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Adding insult to injury, the so-called "separatists" in Eastern Ukraine have been looting the valuables at the crash site.

The Dutch, who have mostly been silently grieving the loss of its 192 citizens, voiced disgust at rebel separatists for looting the belongings of the dead including cash, jewellery and credit cards.

Some of the rebels reportedly posted their loot on social networking sites.

"Murderers"– the Netherlands' leading daily De Telegraaf reported as its headline on Friday.

“Keep your arms off the belongings. No respect for the dead people. Terrible," Mireille Kossen-Warnaar told the daily in response to looting reports.

The crash scene in the Eastern Ukraine has not been roped off, USA Today reported, and investigators arrived at the site found victim's luggage opened and riled through by raiders, possibly hampering investigations into the airline disaster.

Furthermore, the Guardian is reporting that the "separatists" are making every effort to cover up what happened when the plane was shot down, tampering with the crime scene, and hiding evidence:

Pro-Russia separatist groups in eastern Ukraine are hastily covering up all links to the Buk missile battery suspected to have been used to shoot down the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane, according to western-based defence and intelligence specialists.


Igor Sutyagin, a Russian military specialist at the London-based Royal United Services Institute, said he regarded the tape recordings as genuine, as well as postings on social media pointing the finger at pro-Russia separatists or Russia itself.

But getting evidence would be very difficult. He said: "A decision has been made on the Russian side to hide their tracks. It will be hard to find the battery." Satellites might have been able to catch something, but the trail from the missile would have been very short, Sutyagin said.

These moves don't surprise me, but I am nonetheless aghast at what is happening there.  I can't even begin to imagine what friends and family of the victims are going through.

Sun Jul 20, 2014 at 5:53 AM PT: The Ukrainian Govt. has just released a tape of a conversation their security services intercepted where Russian/Russian-backed "separatists" are talking about "securing"/hiding the plane's black boxes:

Reuters has also released video footage of what looks like a black box being found on Friday:

It looks increasingly doubtful that international investigators will ever have access to black boxes that have not been tampered with.

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