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Or, What Constitutes Pay?

With the announcement that the Power Five Conferences will have greater(although somewhat limited) flexibility to make their own rules the discussion almost immediately went to how much players were going to receive. The conferences themselves indicated there would be no direct pay to there players per se, but they left room for what might be interpreted  as direct pay.

Among the things mentioned was paying for parents travel to games for their children. This is intended to assist those players who come from impoverished conditions, but you know that won't last long, let's just say for all practical purposes parents travel free.

 One of the other things mentioned was a laundry allowance. This is one of the things I can address from my personal experience at UNC. Among one of the jobs I held while attending Carolina was working in UNC Laundry Dept. I ran the Laundry Room at Hinton-James Dormitory which including working several hours  several days a week receiving and returning dry cleaning from a window within the laundry room. One of the perks I had is I didn't have to pay to do my laundry. Hinton-James is one of the tower dorms on the South end of the campus where most of the athletes  are housed(South Campus)or at least it used to be. I saw most of the athletes doing their own laundry and or sending it out for dry cleaning or paying for the wash,dry, fold service. These guys and gals don't get the chance to go home as often as their peers (especially during their seasons) so they don't have the opportunity to take their clothes home for mom to do their laundry. So, I see no harm in their getting "free laundry services".

Another point, 40 years ago when I was in High School we were given a travel stipend for food when we went on the road (although we never saw the cash, the coaches generally held it and paid for our meals with the gross amount). Most collegiate athletes are already on meal plans as part of their scholarships or have separate eating facilities altogether. So what is it that these athletes need in the way of food? According to some reports, some athletes at some schools don't have access or funds to eat snacks or midnight munchies so they are asking for money to allow them "not to starve" between meals. My answer would be to open an athletes snack bar open 24/7. That or they're given a restricted debit card, good for food purchases only ( yes, you can put restrictions on cards)

So far we've managed not to give them a lump sum of cash although there has been talk of a $1000 month or $5000 a semester stipend. For what? I'm not totally sure. For me this might be a step too far.

There is one major change I would make. I would eliminate the annual renewable scholarship and replace it with degree guaranteed scholarship. No more would a career ending injury also mean an end to your scholastic opportunity. That should be guaranteed unless you've violated the law. But, the caveat to that one is, if the school allows you to play even one game after you have violated the law, your your scholarship is reinstated in full. The schools can't have it both ways.

Let's hear your opinions! speak up!





On with the games!!  

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