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I am a brown woman of childbearing age with a young child.  This is what my possible future will look like if everyone only voted for candidates that meet a "purity" test.

1.  My birth control will probably not be covered by employer.  In fact my birth control will probably outlawed because it "causes" abortions.

2.  Forget about abortions.  They got voted out with the latest installment on the Supreme Court.  And that is a lifetime appointment.  

3.  My LGBT friends will not be able to get married, adopt or be protected from being fired from their jobs.  Frankly, shows of affection in public will become things of the past.

4.  I probably won't get a fair shake if I ever need to change jobs due to EEO going out the window.  Being a woman and a black one is a double whammy.  

5.  Stop and frisk will just be standard protocol, so I better be very careful when driving around.  I will have to carry a passport regardless of where I am in the US.

6.  I will worry every time I feed my child food.  Or I can feed them "organic" but those labels will become meaningless without regulation.

7.  Bottled water will become the norm.

8.  I will worry about my son getting drafted because we have decided to start WWIII and are running out of volunteers for the military.

9.  College will become a waste of time for those not rich and connected as America continues the race towards the cheapest wage.  And the cost of college will bankrupt all but the very top.

10.  I will worry about guns and who is carry one in my child's elementary school.

11.  I will worry about general safety as people get pushed further into poverty and get desperate with cuts to every SINGLE safety net out there.

It's easy to talk about voting your principles when the effect will be minor on you personally.  It's harder not to pull the trigger at the voting booth when the immediate consequence is staring you in the face.

Feel free to post all the things you will be personally be affected by if Republicans get a majority in this country.  I can't sit around and wait for the country to go through the above until things get better...Can you?

Originally posted to sideboth on Tue Aug 05, 2014 at 05:14 PM PDT.

Also republished by Barriers and Bridges and Community Spotlight.

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