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    When workers are fighting for what they believe in and for their way of life, it is serious. So when standing in solidarity with other customers and Market Basket employees on Saturday, the support was obvious. Over 80 percent of the hundreds of cars driving by beeped and gave a thumbs up sign. This included folks from Maine, Hew Hampshire and Massachusetts as well as many from other states. The employees were upbeat. One of the longer-term employees made sure that everyone was safe. As we looked across the street, there was a child who had become overcome by heat while riding his bike. Market Basket employees carried him across the street and into the shade so his parents could be called. This is what responsible companies teach their employees to do.

     After holding rally signs for a while, we entered the store to see what was still left. The dairy and produce sections were very empty, as well as the coolers to stock them. The meat section was virtually empty.  Bread that was about to pass the sale date was marked down. Other shelves were eerily empty. There were only a handful of customers and one cash register open. As we left empty handed, we passed the newspaper rack, which showed pictures of the Friday protest rally at the Market Basket corporate headquarters. So what do you call a couple of CEO’s that are being paid millions to lose a company millions in less than a week? Then they have the audacity to tell the employees that as long as they pledge allegiance to their new bosses, that nothing will change? Trust us? This type of statement is offensively transparent.

     Market Basket is only part of the story. When CEOs and Boards of Directors make decisions that are oblivious to human nature, they should pay the price. It is about the people who go to work everyday to feed our communities and make our country what it is, a kind and caring nation. The dedicated employees of Market Basket deserve our support and respect.

5:13 PM PT: Thank you for the informative comments, information and suggestions. A background link was provided and I'll pass it along -
It was a bit overwhelming to receive so many recommends as a newcomer. I will work to be more responsive in the future. Thank you all once again.

Originally posted to flower on Sat Jul 26, 2014 at 09:01 PM PDT.

Also republished by Hellraisers Journal.

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