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Flowers, 55, was a member of the now-disbanded Minneapolis Police Community Relations Council and has been a frequent critic of the police department.

Of course as SOP the police are investigating themselves, should I surprise you with their decision now?

Scott Seroka, spokesman for the Minneapolis police, declined to comment on the incident or the extent of Flowers’ injuries, saying “this is an ongoing investigation.”

Flowers’ sister, Lisa Clemons, a former Minneapolis police sergeant, said she was told by a physician that her brother required stitches and had injuries to his head, face and ribs. She declined to comment further, saying that she and several community leaders plan to hold a news conference in the next few days to discuss the incident.

Edwards said that Flowers was arrested after police came to his home in south Minneapolis, saying they had a warrant to arrest a juvenile at the home. He said the altercation broke out after Flowers asked to see a copy of the arrest warrant.

For well over a decade the police have been harassing Flowers after he successfully defended his daughter from charges brought against his daughter.
Making a point
In September of 2005, Flowers filed suit again, recounting the same harassment by Stoll and charging police had used excessive force. He added that Minneapolis police officers harassed him and his family by gathering five or six squad cars outside his house and approaching the door with the implication there had been a 911 complaint filed about the house. They flashed spotlights on the Flowers house as they drove by at night, he said. That case continues.

According to public documents, the city attorney's office has spent $144,000 defending against Flowers' first three actions against the city, not counting his daughter's suit. Adding an estimated $50,000 for the attorney's fee he was awarded by the jury in the First Amendment suit, the total cost to the city comes to $194,000.

Meanwhile, in the past year Flowers has filed three actions against the city charging racial discrimination. Figures aren't available yet for the cost of those cases, which continue.

To date, the Flowers side of the lawsuit ledger is in the black for $3. The city's side is in the red for $194,003, and counting.

Flowers says the value in the lawsuits does not lie in the money. It's in using the courts to make a point about racial discrimination.

"It's a matter of survival for my community," he said. "The city is targeting me because I'm pointing out corruption."

Clearly Flowers relies on the legal system to exert justice. Unfortunately that shameful blue line has other ideas. Flowers was struck in the head and torso requiring medical attention. His need for medical attention was so severe the jail would not take him and police then took him to get medical aid.

Asking for a warrant when police knock on your door is not resisting. Why isn't it in their hand already?

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