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So I was going to a write a diary last night encouraging Kansans to attend a grand, exciting event this Saturday in Hutchinson, Kansas, including an offer of a lift from Lawrence for 2-3. And I'm still planning on writing that one. But I saw something that royally pissed me off and reminded me of how badly I want to see The.Most.Dangerous&Despicable.Politician.In.Kansas get the boot this November.

And I'm not talking about Sam Koch Brownback, or Tim "women are desperately looking for a husband” Huelskamp. I'm talking about our nativist Secretary of State, Kris "Aparthied Could Be Justified" Kobach, co-author of Arizona's racist SB 1070.

Actually, two things regarding him and his office crossed my radar, and I can't decide which is worse. You be the judge.

Kobach Deputy Disrespects Black Ministers in Wichita

The Wichita Eagle reports that Kobach's assistant, one Eric Rucker, apparently invited himself to speak to a meeting in Wichita of predominently Black ministers earlier this month. According to the group's president, Wade Morris, Mr Ruckern got off on the wrong foot:

“We thought it would be a good time to dialogue about voter rights issues. But it was a terrible meeting. His opening statement was that Kansas was supposed to be a slave state. It was like, ‘You’re all black, you’re going to accept whatever I tell you.’ It was done in such a disrespectful manner.”
Hoo boy. It seems Kobach's clueless assistant blindly tried using his usual propaganda to school us white Kansans on why we need our new poll-tax, uh, I mean, two-tier voter ID law. Mr. Rucker starts out telling these Black men of faith that our Free State law has always included provisions for ensuring that only residents get to vote here, and he cites the pre-statehood 1859 Wyandotte Constitution as the basis for that. Oops.
Herman Hicks, an African-American pastor at the Greater Pentecostal Church, said he found Rucker’s opening an odd way to address a predominately black group. The Wyandotte Constitution also denied the right to vote to everyone except white men who were at least 21 years old.

“When you’re trying to have a discussion,” he said, “the first thing you should do is know your audience.”

And it went downhill from there. Imagine some right-wing radio host, sputtering and shouting over his callers, not letting them get a word in edgewise. Hoping to discuss the hardships the new law is placing on their on communities, the ministers' concerns were rudely dismissed.
“But he was very rude, very defensive,” said Reuben Eckels, pastor at New Day Christian Church. “If you asked questions, he’d break in and cut you off.”

The article reports that the ever-defensive Kobach himself countered that the ministers were the disrespectful ones.

Damned uppity negros!

I'm not surprised by any of this, considering Rucker's boss's racist nature and egotistical personality. The hatred he harbors for immigrants is clear, and I have no doubt he is a white supremacist. Why would his staff be any different?

Which brings me to the next story I came across tonight. It is from 2013, but I either forgot or missed it, and the excellent op-ed it inspired.

Kobach Considers Using Lethal Force Against Protestors

Kobach’s true colors were revealed last week, when stripped of his pseudo-civility, he revealed a meaner side.

His deep hostility toward illegal immigration prompted a peaceful, though obnoxious, protest of more than 200 people at his home. That was an inappropriate place to protest, but Kobach’s reaction was telling – and terrifying.

Kobach said he would consider using “lethal force” to keep them at bay.

Considering the company he keeps and the work he does, none of this should surprise anyone who's been paying attention. What an ugly, ugly man.

The former piece gives a full account of the meeting and the pastors' reactions to their rude, clueless, white-priviliged (to be mild) guest. The latter piece includes a scathing review of Krazy Kris Kobach's faults and motivations. Both highly recommended reading.

And now for some Hope!

Jean Schodorf for Kansas Secretary of State

Besides Krazy Kris facing a formidable Republican challenger in the August 5 primaries, a June poll shows Jean Schodorf trailing Kobach by just 6 points, 41-47! This is truly too close for comfort for him, and she hadn't even gone statewide to make her case at that point. We have a chance here, folks. Right here in deep red Kansas.

Hey-ho, it's really time for Krazy Kris Kobach to Go!

If you want to meet and talk to Jean:

Come To Hutchinson to Meet Our Kansas Democrats!

When: 11AM-3PM, Saturday, July 26, 2014
Where: George W. Pyle Park, 100 E. Ave. B, downtown Hutchinson
BBQ, watermelon, other food and music performances. Bring a lawn chair.

Who else will be there?

Jean Schodorf (Candidate for Secretary of State)
Brian E Davis (Candidate for State House of Representatives)
Jim Sherow (Candidate for 1st District US House of Representatives - Tim Huelskamp's seat)
Jill Docking (Candidate, Lt. Governor)
• Various County Party Leadership
• Democrats & Kossacks from across the state

Besides the meet & greet, attendees can enjoy great live music and partake in the Downtown Hutchinson BBQ Contest.

If you plan to attend, kosmail our amazing leader, activist, and organizer extraordinaire, tmservo433. If you need a ride from Lawrence, Topeka or anywhere else along the way, I have room for 3. Kosmail me.

Don't forget to follow and join Kansas & Missouri Kossacks by kosmailing tmservo433.

Originally posted to StepLeftStepForward on Thu Jul 24, 2014 at 07:25 AM PDT.

Also republished by Kansas & Missouri Kossacks.

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