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Breitbart story screencap of Ferguson, Missouri story
Did you know that Michael Brown deserved to die because he was a thug shoplifter, and that is now a capital offense in right-wing circles? Actually, the fact that Brown was black was probably reason enough to justify his death, because we're in post-racial America. Remember?

Plenty of vile, below the fold.

I am sick of hearing about poor innocent criminals getting them self's shot or killed.

Good riddance. Now an innocent family will suffer....the officers family.

THe dirty little truth is that the left are the real racists, and in many cases just like this one they totally show their hate for whites! Do you really think if the cop had been black that there would have been so much hate shown for the Police. Absolutely not!
Well, there is some good news in all of this...Michael Brown has remained "crime free" for nearly a week now. His family thinks he can get through the remainder of the year without bringing harm to another person or someone's property.
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Obango has no ethics. Every thing he does is a political calculation and he's always wrong because he sees the world through the eyes of a Marxist Muslim radical sympathyzer.
If that seems like a non-sequitor in this thread, it's because it is.
After the police officer has been harassed by the DOJ and then lynched ... yeah, sure.

Remember what happened to the "white Latino" who was forced to leave town and go bury himself somewhere in the deep of Texas?!

Why oh why does our government "lynch" people who murder unarmed black teens without justification?
Holder and Obama need to create another Treyvon Martin so that they get the midterm votes- and we know Dems will vote SIX TIMES if you get them off the couch
It was all Obama's fault.
And Michael Brown is another thug they are trying to make into this innocent little boy. The Marxist progressives are more concerned about driving that wedge in between all of us to further divide the country by the race baiting fools!
It's so divisive to demand that unarmed African Americans not get murdered without cause!
It's okay to shoot a white guy for crime, but not a black one, because the bruthas great-great grandpa or gran-ma-ma were once slaves. So ALL black criminals get a free "slavery pass" on crimes they commit.!.!
For a pack of cigars. He felt strongly enough about his right to steal merchandise that he put his hands on the store clerk in a threatening way who disagreed with brown's right to steal merchandise. Whiney liberals ought to try that next time they want a soda, see if it works for them. I wonder how much money he collected each month from the gubmint. Worse yet, I wonder how many children he fathered.
Suburban high school shoplifters get executed by police all the time, but does the LIBERAL MEDIA cover that?
Saint Trayvon was cheaper. Skittles and Arizona Tea.
No one ever riots or loots when a policeman or woman is murdered or when a border patrol agent is murdered. The communities don't require extra protection to prevent neighborhood violence as the result of out of control mourners expressing their anger - the communities focus on the loss of the person, not seeking revenge. Our president doesn't issue statements to the press and doesn't send members of his administration to assist family members or to help regain a sense of calm and high profile attorneys don't offer to assist the officer's family and don't book interviews on all of the networks.

What is wrong with people who are blinded by rage simply because hatred and anger are so much easier to exude than calm reflection and prayerful support?

Dr. Martin Luther King is spinning in his grave. These are not peaceful protests but violent retribution and free reign crime sprees.

Martin Luther King wouldn't have a problem with Ferguson cops assassinating an unarmed teen!
Michael Brown is just another skittles- and cigarette-packing, sweet little delicately-built teenage kid minding his own business walking home -- when the police pull up an viciously attack him ...

Oh, wait ... that "sweet little kid" was involved in a strong-arm robbery and then went on to attack a police officer ...

... which are now capital offenses to conservatives, but only if the perp is black.
the thug deserved it--real brave 300 lb 6ft guy beating up 5ft nothing guy weighing what 140? the cop is a hero--this pos would have killed people in the future no doubt--gentle giant my a--
He was big, so kill him.
Another Black Thug! I'm shocked, utterly shocked! You mean to tell me that this ISN'T a poor helpless young 4 point grade average African-American good boy? Shocked! Utterly shocked! lmao
Hey, ask me if I was surprised when Trayvon was shot? The old saying "pictures tell a thousand words" rings truer then most are willing to admit. His parents made money off his death, the media, well the media made nothing as usual and the black "leaders" just made fools of themselves again.. Wish I could say I'm surprised..
The media is starting to really tick me off - they do nothing but anger, provoke, and encourage division and hostility - often prematurely, inaccurately and needlessly. When violence occurs, I put some of the blood on their hands.
psst ... the media didn't arrive until several days of protests, with thug para-cops strutting around with sniper rifles. Interesting, though, that in this huge long thread, not a single one of these "small-government conservatives" is concerned about that.
It's about time to admit the blacks kill blacks everyday anyway no matter whatever happens. Michael Brown was another gun grabber anyway being used as an excuse by the thugs to rob others. Everything was normal and nothing was special in the series of these absurd events within their thug culture.
They hate whites so much, then why steal all the straight hair extensions to look white. Why don't they do like Michael Jackson and become albino?
Same thing happened after the Rodney King riots. They burned down the banks and they asked, "Where do we cash our WEFFARE CHECKS?" That was before EBT cards. They don't call them the stupid race for nothing.
Conservatives are really stuck in a demographic cul-de-sac. They're going to lose election after election because of their rampant racism and xenophobia, yet any attempt to rebrand is going to smash head-on against their base racists.
No one is outraged or mourning for the innocent young man who was senselessly killed by Obama's 3 illegal sons on the street in L.A. with a baseball bat without a reason.
No one is outraged by the latest crazy right-wing conspiracy fantasy!
The only racist here is Michael Brown who was clearly a Black-supermacist who felt his so-called "racial superiority" gave him the right to assault an Indian-American store owner who Michael Brown obviously hated because his victim was of a different ethnicity.
It figures. The black racists that rioted to get free stuff, loot and rob store owners--supposedly because one of their Tribal Members got shot by a WHITE COP excuse--are now finding out that the Tribal Member, Michael Brown, was just another black thug robbing a store, and not the pure-as-the-driven-snow black TEENAGER chillin' on the corner. As is the usual with blacks, they'll jump on board on the side of their Tribal Member because of racial solidarity, and "F" the facts.
While these racists got lots of free stuff, and have gotten away with their criminal acts, they also destroyed their neighborhood, the businesses in their neighborhoods, and the entry-level jobs these businesses provided for the few blacks that didn't want Welfare and Food Stamps all their lives (a lot of these small businesses were black-owned, who were struggling to survive, who are now out of business). Most of these destroyed businesses will most probably not rebuild in Ferguson, but will go elsewhere. So guess who'll lose the most?
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