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A group called StormCloudsGathering has made a video that is making it's way through all the "patriot" and militia sites on FaceBook. It concerns Ebola and purports that Ebola is far more dangerous than we knew, and people should get packin' cuz it's cummin' for you!

Now, to be fair, some of what they claim ARE facts:
- This strain of Ebola is not Ebola Zaire (the name given to the last outbreak of Ebola)
- This strain is 97% similar to the Ebola Zaire strain
- Ebola kills between 50% and 97% of it's victims
- This strain has a three week incubation period
- The outbreaks of this strain are occurring in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone
- Ebola can only be transferred by contact with bodily fluids of the infected.

And this is where facts depart into fantasyland. More over the squiggly orange virus

They claim that a ( highly questionable) study shows that Ebola can and has become airborne. Really?!.

The study hinges on shoving 6 infected pigs into a room with four monkeys in cages and waited to see how long it took for the monkeys to become infected. They fed all the animals and hosed down the floors...oops! Ebola transmits through liquids such as pee and poo, and even though they tried hard not to splash the pig mess onto the cages holding the monkeys...the monkeys eventually became infected. Somehow these idiots just assumed that Ebola had become airborne! Sheeesh. I'm not any kind of scientist and yet I figured out the flaws within two minutes of reading the study.

Here comes the big bad wolf who wants you to believe all that stuff about the six little piggies (and the hairy monkeys):

Right now the question on everyone's minds is whether this virus will spread outside of Africa. Considering the fact that Ebola has a three week incubation period, can travel through the air, and has already hitchhiked onto an international flight, this is a very real possibility. There are some that are downplaying the probability of this outcome, and to be honest, I hope that they are right, but the simple fact of the matter is that these people are basing their assessment on the faulty premise that Ebola is not an airborne virus.
And just what is the wolf's advice?

Get out of town, before Ebola blows your house down.

1. Know where you would go if you needed to leave your home on short notice. If Ebola escapes Africa the last place you want to be is in a densely populated metropolitan area. It may be that the most practical destination for your family would be a rural area near your current home, but if you already have concerns about the government you are living under, and how they may handle a crisis like this, then you might want to start looking at alternatives. Finding an alternative location that suits your family's needs is something that requires a lot of time and research, so don't put this off. The primary characteristics you should be examining in an alternative destination are geography , political environment, climate, population density and visa terms and requirements. Ideally you would want to end up somewhere that is geographically isolated to some degree.
And that's just the beginning of this bedtime story.

How well did this story go over? Well here's Chicken Little's take on it:

It's all GOOD:-))))))))))
Don't worry! We have chick on pox outbreak. No borders. Some illegal with a hybrid strain of TB running around loose. In the USA. Don't worry about the eboli a plane rude away! They say we will ask passengers if they feel sick! Come on! The cdc in the USA has lost and found live bio being not treated as nothing. Sorry but I'm concerned! Better get wise. Along with the military war front vehicles moving in your hood! Wake up to reality!
So you know where this is going, right? Suddenly there will be a mass exodus of "patriots" leaving the border to be defended by those whose job it is. They'll start showing up at every airport in America, waving their guns and trying to stop airplanes landing in the US...cuz they just might have passengers with Ebola.

And when they get tired of that... a sudden surge in the sales of surgical masks and sterile gloves, water, guns and ammo, knives and machetes, bulk dried food, propane, gas, and all sorts of survivalist gear.

And a glut of insane people wearing surgical masks and gloves trying to buy land in Alaska and northern Canada.

Ha! I just knew that two storey underground cement bunker with pumped fresh air, gun turrets and booby traps would come in handy someday...YeeHaa!

Update:  I just ran across another diary by The Baculum King reporting that CNN says two infected American patients are being airlifted from Liberia to the US:

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