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Always saving lives....

Colorado officials propose tightening rules for marijuana edibles

DENVER (Reuters) – A Colorado task force charged with tightening controls on marijuana edibles unveiled proposed rules on Friday to limit potency levels, require clearer labeling and assure that children cannot get their hands on pot-infused confections.

Under the guidelines released by the Colorado Department of Revenue, serving sizes of edible pot products would be restricted to 10 mg of THC, the psychoactive component in marijuana, down from 100 mg.

Packaging would also have to alert consumers the items contain cannabis. Child-proof packages and health warning labels would need to be affixed to the products before they are shipped to pot stores.

We can get all freaked out about marijuana-infused confections and whip out a bunch of regulations (which aren't always bad....) but goddamn we can't do a thing about improving gun safety in the home?

I always link marijuana to guns specifically because guns kill people and are legal and glorified while marijuana doesn't kill people and is illegal (still, mostly) and demonized, as reported above.

I realize this is essentially cultural, but it's all based on lies and well...we're still supposed to believe it, even though states are legalizing it successfully.

Where's the similar concern (at the lawmaker level) for reducing gun accidents? When the Evil Weed is on the table, they move swiftly, with great courage. When it's gun safety, they utterly wuss out. It's sickening.

Now...parents have always had to be responsible for their kids. Parental responsibility was NOT invented by the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Most of them are, I suppose. Part of marijuana propaganda is shaming parents.

Yet we still hear stories weekly about kids finding guns and tragedy ensues. Charges are usually not filed. These incidents get cataloged at least weekly here with the #gunfail series, as well as the "GunCrazy in the USA" series. I don't recall stories of kids getting taken away after these tragedies.

The report concludes that 70 percent of the killings could have been prevented by safe gun storage.

We occasionally hear stories of kids getting pot cookies or whatever. People freak out, charges are filed, parents are suddenly neglectful monsters, and children get taken away.

Children Sickened After Eating Cannabis Cookies
Children who ingest marijuana can become ill, but just how sick they get depends on a number of factors, including the child's age, weight, the potency of the drug and how much the child gets.

"Kids may become giddy, constantly repetitive, they may stare off in space, may have some hallucinations," said Dr. Thomas Abramo, professor of pediatrics and emergency medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, Tenn. "Vomiting is a kind of protective mechanism. If children vomit, it makes me wonder if there's something else in it."

But they're still alive. (unless they get sent to an actually bad home)

I figure we'll still hearing wailing cries of prohibitionist dimwits for at least a decade after full legalization and the gun extremist crowd will continue to cry tyranny at any attempt to keep guns safer in the home. Probably hopelessly upside down, dead-enders the lot of them.

I recently went through a small flamewar with some gun nuts at another site and was told, quite clearly, that 'we have done enough to ensure gun safety" and the current losses are tolerable, an optimum balance of freedom and regulation. Joe the Plumber's line, essentially.

Which, of course, I reject completely, and offer the Colorado story above as evidence people can always do more to prevent bad things from happening. I have worked in hospitals since 1980 and there are always committees focusing on "Constant Quality Improvement" and increased patient safety and so forth. Where there is negligence there can be corrective action. When new safety procedures are developed and tested, people need to learn them.'s the poll question: Which would you rather a child find - since children are going to find things when adults leave them around - a "gun" not further specified or a 'marijuana-infused edible" not further specified?





Which would you rather a child find?

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