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You probably know that Mary Engelbreit, an artist who lives in St. Louis County, drew a picture the proceeds of which will go to the Michael Brown Memorial Fund.

The picture is still up in the second post here:  Mary Engelbreit on Facebook
If you look closely, the newspaper headline is "Hands Up, Don't Shoot," and the baby has his hands up as the mother is teaching him.  There is one small tear falling down the mother's face.  The words are "No One Should Have To Teach Their Children This In The USA."

Some racist whites went crazy, and some had previously "liked" her page.  They threatened to unlike her and said vile things about Michael Brown and African Americans.

Ms. Engelbreit responded today to the hate and racism in the comments to the picture.  She said if anyone used the words "thugs" and "animals" in the comments, she would delete that comment.  She also said that those who threatened to leave (unlike her) should leave.  And she put the link in to buy the picture.  I bought one.  

Facebook then censored her post, removing it as offensive!

Here is her comment this afternoon.  She reposted it!

Facebook took down my post , saying it was offensive! Here it is again: Here's the real link to buy the print-----

WTF Facebook.  You leave up racist drivel and censor the good guys.  Let Facebook know that this ain't right.

Go here and read the comment Facebook does not want you to read!  Mary Engelbreit on Facebook

Support Michael Brown's Memorial Fund.   Here is the Michael Brown Memorial Fund  Or you can buy Mary's picture.  Or both!

I am white.  Some white people have become unhinged because black folks are standing up and saying "no more."  Because white folks of good heart are saying "no more."  

No more lynchings in America by police officers.  Not all police officers are doing it.  There are lots of good people protecting and serving.  But the police must put an end to police crimes.  We all must.



Originally posted to TomP on Wed Aug 20, 2014 at 01:56 PM PDT.

Also republished by Black Kos community and Barriers and Bridges.

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