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A sign and a pin are pictured on the back of a demonstrator during a protest against the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri August 13, 2014. Police in Ferguson fired several rounds of tear gas to disperse protesters late on We
Such unreasonable demands.
You may ask why Politico felt it ought to give space to National Review editor Rich Lowry to demonize the "Ferguson Mob." You may ask that, and the only reason I can come up with is because for some reason Politico feels the editor of the nation's most prominent pro-segregation magazine needs more exposure than that lofty perch was giving him. Who else could provide wisdom like this (no link, because screw them both):
The chant “no justice, no peace” is an apt rallying cry for Ferguson, Missouri, where protesters don’t truly want justice and there has been no peace.
Just because there is a mob on the streets, as well as on the Internet and TV, braying for a rush to judgment doesn’t mean we need mob justice.
One of the reasons we have police is to control such a fringe, and if it includes people who throw rocks or shoot at them, the police aren’t going to look like a friendly neighborhood beat cop from a Norman Rockwell painting.
The real problem, you see, is that Black People and The Left pine for the days of the civil rights movement, when true heroes could get their heads clubbed in for demanding that black Americans get to sit at the same lunch counters as white Americans even though the magazine Rich Lowry currently "edits" was pretty damn sure black people should have no such rights.
They (most of them, at least) can never be Freedom Riders, but they can write blog posts complaining that the police gear in Ferguson looks scary.
Shooting tear gas grenades at camera crews looks pretty damn scary too, but Sparklepants here needs to reserve most of his brain capacity for important tasks like deciding whether Sarah Palin's winking skills are evidence of potential vice-presidential genius. And Ferguson is such a non-issue, aside from the "mob," so the editor of the National Review just cannot fathom what in all this the Black People and the Leftists have been droning on about:
But the world should have better things to do than watch what are, in the scheme of things (and up to this point), relatively minor clashes between police and a handful of protesters.
Good message, that. Rich Lowry says he's bored: Rich Lowry asks America to please change the channel already.

Now, for some reason this deep wisdom needs to be shoveled into not just the National Review, where Rich Lowry spends a good chunk of his day job sweating over how far individual magazine writers can or cannot go in their overt racism before he needs to send them off to greener (whiter) pastures at less faux-respectible, more explicitly supremacist outlets, but into Politico, a magazine usually reserved for selling ads to important people so that they can be thought more highly of by other important people. And what are "important people" thinking today? That talking about racism and militarized police and the ongoing treatment of certain Americans as cattle to be farmed for the traffic-ticket money is just trying to stir up the uncouth rabble, dim and aggressive people who don't understand "justice" like the editors of important American pro-segregationist magazines do.

Yes, Politico, we understand. There is a certain group of people who see nothing wrong in Ferguson, see nothing wrong with the Ferguson police, see nothing wrong with the Ferguson courts, see nothing noteworthy about the statistics and reports noting clear and omnipresent racial disparities when it comes to who gets stopped for jaywalking, and what happens to them if they do, and all of the rest of it. Do tell. How admirable of you to reserve a column so this young upstart can get his message out rather than, say, hearing what the people protesting think more directly, perhaps by asking them. I suppose if they wanted to be taken seriously they ought to form their own magazines or think tanks.

Originally posted to Hunter on Thu Aug 21, 2014 at 11:58 AM PDT.

Also republished by Daily Kos.

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