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It appears as though the Ferguson police department has a real problem with reporters covering the actions police are taking against the civilians living in Ferguson, MO.  The other day they prevent media coverage via helicopter by getting a "No Fly Zone" over Ferguson and now they have resorted to targeting journalists with tear gas so they can disassemble their television equipment.  

Sounds 3rd world, huh?

It gets even more 3rd world when you include the fact that Ferguson, MO police are also arresting St. Louis City Alderman, Antonio French, who was sitting in his car, because he didn't listen" to them.

... and arresting journalists for not getting out of McDonalds quickly enough ... I'd hate to see how they treat journalists not getting out of a donut shop quick enough.

It seems Ferguson police are afraid to have journalists videotape the actions they (police) are taking against their civilian population -- but why?  Are they trying to intimidate journalists so they stop their coverage?  Do they have something up their sleeves they want to do to their civilians that they don't want journalists to document?  

What are they trying to hide? WTF is going on here?  

Are Ferguson police intentionally trying to give the illusion that the civilians in their city deserve to be treated as violent criminals?

Before being arrested, journalist Ryan Reilly tweeted his disgust with Ferguson's SWAT team training their military weapons on unarmed protesters.  

A few hours later, police arrest Ryan Reilly.
The group Anonymous posted a picture on twitter that alleges the Ferguson Police Chief has a Confederate flag in his living room -- is there something to that?
Meanwhile, back at the Bundy Ranch, law enforcement has still not arrested Cliven Bundy for violating Federal laws in April 2014:
- Violating 18 U.S. Code § 1509 - Obstruction of court orders
- Violating 18 U.S. Code § 2383 - [inciting] Rebellion or insurrection
- Violating 18 USCS § 2101 "incite a riot"
- Violating 18 USCS § 115 - Impeding, or retaliating against a Federal Official
- Violating a Federal Court Order
- Contempt of Court
- Trespassing on public land

~List of violations that Cliven Bundy still has not been arrested for

Also, none of Bundy's armed thugs were arrested for placing "a bead on" Federal agents
Can you imagine what the Ferguson police would do if their citizens drove around armed in the back of a pick up truck as Bundy's thugs did?
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