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Minuteman Project leader Jim Gilchrist appeared yesterday on VCY America’s “Crosstalk,” where a caller chimed in to suggest that the child refugees who fled to the southern U.S. border should be put into a gas chamber. (VCY America stands for Voice of Christian Youth America)

More of this fascinating story of charity, guns, gassing refugees, and politicians below the orange cloud of death.

Article at Right Wing Watch, where I started this fascinating chase of who's who. Some of the historical information I culled from that font of all human ken, Wikipedia [citation needed].

One of the hosts chided her for her attitude; Gilchrist sympathised with her angst and commended her for sharing her beliefs. After she rung off, he claimed the talk of gassing children was a metaphor. The link above has a recording of the caller and the hosts’ responses.

Of note: last time I checked, a metaphor was a turn-of-phrase that stands for something else. What does gassing children stand for? He did not say: perhaps Christian charity (After all, this was on VCY's radio show).

In 2010, Gilchrist endorsed Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) for re-election. Alabama US House representative Mo Brooks (R - the children on the border are carrying Ebola fame) noted that Gilchrist offered him an endorsement if he hired the National Alliance’s political director. Brooks refused.

Gilchrist holds a BA in newspaper journalism from the University of Rhode Island, a BS in business administration from California State Polytechnic University, and an MBA in taxation from Golden Gate University. He is a former newspaper reporter and a retired California CPA

Gilchrist ran for in the special election to replace a US representative in California’s 48th district in 2005, coming in second with 25.5% of the vote, behind Republican candidate John Campbell. He finished ahead of the Democrats, the Greens, and the Libertarians, running on the American Independent Party ticket.

Gilchrist was part of the now defunct original version of the National Alliance, a white supremacist, white separatist, anti-Semitic organisation. That organisation was built upon the remains of Youth for Wallace, Alabama Governor George Wallace’s 1968 political youth organisation after a protracted fight for control. National Alliance also took over publication of the newsletter National Socialist World. (a noted liberal publication /snark)

The organisation’s founder was Dr. William Luther Pierce (a physics professor), one of those liberal leftist college professors you keep hearing about, and a former associate of the American Nazi Party. National Alliance disbanded in 2013 but has reformed.

National Alliance had a radio programme called American Dissident Voices that appeared on right-wing radio in the USA, and on Christian shortwave radio outlets for broadcast around the world. It also owned a record label for white power called “Resistance Records.” The FBI listed it as the best-funded and best-organised white nationalist group in the USA.

Pierce died in 2002, and a leadership fight ensued resulting in the resignation of two board members, a fire fighter and an economics professor (another of those liberal professors you hear about from the right).

In 2005, member Kevin Alfred Strom issued a declaration to Erich Gliebe demanding he step down from the board. Strom failed, but was arrested and convicted of possession of child pornography and soliciting sex from a ten year old girl in 2007. He was sentenced to twenty-three months in prison after the other charges besides the possession charge were dropped.

Gliebe resigned shortly after the hostile takeover attempt, ostensibly to deal with family problems. However, shortly after he appointed his successor Shaun Walker, Walker was arrested on conspiracy charges, convicted, sentenced to eighty-seven months, and Gliebe was forced to take up the weighty mantle of power again.

The organisation was also linked to the 2011 Martin Luther King Day Parade bombing in Spokane, Washington. The bomb was a shaped charge with shrapnel and filled with rat poison. It was discovered before it was to explode, and was successfully defused. The bomber’s identity was discovered when a bookstore owner found a list in a book on the 2008 Presidential election in her store with anti-Semitic and anti-African-American messages on it, with dates and places.

The bomber was convicted after pleading guilty. At sentencing, he tried to withdraw his guilty plea, claiming the device did not fit the legal definition of a bomb. He was sentenced to thirty-two years in prison, followed by lifetime counselling and supervision.

Strom re-founded the National Alliance after it went defunct early last year, and moved its headquarters from West Virginia to Tennessee. He also restarted American Dissident Voices on December 28 of last year, in its original AM/FM/Shortwave format. (I will not provide a link to that repugnant show.)

These are the guys, The Minuteman Project, the National Alliance, and their leaders, who want to go to the border and parade around with guns (and interfere with legitimate law enforcement). These are the guys who support Gov. Perry as he parades up and down the Rio Grande River with Sean Hannity in a boat with a machine gun mounted on the bow.

And with Rick Perry considering another shot at the presidency, these are the people that journalists should be asking him about, not what government departments he would shut down.

I see no trouble here. You know what they say it takes for evil to triumph.

They are saying Praise the Lord and pass the Zyklon B.

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