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Just when I start to think that this whole "Heartlessness" thing for Conservatives might be a bit overblown.  That their opposition to Health Care reform, or their opposition to Comprehensive Contraceptive Care might actually be a Principled Stand and not just one that's based in Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt, Paranoia and Hate...

Just then, is when this happens.

Tea Party town hall erupts as Texas state Rep urges ‘compassion’ for migrant kids

A town hall meeting held by Texas Tea Party state Rep. David Simpson (R) on Wednesday got heated as Simpson’s constituents railed at him for not doing more to stop the influx of unaccompanied, undocumented minors coming to the United States from Central and South America.


After Simpson’s slide show of the faces of some of the border children, Longview resident Terri Hill said, “I believe your constituents should come first when you talk about people who are impacted. You are to represent us, and we have children. These [migrant children] are people that are coming in with leprosy, tuberculosis, polio.

Another resident, Ben Denson, expressed fear that the children could be disease-carriers.

“I’ve got four kids and a fifth one on the way,” Denson said. “These [Central American] kids have scabies and influenza, viral pneumonia, leprosy. These kids are going to be part of the school system…They are bleeding Texas [Democrat] blue.”

Other residents fear that the children are already criminals in their hearts.

“We need our borders protected. We need a lot of things, but what we don’t need is more people at the trough,” said Thomas Rolland to Simpson. “These people are not coming in with a good, Christian heart. Most of them are criminals, anyway.”

And, y'know, I could be wrong, but seeing as many of them are Latino - they're most likely Catholic.  But apparently that's just not "Christian Enough" for these folks who apparently feel that every life is sacred, until it rears up on two legs and starts treking thousands of miles to escape kidnapping, torture and murder to a place where they might have thought they'd be "Free", or some such.

I do so clearly remember those Bible verses where Jesus jumped up on top of the Humvee with an AR-15 in his hands and declared there's "No More Room at the Inn in the Country" for the sick, the tired, the poor and the hopeless.

Or was it a .50 cal? I forget.

Simpson to his credit tried to argue back, kinda...

Simpson protested, “These children are fodder in this. They are being assaulted.”

The gang wars and turmoil they are fleeing, he said, are not the children’s fault.

“I don’t believe in amnesty,” he assured the crowd. “I don’t believe in treating people who’ve crossed the border as a murderer…I do think there should be a path, a legal path, for naturalization or citizenship. We’re a nation of immigrants.”

Yes, shake your head and do a double-take if you must but those words were said - by. a. Republican.

In a cowboy hat.

My god, what is this world coming too?

I mean it's not like we could expect the average GOPer to become upset at the idea of Emergency 9-11 Services being provided to Non-English speaking persons, right?  We haven't had anyone claim that if they wanted to get CPR - or get pulled out of a burning wreck - they shoulda learned English first Amirite?!

Yeah.. well.. except for these guys, and gal.

Fox hosts outraged that Texas 911 operators are ‘forced’ to help dying non-English speakers

“They stumbled across the border illegally and now they need your help!” Fox News host Steve Doocy complained, pointing to a 911 call in Brooks County, Texas where a man who could only speak Spanish asked for a helicopter rescue because his cousin was “turning purple.”

“A small Texas town forced to answer 911 from stranded illegals in Spanish!” Doocy exclaimed.

“Not only are they understaffed and lacking resources, now they’ve got to deal with illegal immigrants who have no business being here,” co-host Brian Kilmeade opined.

Brooks County Chief Deputy Urbino “Benny” Martinez pointed out to Kilmeade that his department had a duty to respond to all 911 calls.

“So, those calls you have to respond to, even though for the most part when you get there, you realize, they’re not an American citizen?” the Fox News host pressed.

“That’s correct, but they’re on U.S. soil, and due process comes into play, and that’s the way we’re taking them as,” Martinez explained.

Dagnabbit, foiled again by that pesky 14th Amendment clause requiring the "equal protection of the law to all persons within the jurisdiction of the States".

Why if only we could have them show their "Papers Please" over the phone, so we could know whether or not their lives are worth saving?  Obviously, they've come all this way, over deserts, mountains, and fences purely to suck up all of our sweet, sweet, juicy, emergency rescue services.

To be saved by 9-11 and suck the resources of the State dry, well isn't that just the absolute pinnacle of the American-Immigrant Dream?  I'm sure that those dirty, scabies and TB riddled kids are just salivating for the chance to ride in the back of an ambulance clinging to the edge of life.

At Disneyland they used to call that kind of ride an "E-Ticket".  Yessiree!

Clearly what we need to keep this freeloading little bastards OUT are some big scary gun toating soldiers, because we all know that kids who've had to face kidnappers, gangster, drug runners and murders will of course turn-tail and reverse coarse at the sight of the National Guard... I mean, didn't that work so wonderfully in Fallujah?

What could possibly go horribly wrong with that plan?

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) announced Tuesday that he would be sending 1,000 National Guardsmen to the Texas border to help address the influx of unaccompanied minors entering the U.S.


The National Guard will not be making arrests and will instead observe the border and notify law enforcement of any undocumented immigrants, which doesn't make sense to many officials at the border.

“I don’t know what good they can do,” Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio told the Dallas Morning News, referring to the National Guard. “You just can’t come out here and be a police officer.

Lucio said that hiring additional police officers at the border would make more sense.

"The National Guard is trained in warfare. They're not trained in law enforcement. This is not a war. This is people asking for help," Lucio told the Houston Chronicle.

Starr County Judge Eloy Vera told the Chronicle that sending the National Guard to the border didn't help in 2006 and 2010, so it won't do any good now. Vera suggested that the surge of police presence at the border isn't even helping that much.

"Those DPS people that are down here," he said. "There's one every mile, or every half a mile. And then every once in a while you'll see a cluster or three or four of them chatting. They are doing absolutely nothing."

It's doing nothing at all except making Rick Perry look Chuck Norris, Dirty Harry tough.  Which is to say, fake, Hollywood. cinema, photo-op "tough".

And of course, yet again, wasting tax payer dollars on "War" instead of Peace.  Peace just isn't macho enough for the Grand Ole' Asshole Party.


Originally posted to Vyan on Thu Jul 24, 2014 at 08:34 AM PDT.

Also republished by LatinoKos.

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