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Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson holds a photo of Michael Brown while being interviewed during a peaceful demonstration, as communities react to Brown's shooting in Ferguson, Missouri August 14, 2014. Missouri's governor Jay Nixon moved on Thursday to c
Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, who is now in charge of security in Ferguson, Missouri, is unhappy with Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson's press conference this morning:
I think these are two separate issues. Two separate issues. People in our country commit crimes every day. And so, that's a whole different thing. If there was a crime committed, that is a crime. What happened over here, those two things are separate and I don't want to mix the two the same. I'm not going to say that one justifies the other. I think if we are going to give answers, we need not give hints, we need to say it. We probably need a little more saying it. Because right now we've said some things that now everyone is saying "what does that mean?" We'll be talking to the Chief….

I don't think we should have a press conference and not have anybody, the activists, the leaders down here.

Captain Johnson then went on to say he was holding another press conference, inclusive of some of the protest leaders, so they could ask the questions they need to ask.

Watch it here!

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