Balah

160.Mohammed Ghazi Areef (35) killed in Gaza

161. Hejaziya Hamed AL Helw (80)

162.Fawzeya Abdelal (73) killed in Gaza

163.Hossam Ibrahim Al Najjar (14)

164.Moayad Al Araj (2) Khan Younis

165. Layla Hassan Al Awdat (41)

166. Haitham Ashraf Al Zooreb (21)

166. Kacem Talal Hamdan (23) Bayt hanoun

167. Maher Thabet Abu Mar Sharq (24) Rafah

168. Mohamed Salem Abu Briss (65) Deir Al-Balah

169. Saddam Musa Maamar (23) khan Younis

170. Musa Shahda (60) Khan Younis


Should Israel stop murdering children?

70%41 votes
27%16 votes

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  •  Sad to think (9+ / 0-)

    that unless the Palestinians choose to stand down and stop with their rocketry, more innocents will die.

    •  Egypt has already proposed a ceasefire (7+ / 0-)

      Israel accomplished nothing other then trying to destroy the Palestinian unity government, destroying hundreds of homes that entire extended families live in, murdering hundreds of people, destroying vital Palestinian infrastructure, and bombing mosques and schools.

      We should get the facts straight.  800 rockets where launched from the Gaza Strip.  Rockets made out of Urine and sugar.  Israel, on the other hand, made 1300 airstrikes deliberately targeting the people of the tiny Gaza Strip with smart munitions.  Deliberately killing women and children and young men who had nothing to do with those 800 rockets.

      Israel started this because they wanted to.  They knew those "kidnapped" kids were dead and used it as a pretext to destroy the unity government that was forming.  Just so they could say that they couldn't negotiate with a fractured Palestinian government.  

      It is sad to think that you would blame the father of the child for his own death.  No parent should bury their own child.  Israel makes that happen to often with their open air prison so they can "mow the grass".

      •  wow. (8+ / 0-)

        How many lies can you squeeze into a single comment?

        - First your despicable accusation that I blamed the father for the death of his own child. That is a lie. A horrible, rotten lie.

        - Grad, M-75 and Fajir-5 rockets are not made from piss and sugar.

        - The Israelis are not deliberately killing women and children, they are targeting the military infrastructure that is embedded within the civilian population.

        - They began their attacks (counter attacks) to eliminate the rocket and mortar threats, not because children died.

        - They did not know those kids were dead, even if they suspected they were. And why the scare quotes around "kidnapped"?

        - Unity government? You must be joking.

        And you should seriously reconsider your own math, if the Israelis were deliberately targeting women and children with their smart munitions there would be 10 times the death toll.

        •  So-called 'rockets' are hardly effective weapons (2+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          Hodor kills Bran, Alhambra

          Israel is easily able to counter the primitive rockets coming from Gaza and not one Israeli has been killed in this outbreak. Israeli is simply using excessive force as it regularly does even when the conflict is at a lower level. Israel's behavior is just shameful.

          Israeli's propaganda arm likes to talk about all of the 'rockets' from Gaza but they avoid mentioning that these pose little threat.

      •  blaming the father for the son's death... (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        ... is illogical and incorrect.

        Hamas operatives set up rocket launchers in civilian areas and shoot at Israeli civilian areas, deliberately causing civilian casualties, and then they scoot.  Israel shoots back at those locations and causes civilian casualties as a side-effect of hitting the rocket launchers.  

        Hamas deliberately uses the human shield tactic to leverage public opinion.  Judging from what I see on DK, they have succeeded with some people around here.

        The father didn't kill his own kid.  Some Hamas operative did, via the agency of the IDF responding to Hamas rocket attacks on Israel.

        BTW, if Israel wanted to unleash a disproportionate response, they could pulverize the relevant areas of Palestine and there would be nothing left.

        Bottom line is: Hamas is acting with utterly sadistic cynicism in this thing.  Don't fall for it.

        We got the future back. Uh-oh.

        by G2geek on Mon Jul 14, 2014 at 07:00:29 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  You actually believe what you are saying? (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:

          The sick lies of blood thirsty neocons.  That this is just a "small" massacre.  The only one who is cynical is you.  You see the picture of the Israeli picnics and read the statements about Israel "mowing the grass" then utter this nonsense?

          The only people to blame are those that pulled the trigger.  People have a choice.  We, the USA, chose to build and finance Iron dome so those rockets would be neutralized.  Israel chose to commit another massacre to "mow the grass".  They chose to destroy the power plants and mosques and anything else that could improve the lives of Palestinians.  

          I don't know why I even bother trying to engage with people like you.  People who, even after seeing all the evidence and witnessing the carnage, still see things in such a skewed and perverse way that no amount of discussion will ever fix whatever bias and lies that you are a true believer of.

    •  I also guess you also (8+ / 0-)

      won't comment on the party that Israelis have whenever Israel decides to commit a massacre in the Gaza Strip.  They aren't sad at all.  They are happy that 2 ton bombs and rockets are annihilating Palestinians and putting them into the grave.  

    •  Why does this argument not go the other (0+ / 0-)


      Your argument is completely bogus because the fighters in the Gaza can use the exact same argument.

      Please at least find a better argument that does not lead to logical contradiction.

  •  There is a war going between Israel (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Zornorph, kirrix, G2geek

    and Hamas. I favor Israel, you favor Hamas. We have a difference of opinion.

    •  Sandbox -- I once would have agreed with you (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      but I talked to people, read, and went to events to learn information about Israel & Palestine, that was obviously not taught in school.  I found that the more you learn, the more you side with Hamas.

      Israel seems intent on self-destruction, while partying it up as the winner, with US support.  I read an article about Israel several years ago, "The Experiment We Once Called Israel."  

    •  Randomly looking at your comment history (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      shows that you support anything that would kill or imprison arabs/muslims because you seem to be a racist islamophobe.  My friends warned me that this site contains people like you but I didn't believe it.  Now I have regrets I even posted here.  Because even in "progressive" sites there is room for racists, like yourself, to lecture people with lies about who they are.  

      You can support Israel all you want.  Your opinion is worthless though because of your warped racist mind.  For example, in an Indian election diary (picked at random) you wrote

      I don't think that's true--you're over generalizing here.
      Nevertheless, we're starting to see many Democrats speaking out on the dangers of sharia law (like the demos at the Beverly Hills Hotel).
      This is wingnut level of racism.  Don't ever even comment about me or who I am.  Ever!

      Shame on anyone who uprated this Pam Gellar doppelganger.  

  •  hamas attacks israel (0+ / 0-)

    Israel attacks back with disproportionate force. has been covering this in graphic detail. if you don't have an extremely strong stomach for looking at real life human death and gore i'd highly recommend not visiting the site. if you do then you will see a lot of the real truth of what's going on that the MSM doesn't report.

    •  Really? (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      kirrix, G2geek

      Please define disproportionate force. And please include what the correct response is to 800 rockets launched towards civilian population centers.

      •  i'm not defending hamas (0+ / 0-)

        both sides are dicks. actually I believe that disproportionate response is the only way to make the rockets stop bombarding Israel.

      •  The correct response isn't (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        to commit a massacre on civilians with 1300 jet attacks targeting entire families for annihilation.  

        I can't believe people are defending the insanely right wing war mongering likud government and the massacre it's committing but here we are.

        •  What would be the correct response? (0+ / 0-)

          If those Hamas rockets were falling out of the sky in your neighborhood, what would you do?

          The jets are not targeting entire families. The jets are targeting Hamas rocket launchers which Hamas has "strategically" placed in the midst of those families.

          The IDF dropped leaflets and made friggin' robo calls to people urging them to leave before their neighborhood was to be bombed. Hamas responded by telling people to stay put in their houses.

          Egypt proposed a cease-fire. Israel accepted the terms. Hamas said, "This must be a joke." and continued shooting.

          So again. What would you do if those rockets were falling in your neighborhood?

      •  800 ineffective rockets (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Alhambra, Hodor kills Bran

        Please, let's not pretend these 'rockets' are effective under the circumstances. Israeli is simply using excessive force and does so regularly because it seems to be downright bigoted.

        •  They are completely effective (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          NJ Liberal

          Their primary purpose is to terrorize. Mission accomplished.

        •  What's your definition of Rocket? (0+ / 0-)

          Why do you put the word in quotes? They ARE rockets. They fly up to 80 miles and hit whatever they hit.

          That they haven't killed anyone (recently) is testament to the fact that Israel has spent a huge amount of money on defense, and that many people pretty much live in bomb shelters.

          Would it really be OK with you to have 50 pound hunks of burning metal falling out of the sky in your neighborhood?

          Let's not pretend that these rockets are anything BUT effective.

  •  Your poll is even more repulsive than your diary (0+ / 0-)

    This is no different from the concept of someone posting a diary and adding a poll that asks

    should Hodor kills Bran stop [fill in your own repulsive act] ?
    I imagine that you knew exactly what you were doing when you added this loaded question, but if what you intended was some twisted humor, you fell way short. Plenty of twisted, not so much humor.

    Israel is engaged in a defensive attack against Hamas, who thinks  that placing rocket launchers behind human shields is a good idea. Y'know, propaganda fodder.

    So, let me ask you: Should Hamas stop shooting rockets at Israeli civilians? Yes or No. No room for discussion. Those are the rules you made.

    By the way - when did you stop beating your wife?

    •  So you think it's immoral to even ask the question (0+ / 0-)

      When I show that it has been murdering children with a heart breaking video and a 2 day old list showing that a lot of those murdered where children with their families.

      Youre a pathetic liar disrupting my diary at the tail end of it's existence.  Please go away before you look even more like an uneducated child who watch IDF propaganda all day.

      •  I didn't say "immoral" I sad "repulsive (0+ / 0-)

        A) Please don't misquote me

        B) Don't ever, not for a second, pretend to know ANYTHING about me. You don't know who I am, where I've been or what I've seen.

        C) "pathetic liar ?" I DARE you to point out a single lie in what I've written here.

        D) You've seized on to the fact that I disagree with you and you've not answered ANY of my questions. Try again with the easy one:  Should Hamas stop shooting rockets at Israeli civilians?

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