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Consider this:

"We're dealing with 4,000 animals in there, & you want to give me attitude?" The deputy yelled, mad I was taking a pic #Ferguson #MikeBrown
And this:
At the Bundy ranch, white anti-government militia wanna-bes pointed loaded firearms at federal employees and law enforcement officers in the support of a criminal, and nothing happened.

In Ferguson, MO, a young African American was killed by a police officer for jaywalking, and the city and county police have attacked the mostly African American citizens with baton rounds, tear gas, armored vehicles, and riot gear while threatening them with automatic rifles.

Where are all the 2nd Amendment open carry zealots to defend people who are actually under attack by an out of control government?

And this:
Rep. Steve King: #Ferguson protestors are of a single "continental origin" (VIDEO)
(And here I thought Steve just hated brown people from south of the border ...)

And this. (Seriously, click on that link and read it.) And this (Ferguson police chief turns to Hannity for sympathy).

And this:

Fox News screencap, photo of Martin Luther King, caption
Ah yes, Fox News, the keepers of the MLK legacy. Not like those "animals" in Ferguson, now apparently being led by the New Black Panthers, you know, those four scary black people conservatives have been obsessed with for the past six years:
Fox News screencap of quote from New Black Panthers member, making it seem as though they are orchestrating Ferguson protests
And let's give the mayor of Ferguson the last word:
Mayor of #Ferguson on @MSNBC right now saying racism has never been an issue in his town
You mean this Ferguson?
In the 2000 census, 44.7% were White and 52.4% were African American. In the 2010 census, 29.3% were White and 67.4% were African American.
No racism there!

Ferguson is a perfect storm of racism, poverty, police brutality, and the militarization of our police forces. All of these issues are intertwined, creating the powderkeg that exploded with the cold-blooded murder of an innocent young black man.

It's racism that led to Michael Brown's murder. It's racism that led to the outsized police response. And it's racism that has led half of the nation's political spectrum to either ignore Ferguson, or to overtly support the jackbooted thugs they supposedly hate so much (when they think it's Obama behind them).  

Originally posted to kos on Thu Aug 14, 2014 at 09:42 AM PDT.

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