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So if you haven't already, go ahead and read Markos' post on why he doesn't want Warren to run:

I have major disagreements with pretty much all of it, and I'm going to respond to each point:

"She's not narcissitic enough"

Um, I'm confused. Is Barack Obama some kind of megalomaniac? What about Jimmy Carter, that self-absorbed narcissist? Or what Hillary? Is she a narcissist? I don't want to nominate a narcissist.

People who are self-obsessed narcissists make terrible candidates. Mitt Romney or Bobby Jindal, for example.

"We had to drag her kicking and screaming into the Senate race"

Ok, so drag her kicking and screaming into the Presidential race. She's not going to run if she doesn't feel a strong push to get her to run. That's how it works.

"She would get crushed"

That's what they said about Obama in 2008 against Hillary. And the party has only moved left since then.

Furthermore, polling is misleading at this point, because half of Dems don't even know her. In fact, Warren's favorables are actually higher than Hillary's among people familiar with her.  

Finally, the possibility of failure is never a good reason not to try something.

"She won't push Hillary left"

Maybe, maybe not. But she DEFINITELY won't move her left from the Senate. If you think she will, ask Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders KNOWS you can't influence the executive branch from the Senate chambers. That's why he's running for President.

The only way to move a frontrunner to the left or right is a plausible challenge from his left of right. See Mitt Romney in 2012.

"She would be marginalized as a fringe figure"

By whom? You think Hillary would try to marginalize Warren as fringe? I seem to remember her trying to do that to another guy 6 years ago and losing. Liberals LOVE Warren, and attacking her would only backfire. Ask Third Way about that. And what about the national media? How do they plan to marginalize her? By pointing out that she wants students to pay the same loan rate as banks? Or pointing out that she doesn't want seniors to eat dog food for the rest of their lives?

"She would lose all effectiveness in the Senate"

I must be missing something. What major legislation has Warren managed to get passed? And how is she going to defeat the GOP filibuster when Dems lose at least three seats this year? Furthermore, plenty of Presidential candidates have lost and gone on to be effective Senate legislators: Dole, McCain, Kennedy, Kerry...

In summary, Elizabeth Warren absolutely should run for President. If she turns out to be a bad campaigner or absolutely hates it, she can drop out. But you can't win if you don't play the game. And right now, Hillary is the only game in town. And that's a bit scary to me.


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