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 I was minding my own business at home, following the events today on Daily Kos, when a lady in an older Lexus stopped at home to give me some Anti-Kay Hagan propaganda. She was middle aged and had some sort of Christian symbol on her shirt with some stickers.

She asked for a prior resident name. I told her there was no one here by that name.

She asked, "Are you from North Carolina?"

I say-  " I live here, I must be."

She beats around the bush mumbling and finally comes out with her sales pitch.

"Kay Hagan is supporting taxpayer money for abortions and sending money to China encouraging Chinese forced abortions."

I say, "Wow, I never knew. Hey what about Hobby Lobby? Do you support them?"
She nods her head. Her eyes widen like I'm on to something,  " Do you know most of their products are manufactured in China where residents may be forced to undergo forced abortions?"

She frowns and changes the subject back. "Are you supporting Kay Hagan and forced abortions?  

 I say- "You betcha I am voting for Kay Hagan..." (I am originally from Minnesota) "I am a proud Democrat. Are you going to shop at Hobby Lobby?"

She persists "What about that Obamacare?" She inflects her voice to make it seem like Obamacare is a form of fascism.

I say. "I love Obamacare. It has covered over 15 million people. Is has saved my parents $1100 per month on health care costs."  (I filibuster) "My father, who fought for this country developed cancer from Agent Orange, he recently had a stroke, my mother had arthritis, and cancer but were too young for Medicare. Obamacare saved them $1100/ month. They were able to afford a to buy a new car and drive across country to see their grandkids this summer. That is pro-family.

She is incredulous and at a loss for words. I don't think she has ever heard from someone who supports Obamacare.

She tries to change the subject but stammers, "Well I'm a Christian........."

I interrupt..." I am a Christian too and I know some people would like to get rid of government programs and have the churches take over."

She nods in agreement...

I say "Well then, I know firsthand that Churches do not have the money and resources to handle everyone." That is why as a Christian, I believe there is a role in government to help the needy. There are good programs like Medicare, Social Security....
Yes, there are people taking advantage of the government, but I am not willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I think government should help the poor."

When I mentioned I was a Christian, she visibly winced..... As if I was A "proper" Christian.

At that she said " Thank you and have a good day."

She rapidly dismounted my steps and drove the hell out of my driveway.
I'm sure she is praying for my soul now.

I wanted her to come back to ask her if it was okay to have forced fracking on the people of North Carolina where disclosure of the chemicals is a crime. I wanted to ask her if cutting public education was fitting with her Christian Values?   I wanted to ask her if denying 92 year old folks and college students the right to vote was within her Christian Worldview. I wanted to ask her if making the poor pay for tax cuts to corporations and the 1% was a good Christian value.

Anyways, I will be here if she wants to come back.

Originally posted to Intheknow on Fri Aug 15, 2014 at 10:56 AM PDT.

Also republished by North Carolina BLUE.

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