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Ogg & Uck are back, this time talking about collapsing ice sheets and sea level rise. As usual, mayhem is headed their way, but they're pretty much just still a couple of arguing cave men.

The latest IPCC report on global warming is not entirely doom and gloom. One bright spot is that it's relatively cheap to do something about all of this. We don't need to bring our world economy to a screeching halt, even though that is what the big oil and coal companies would like you to think.

Ice sheets and glaciers are melting and sea levels are on the rise. We can wait until the massive relocations, wars and destruction begin, and spend bazillions of dollars then, or we can take this seriously now. So far it seems like we're doomed to be a species of serious procrastinators. (Be sure to check out some of the news stories behind this cartoon.)

Ogg:  Uck!  Uck!  It's happening-- the Great Danger is here!

Uck:  Me no believe you, Ogg, me not feel danger with my own eyeballs, yet!

Ogg:  But, Uck!  Ninety-seven percent of scientists say it's happening now!

Uck:  Me believe the other three percent, who say nothing to worry about, want to be left alone like me, Ogg.

Ogg:  Scientists say ice sheets are melting and collapsing, waters will rise, much calamity is coming!

Uck:  Me hear one ice sheet is getting bigger!  See, everything fine!

Ogg:  But that's inconsequential compared to other ice sheets collapsing . . . ten times as much!

Uck:  Me read on Denier Log that one ice sheet grew a number bigger.

Ogg:  Yes, but others shrank by seventy-five percent!

Uck:  Me still believe scientists who think like me.  They more positive, not yell at me like you, Ogg.

Ogg:  But, Uck!  I'm trying to tell you it's happening, we're in this together!

Uck:  No, you with your ninety-seven percent scientists, me with my three percent scientists.  They more fun, they not scare me.

Ogg:  But flooding, famine and death are much scarier than me!

Uck:  Mmm, it too expensive to do anything about anyway, me fine.

Ogg:  Uck!  It's actually surprisingly cheap!  Especially compared to destruction, wars and abandoning our caves!

Uck:  Me sure someone will think of something.

Ogg:  But we've already thought of something, we've just got to stop talking and do it!

Uck:  You just trying to scare me.

Ogg:  Can't you see what's happening right in front of us?!

Uck:  Me no believe you, Ogg.  Me still not feel danger with my own eyeballs yet.

Ogg:  [exasperated]  Uuuck!

Uck:  Look, Ogg!  The Northwest Passage does exist, see?

Originally posted to Comics on Fri Jul 18, 2014 at 06:50 AM PDT.

Also republished by Daily Kos.

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